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Searching for information and writing to her English review new

You need a man with a good imagination who can: 1 . Read and understand English in the original The 2nd To express your opinion in English 3 . Writing in English What to do: Search for information in the listed places and write to it short comments - reviews (approximately…

CopywritingScript writing
Writing texts for posts on Instagram new

Hello the Ukrainians! You need a SMM specialist who will be able to write text for posts on current topics on Instagram, psychology, ideas for your promotion, social networks news, development on Instagram and TikTok, content planning , social networks secrets (fish),…

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 7 proposals
Writing Articles on the Themes Effectiveness /Psychology in Ukrainian new
500 UAH

It is a very simple task to go through articles on the topic on the internet in the Russian language to compone translations through a translator to Ukrainian https://translate.google.com/?hl=ru&sl=ru&tl=uk&op=translate to read to correct to be literary then to check in service…

CopywritingRewriting ∙ 12 proposals
Search and download video videos from tiktok, instagram, etc. by Task new

Welcome to! You need to search and download video videos from tiktok, instagram, etc. according to the algorithm. The algorithm: we provide video it consists of individual video videos, in which it is indicated tiktok, instagram authors in which you need to find the original…

CopywritingAdvertising ∙ 4 proposals
Writing texts in the field of solar energy, investments new

Good day ! For a company that invests in solar stations it is necessary to write texts: - 16 posts for posts in Sochi. Networks (2-4 paragraphs) + text on creative - 100 theses for stores (1-3 proposals, for example, "Rentability of investments in solar stations 20%…

Copywriting ∙ 7 proposals
Copy of Seo-Text new
400 UAH

Writing a seo-text in English by TZ, a volume of 6,000 characters. Topic: The U.S. Move Company. The result is Google Doc. Send your cost and work to the person.

Copywriting ∙ 9 proposals
SEO-copyright in English new
4000 UAH

Good day ! I am looking for a copywriter with great experience in writing SEO texts in English. The theme is the service for the repair and replacement of the car. Site - http://windscreensltd.co.uk Technical task -…

Copywriting ∙ 11 proposals
You need to write about the company. new

You need 6 texts about the company is written text from which you need to make the full text of the template I will send only to LS.

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 35 proposals
Copywriter English Language new

We are looking for a copywriter to write text works in English with a high level of literacy. We prefer candidates with experience working with U.S. projects. The direction is the brand of apparatus cosmetology. Writing posts for social networks, articles, writing scenarios,…

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 10 proposals
Writing articles for the site new
2500 UAH

You need to write the article under the keywords, for further placement on https://fuel-eurocommerce.com/ Select the appropriate photo under each article. Keywords in the title (H1) and in the first paragraph. There may be an additional keyword in other paragraphs, subtitles H2.…

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 26 proposals
Copy in English new

The plans are to make 10-20 pages of landings with product/service descriptions, but there is no copy. The theme of the site is co-working and accompanying services. The language is only English. It is also necessary to have a freely speaking English to discuss the tasks and…

Copywriting ∙ 8 proposals
Copywriter for the Crypto Project new

I would like to collaborate with the copywriter on a permanent basis under the project (approximately until the end of the year) Topics - crypto wallet / exchange Language - English What will be needed: Articles for Media Short copywrites for the site Possible help with writing…

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 13 proposals
Gather information from the internet. new
222 UAH

There are 2-3 websites from which you need to collect information. Examples of two tasks I need: 1 . Repeat the video from the course site. Description of the 1st: - Copy the name of the video search in the video server ( give a link ) download the video create a folder…

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 7 proposals
A story about emotions. new
500 UAH

Welcome to We are planning to order a collection of stories about emotions. To determine with whom to work we suggest to perform the test task (which will be paid according to the agreement) TZ A story on a free topic. Age of readers 3 years Size of 3-5 Zbp The story…

CopywritingScript writing ∙ 16 proposals