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Text translation

Translate the book about Bitcoin into English without mistakes. a month deadline. new

I don’t know how much it costs. Show your price and deadlines. Statistics on the book: Speech 27300 Signs of 195000 Signs without spacecraft 168000 The book about bitcoin here is a link to it:…

EnglishText translation ∙ 9 proposals
Translation from Hebrew to English new
32 USD

You need to understand the text on the picture (approximately 20 words) and translate it from Hebrew to English, the picture will be provided in the letter.

HebrewText translation ∙ 11 proposals
Translate the text from Russian to Italian new

You need to translate a few pages from Russian to Italian, if everything will be OK I will be happy to cooperate and continue

ItalianText translation ∙ 16 proposals
Translation of text of construction and legal themes into Polish new

It is necessary to translate the text of the construction and legal theme from Ukrainian to Polish. High responsibility is important. Text for translation in added files. I would like to find a responsible person who takes attention to the details and knows how to learn…

Text translation ∙ 16 proposals
Required translator to meet in English new

You need a person who has a technical English to conduct online negotiations. Goods for discussion https://khamm.com.ua/

EnglishText translation
Translate the interface into Chinese (Simplified) language new
27 USD

There is a mobile add-on in the store. (Android and iOS) There is a software through which it is possible to make a real-time translation and look at the app as it looks. (Transferix) If you worked with him it was great. From English to Chinese (Simplified) Volume of Task…

Text translation ∙ 8 proposals
Calls in France in French new
27 USD

Good day ! I am looking for a specialist for calls in France. The cost is agreed. The mobile connection is covered separately. It is necessary to clarify and book the halls for concerts. I look forward to your stakes.

Text translationFrench
Translate the tests that are complex. and UCR. Language in Ukrainian new

Good day, you need to translate the tests that are composed in Russian and Ukrainian language into Ukrainian, documents have a table character a part of the lines filled in Russian, and a part in Ukrainian, you need that everything would be in Ukrainian language, the table data…

Text translation ∙ 65 proposals
Translation of the contract from English to English, theme SEO new
14 USD

All the greetings, interested in the translation of the agreement from the Ukrainian language to the English language., the agreement of about 30,000 thousand signs. The request to leave bets only to people who have experience in translating IT contracts, ideal for SEO. Please…

Text translationLegal services ∙ 37 proposals
Writing in Finnish new

Good night, there is a task to write 10 articles in Finnish in the direction of marketing about 600-1000 ppm. Please contact experienced translators, starlight the price and specify the deadlines (not timely)

Article writingText translation ∙ 10 proposals
Translate the agreement from Ukrainian to Czech new

Congratulations to the freelancer translator =) You need to translate and form the agreement in the corresponding way from Ukrainian to Czech - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TbK2t-WkkA6-LlPt7IOFCEiiek9dYP8SlyOL1hYa7LM/edit?usp=sharing From the sides of the Czech…

Text translation ∙ 12 proposals
Dictator in the language of ZULU new

Good day, you need a dictor in the language of ZULU. Make 15 minutes of sounding the text fragment. And Dmitry Mazur!

Text translation
Translation new

Translate the Gaid from English to Portuguese or from Russian to Portuguese There are a lot of pictures in the original document, with them you don’t have to do anything, just miss. Only text is important. It contains 146 pages. Without the picture it will be twice less,…

Text translation ∙ 25 proposals
I am looking for a translator new
16 USD

I am looking for a translator in French or Arabic. You need to translate a few short advertising videos of their Tick-tock

Text translation ∙ 7 proposals
Translation of texts into Polish new
191 USD

We are looking for a person to translate SEO texts into Polish from Ukrainian and Russian. A monthly volume of about 60,000 characters b/p.

Text translation ∙ 15 proposals