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Contextual advertising


I am looking for an experienced Google Ads professional with more than 2 years of experience

263 USD

I am looking for an experienced Google Ads specialist to set advertising to the foreign market. Basic English is mandatory, as all ads and keys will be in English. Minimum experience in Google Ads 2 years. Needless skills to work with the search and KMS network Basic knowledge…

Contextual advertisingLead generation and sales ∙ 6 proposals


171 USD

You need to go through the product moderation to the Google Merchant Center and launch the product and contextual advertising with further support, you need a person who has experience with silk niches If everything is OK, we will be ready to offer long-term cooperation.

Contextual advertisingLead generation and sales ∙ 2 proposals

Set the conversions in the Google Advertising Office (Google Analytics)


After auditing the site and Google analytics, it turned out that not all conversions are properly set up (no clicks are taken into account not some links, and a few more are not substantial errors). You need to set up, through the Google Tag Manager and through the code in the…

Website SEO auditContextual advertising ∙ 8 proposals

It requires services to increase sales and reduce advertising costs.


It requires services to increase sales and reduce advertising costs. There is an active online store, the sale of car parts with the help of goods. Interested by: Full analysis of previous work Promotion and disclosure of the site Optimization of contextual advertising…

Website SEO auditContextual advertising ∙ 19 proposals

Rebuilding Fb Pixel and Analytics on the HOROSHOP portal

26 USD

It is necessary to correctly reinstate the analytics, pixels and app conv. in the portals of Goodwill. Now the data on events are overwhelming that has a negative impact on advertising. There are 3 fb accounts for advertising and 1 google. Please immediately clarify if there is…

Contextual advertisingSocial media advertising ∙ 6 proposals

Set and launched. Advertising of Products

13 USD

The project needs to launch search advertising and shopping. The site on shopify, suggesting to go to your template does not need - immediately rejoicts. Recommendations on dragons on the site to enhance the contribution, bring the wonders. Google analytics, rack offices,…

Contextual advertisingLink building ∙ 25 proposals

Google Ads Context Advertising


Following Google Ads The objective of the project is to improve sales and quality ratings, to ensure a stable growth of efficiency indicators within a minimum cooperation period of 3 months.Required: We are looking for an experienced professional or company to accompany Google…

Contextual advertising ∙ 30 proposals

Advertising of Google Ads


You need to check the ads in Google Ads. Online shop for children's toys The advertisement turned around, then stopped for 2 months to submit links on the site. Now we start again. You need to unlock the advertisement that leads to the main or category. Leave only what leads…

Contextual advertising ∙ 28 proposals

Configuration of contextual advertising


I am looking for a specialist to set contextual advertising. It is necessary to set contextual advertising in Google. The company is engaged in the service and repair of plastic windows in Warsaw and its surroundings The website by cso.company

Contextual advertising ∙ 31 proposals

Context Advertising


It is necessary to set up and launch contextual advertising of the site, it is also interested in the promotion of SEO.

Contextual advertising ∙ 34 proposals

Linking Advertising


Congratulations to everyone! I am looking for a freelancer, not an agency!!! Who sets the right and quality advertising in Google and leads the order of the website development services. Nisha is a web design and web design agency. Advertising has already launched on traffic,…

Contextual advertising ∙ 22 proposals

Advertising of Crypto Offer FB & Google

263 USD

Crypto Investment We need a stable launch. All expenditure + budget + 30% of the deposit The offer is well converted.

Contextual advertising ∙ 12 proposals

Setup and conducting advertising campaigns on Facebook

184 USD

1 .Advertising strategy planning: Defining the campaign goals, target audience, budget and choosing the appropriate advertising channels.2ndCreating advertising materials: Developing advertising ads, banners, videos and other creative materials according to the campaign goals…

Contextual advertisingSocial media advertising ∙ 40 proposals

We are looking for a freelancer to launch advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram


Task Description: We are looking for an experienced freelancer to develop and launch advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.The goal is to promote Korean cosmetics, BADOV, Z/PAST with a discount of up to 50%.The campaign should increase traffic on Instagram and…

Contextual advertisingSocial media advertising ∙ 31 proposals

Remove mobile apps on PMax


You need to delete the display of the advertising through the Performance Max campaign on mobile apps. You need to delete the display of the advertising through the Performance Max campaign on mobile apps.

Contextual advertising ∙ 8 proposals