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Information gathering

Draw the scheme of the electrical device. new
100 USD

I am looking for an engineer who will help create a project or product prototype, drawing a scheme for the product. There is already a patent on the product but after receiving the patent it was decided to simplify it. The product: LED screen with processor and battery. It…

EngineeringInformation gathering
Placing an advertisement on Work.ua new
14 USD

Placing an advertisement on Work.ua in your account You need to place 2 ads on work.ua to find an employee. I will send the text in personal messages.

Information gatheringAdvertising ∙ 8 proposals
Transmission of iOS Conversions > Firebase > Google Ads new
82 USD

hopefully : Conversions are transmitted from the iOS application to the FireBase analysis. In Google Ads, a campaign is set on the AppStore application page. Import conversions from Firebase to GoogleAds is set, but conversions are not transmitted. Needed to: Find out why…

Information gatheringContextual advertising ∙ 1 proposal
Search and installation of content for unilateral websites new

I need a person who will perform the following tasks: 1) Search for photos for the main photo and installation.For example, if it’s a hat, then you need to find a photo with a hat on your head (i.e.the application of the product) and beautifully insert all the options of…

Audio and video editingInformation gathering ∙ 3 proposals
Collect the largest Telegram and Viber communities/groups by cities in Ukraine new
27 USD

Gather the largest Telegram and Viber open communities/groups, by 25 cities of Ukraine. Where you can enter and write a advertising message. Please write: Can you do this exactly, do you have experience? What is the cost? What terms, and in what format will the result be…

Information gatheringLead generation and sales ∙ 3 proposals
Business Analysts new

Our company, which operates in the United States, requires a business analyst. Task: analysis of markets, perspectives, already done work.

Information gatheringMarketing research ∙ 5 proposals
Find the best price offer for buying a car on metal (Kiev) new

There is a car Geely CK 2010 release. Complete, but not at all. Territorial - Kiev, the right coast. Repair has no economic meaning. The car does not drive for 5 years, it takes a place on the parking lot. The task for the evacuator to come, took the car to the metal and gave…

Information gathering ∙ 4 proposals
Search for information new
14 USD

Microbloggers, channels to 200k subscribers Whoever wants and can make a paid post Find 10 to 15 such authors. All data: link, names, responses of administrators and conditions - enter the table More about the post, the subject - the executive

Information gathering ∙ 14 proposals
Analysis of Market new
14 USD

Everyone greeting, a market analysis is needed for a certain niche of info services. Main of the United States and Ukraine. We need an analysis of competitors and audiences. The prices offer

Information gatheringMarketing research ∙ 6 proposals
Select emails according to the parameters new
27 USD

You need to collect e-mails of authors of scientific articles from Ukraine in the articles indicated the data of the scientist (peb, university, orchid, etc.), according to these data you need to search for these scientists to find their emails All search results enter the…

Information gatheringData processing ∙ 11 proposals
Simple work to search for EAN new

Simple task for searching through the service Code to the product, one product goes up to 20-30 seconds, possible less, all the instructions and input documents we provide, work a lot

Information gatheringContent management ∙ 28 proposals
Integrate the collection of leads from 3 working landings in Google Tables new
14 USD

The goal: Configurate the process of gathering leads from landings and automatic data transfer to Google Tables The tasks: - Integrate existing forms on 3 tracks to send data to a Google table - Configurate the automatic generation of new lines in the table when receiving each…

Information gatheringData processing ∙ 5 proposals
Developing a Marketing Strategy new

Analysis of the market. Do you need this product, how many customers are willing to pay. Segmentation of the Auditory Divide potential consumers into separate groups with distinct characteristics. Create advertising messages for each segment. Positioning Create the correct…

Information gatheringMarketing research ∙ 9 proposals
Making a business plan for the production of European pallets and fuel pallets in the edge new

Good afternoon. It is necessary to make a business plan with calculations under a full-cycle enterprise that is engaged in the production of European cargo pallets and the production of fuel pallets from forest waste.

Business consultingInformation gathering ∙ 14 proposals
Create a sales manager’s balance table in Google Tabs new

You need to make a table so that the manager can enter the data: Customer's fee, date of signing the contract, service, source of the customer, amount of the contract, amount of payment of the first part, date of payment of the first part, the amount of the second part…

Data processingInformation gathering ∙ 11 proposals