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Script writing

Writing a script for a webinar new

A webinar on the topic of astrology (how to find/build relationships), in a webinar to uncover work with our expert and sell coaching (where they include natural maps, support, recommendations, etc.). Only one has the experience of writing scenarios for webinars

Script writing ∙ 3 proposals
Screenplay for YouTube (Child Theme) new

You need to write a script for the YouTube channel, a child theme, the audience - a child 3 years old, English. Project on education and development of children up to 3 years, as interactive lessons. You need to write a scenario for an interactive lesson on the given topic.…

Script writing ∙ 7 proposals
I need a copywriter new

We’re looking for a person who will help with writing sales texts and build sales wheels through social networks. The target audience is the sailors. The theme is everything that has to do with the work in the sea. It would be good if our copywriter was "in the topic"

CopywritingScript writing ∙ 13 proposals
In Search of Assistant,Assistant for the Internet Store new
55 USD

Looking for an online shop assistant. I’ll tell you what you need to do, write. The work is related to texts. Work is easy and constant, it just lacks time, you need additional hands. We agree on payment individually.

Article writingScript writing ∙ 26 proposals
Writing a scenario for rallyes. Subject Rehabilitation, Kinesiology new

Writing a scenario for Rally. The theme is rehabilitation, kinesiology, improvement of the position, etc. Analysis of competitors, which videos and topics better touch people and better float in trends. This is the main task. the second. Installing these videos. If possible,…

Script writingSocial media marketing ∙ 5 proposals
Content plan for stores( scenario of heating) to the course new

Immediately for the start of the recovery course after childbirth, a heating scenario is required. From 10 -15 stores per day, for 2-3 weeks: introduction to the context, heating to the expert, pain of the audience, heating to the product. desired with the analysis of the…

Script writingSocial media marketing ∙ 12 proposals
Create presentations for the course (production) new
110 USD

Now we are starting the course on "Sales Building" Needed assistance from: Creating a scenario Creation and presentation of presentations If you have this experience, leave a feedback. I’m waiting for your portfolio. You can change the rate)

Script writingPresentation development ∙ 15 proposals
The name of the Instagram store new

You need to create a name for the Instagram store. Requirements : 1 . No symbols (digits, drops, tyres) The 2nd The word must bear a meaningful burden. 3 . The word must be linked to (money, wealth, picture, glass, frame, deep picture, behind the glass, beyond the boundaries…

Script writingText editing and proofreading ∙ 20 proposals
Writing a scenario for the seller video review (advertisements) of the product new

Scenario for the video that will turn to the target Instagram and FB. Of course, the scenario is not for Hollywood filming studios, but for the ordinary store, in the picture the reviewer is not mandatory. For example, the thesis - buy a robot dust sauce worth 10,000 UAH with…

Script writing ∙ 14 proposals
Scriptologist for writing the Seller's script new

The task is to make a sales script for astrological services, in chat, for a cold audience. Compulsory experience in sales Those who think they can write a normal script through chatgpt, go through immediately.

CopywritingScript writing ∙ 7 proposals
Writing posts, in the TG channel on the topic of psychology and communication new
14 USD

Hello to you! The task is to write posts for the TG channel and create scenarios for riles on the topic of psychology and effective communication. The amount of work is agreed with the payment contractual. I’m not looking for an executive, but a one-minded, I think that being on…

CopywritingScript writing ∙ 23 proposals
Write a script to the video new
19 USD

You need to write a script under the video, some ideas, and so how it should look like a record in personal.

CopywritingScript writing ∙ 29 proposals
Press Release about a company that comes out to the foreign market new

Everyone is greeted! I am looking for a PR specialist who knows how to write a press release for foreign publications (UK). Press release should be written about a startup (a company) that makes unique functional food (which helps to keep the body healthy). Test information for…

CopywritingScript writing ∙ 15 proposals