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Application programming

Development of software to get YouTube to TOP new

You need a developer to create the software to get on YouTube tags in the top 10 . I will review all proposals

Web programmingApplication programming
Computer Scheme and Computer Architecture new

Execute 18 versions from the "doc" file. The task.pdf file contains a solution sample Formation of Ward Prepared work is required on 9th October, the deadlines are not required.

Application programmingAbstracts, diploma papers, course papers ∙ 1 proposal
Implementation of the optimization algorithm new

There is the following algorithm: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Particle_swarm_optimization It needs to be implemented and made so that it creates the optimal schedule. Tagged with: Java Also, you need to draw a block scheme of the developed algorithm.

JavaApplication programming
Python 3.10 Screenshot new

Good Morning, 1 . You need to write a script that will read the file (it lies in the form: URL address, category), then download the database file from each URL address, read everything you have received and record in the MongoDB database. If such a record (time from the…

DatabasesApplication programming ∙ 4 proposals
Functional Programming Task (RACKET, SCHEME, HASKELL) new
2000 UAH

You need to do the tasks in any language described in the headline: RACKET, SCHEME, HASKELL. Code to send files with comments in the form of explanations to the code. Also add the following points to each task: 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10. Other points will be written by…

Application programming
Participate in an interview with the project. VBA, VB.NET for AutoCAD. new
50 EUR

Attention !100% payment of the funds specified in the project regardless of the results of the interview.Therefore, indicate 50 EUR in your rate.The project is designed to pay the expenses to the interview candidates and, in the event of selection, to set the necessary tools for…

Microsoft .NETApplication programming ∙ 2 proposals
The Foundations of Programming new

You need to make a lab from the basic programming to s++. Examples of task (I will drop your option when I choose a candidate) If everything is fine, then there will be a further task =)

C and C++Application programming ∙ 9 proposals
Site optimization on Word Press to accelerate downloading new

Welcome to. There is a web site on the wordpress (constructor - Elementor), now loading for a long time. It is necessary to speed up its download to the level 75-100 according to the indicators of the site https://pagespeed.web.dev/ I will send the website to L.S.

Web programmingApplication programming ∙ 16 proposals
Report on Air Fear new

Welcome, you need to create a program to report on air anxiety.Shortly: The possibility in the program to select / or place in the .mp3 audio format program to announce and reject air alarm.Possibility of choosing a region for air air concern and preservation of…

Application programmingSystem programming ∙ 10 proposals
Writing the algorithm (and code on VBA) of the linking of two goods catalogues new

It is necessary to write an algorithm (and code). The programming language VBA+ T-SQL linking two different goods catalogues (trees sections) . So that the goods from one tree divisions are placed in the corresponding category in another tree. The final bonding of the goods is…

DatabasesApplication programming ∙ 2 proposals
Implement the task in the program https://www.mautic.org/ new

Implement the task in the program https://www.mautic.org/ You need a specialist who realizes the task in the HTTPS program://www.mautic.org/ You need to set the company's mailing as opposite - if we add to the contact field depending on the other dop field with date and add to…

Web programmingApplication programming
Developers are needed. new

Developers of chat bots and search engines are needed. by customer backstage, Initial platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, (in the perspective of development on other platforms), Experience in working with the required platforms, High rating of professionals and good reviews are…

Application programmingBot development ∙ 4 proposals
Create an online designer. new
200 UAH

More detailed tasks I attached to read. Write the price and deadlines and what you will do. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IesblwMUxBwRdPMarWdiGk9GTz2UWR1UxO4t2mBnswE/edit?usp=sharing

Web programmingApplication programming ∙ 4 proposals
Shop integration with crypto processing by API new

There is a website https://e-wiza.ru/ it works on cms joomla with joomshopping component. I have to add to the methods of payment joomshopping cryptocurrency payments. For this payment I chose the cryptocurrency processing https://cryptocloud.plus/ And the joomshopping component…

Web programmingApplication programming ∙ 3 proposals