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Text translation

Welcome to new

I can translate the text for a minimum of time, the price depends on the text. Translation from Russian to Ukrainian

Poems, songs, proseText translation
I am looking for a translator from German to English. new

You need to translate a few documents from German to English in a licensed translator's stamp.

Text translation ∙ 7 proposals
Translation of neuropsychology texts from English to Russian new

It is necessary to translate the book, on the neuropsychology of childhood. It is a field of clinical psychology and ergotherapy. You need a translator who knows the subject and the terminology. It is also necessary to provide projects of a similar nature in the past. It is…

EnglishText translation ∙ 17 proposals
Copywriter / Polish translator new

Hello to you. For the website https://mproxy.top/ I consider these options. 1 . The copywriter from scratch writes texts in Polish. The price is 1000 characters. 2nd The copywriter from scratch writes the texts in Russian, and then goes the translation into Polish. The price…

CopywritingText translation ∙ 11 proposals
Copywriter / Translator new

Hello to you. For the website https://mproxy.top/ I consider these options. 1 . The copywriter from scratch writes texts in English. The price is 1000 characters. 2nd The copywriter from scratch writes the texts in Russian, and then the translation goes into English. The price…

EnglishText translation ∙ 13 proposals
Writing of the course of translation work new

Write the research work in a volume of 30 pages. The essence of the work will be to analyze the translation of HUD. books or separate elements of translation.

EnglishText translation ∙ 6 proposals
Translation of text into languages NO/PL/NZ/FI/DE/KR new
200 UAH

You need to translate several texts, for each translation - a separate payment Here is the text you need to translate: “Dear Developers! Take the advertising of any apps that are not related to the game at all. I understand that you’re making money on it, but it’s very…

CopywritingText translation ∙ 25 proposals
Translation from Russian to German. new

Good day . A translation of the teaching material on the game subject is required. There is nothing difficult, what questions will be on the course of the translation, I suggest everything. Write your price for 1000 characters. (There is no gap) The cooperation will be on a…

GermanText translation ∙ 24 proposals
Www.Carlsbadhat.cz new

Translation of the website, blog plus goods into Romanian. Preparation of templates for a new product in Romanian. subsequent accompaniment, translation of posts on Instagram (10 pieces per month), translation of banners (10 pieces per month), translation of advertising posts -…

Text translation ∙ 5 proposals
Translation of files from the project into Polish new
600 UAH

Welcome to. There is a mobile app that has 3 localizations: Ukrainian, English, Russian. I also want to support the Polish language. Translate mainly by a few words and only places are words (guidelines for the user). You can look at the existing translations. The number of…

Text translation ∙ 22 proposals
Translation of documentation new
5500 UAH

Good day . It is necessary to translate documents into English. These are mainly contracts and contracts. Around 80 pages.

Text translation ∙ 19 proposals
Translation of posts for social networks from Russian to Latin new

Our team is engaged in SMM management of various kinds of companies in Latvia. Now we are looking for a person who will be able to constantly translate the text for posts from Russian to Latin. Average number of post characters from 500 to 1000; Average number of posts for…

Text translation ∙ 8 proposals
Read English website (British English) on grammar errors new

You need to read the following sections of the site https://taslim.com: Home page Shop About Taslim Health and ingredients Blog FAQ Contact Us Delivery Returns & Refunds Terms of Service Privacy Policy The site is designed for the audience in the UK, so it is worth taking into…

EnglishText translation ∙ 9 proposals
Translator from Ukrainian to Swedish for the SMM project new

We work with foreign customers on SMM and context services We need a Swedish translator that will be able to translate our content by cmm into Swedish. Write your price.

Text translation ∙ 7 proposals
Translation of autobiography into English new

It requires a highly qualified translation of the autobiography into English. It is very important to translate correctly because it is an important document.

EnglishText translation ∙ 34 proposals