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Industrial design

Re-design of the front panel of the device new

There is a solid: HTTP://novotest.biz/portable-hardness-novotest-t-ud3/ It is necessary to make a design pattern of the front panel of the device, which will include: 1 .The screen with a touchscreen, the size of the visible area 42.5x58.4mm - the same as now on the example…

Interface designIndustrial design ∙ 5 proposals
Make a beautiful photo of a chair 3 pieces new

You need a person who knows how to work in photoshop and who knows how to visualize. There is a chair. There are about 10-15 photos of him. It needs to be sold. To do this, you need to place it in a beautiful interior, something may be adjusted. These photos need to be made in…

Industrial design ∙ 6 proposals
3D design of power bank new
27 000 UAH

Hello to you! We need a bank poer design, from a sketch to a 3D model, ready for shipment to the factory. There will also be 3 packaging designs. The price is discussed, indicate links to the portfolio and deadlines for execution. thank you

Industrial design3D modeling ∙ 15 proposals
The design of the stock market and the truss with the Ukrainian identity new

It is necessary to develop the design of the brick and cutting (at the available size) for the shaving of the male shirts that the company produces.

Vector graphicsIndustrial design ∙ 27 proposals
Customer CP with prices in pdf for printing in format A4 new

We need an electronic KP document to deliver to the customer in printed form to get acquainted with our terms and conditions and our prices. All the basic info on the site, the link will be sent to ls

Industrial design ∙ 6 proposals
Design and discovery under a laser cut new

Design and disclosure of the interior objects are required, made from a thin fan (laser cutting). Loaded products will need to ensure the hardness of the structure. The corresponding experience is extremely desirable. Please include examples of work and approximate cost (may be…

Industrial designDrawings and diagrams ∙ 13 proposals