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Industrial design

Map for GIMP new

There are several images files with layers.Files in the .xcf format for the GIMP editor, but you can convert to .psd Photoshop and do it there.On the pictures of shorts, bags and other clothes.It is necessary to negate or create from the shadows of the object a map of…

Print designIndustrial design ∙ 1 proposal
Metal body, solidworks, industrial design new
20 000 UAH

It is necessary to create a design documentation for the manufacture of a metal corpus and the accompanying at the production stage.It is necessary to make a body of the charging station of steel, aluminium, plastic or acrylic inserts.Possibly ordered in China.You need to make a…

Drawings and diagramsIndustrial design ∙ 4 proposals
Design of Furniture new

It requires the design of several furniture items in a modern style and the preparation of drawings under disclosure. There is a concept (stul, regiment). Please present your suggestions with examples of furniture design work.

Industrial designDrawings and diagrams ∙ 1 proposal
I am looking for a designer new

I am looking for a designer with experience in the foreign market to develop a unified style for the company. Our company is engaged in the sale of things for dogs. We need to create a packaging design for our product and instructions in the same style, as well as develop a…

Package designIndustrial design ∙ 18 proposals
Creation of a design model of a marble accessory (submarine/other) new
2000 UAH

Welcome to! It is necessary to invent a model of a marble accessory for the interior. This can be a bottle/bottle-bottle/wine holder, clay/photogram/vase, or any other accessory. It must be small so that it can be placed on the table. It is necessary to invent a unique design,…

3D modeling and visualizationIndustrial design ∙ 11 proposals
The 3D model of the iron body under manufacturing new
5000 UAH

The 3D model of the iron corpus is under construction. The model must have openings for connecting video interfaces, passive cooling, logo under the freezing of the body with aluminium. The dimensions: length 170 mm The width 120 mm The thickness 30mm

Package designIndustrial design ∙ 4 proposals