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German Translate help

35 USD

We've created website for a Polish company for German market, need native german speaking to help me complete the website and check the grammar for website.

German ∙ 3 proposals

Translation from German and English to Ukrainian

12 USD

1) My project will help Ukrainians communicate freely and without any problems with foreigners 2) Project goal • help understand each other. • quick and accurate translation without any mistakes. • quick assistance to people who need it.

EnglishGerman ∙ 8 proposals

Translation of text and articles

17 USD

1) Translation of text to make it easier for other people who speak foreign languages 2) such as English and German speakers 3) assistance to lawyers and other important individuals with translation. 4) absolute accurate translation, without any errors, and without any violations

EnglishGerman ∙ 9 proposals

Translation of the text: ``` Translation of an Italian-English website into German and French

1069 USD

It is necessary to translate the existing website from Italian to German and French. All aspects of SEO positioning and keywords, as well as meta titles and meta descriptions, must be taken into account. Translation should be done through the website admin panel. The project is…

GermanFrench ∙ 9 proposals

Methodist for German language school

dehto - is a language school with an idea, experienced people, a cool team, and established processes. Basically everything you need for your comfort. Now we are looking for you. We need a methodologist who will be responsible for the teaching and learning process at the school.…