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Audio and video editing

Translate the text into video new

You need to translate the whole text into a video, in addition to this each slide separately to send the file The same thing you need to do with Code Breakers at No-Code University HTTPS://fex.net/ru/s/cmvnzta

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 6 proposals
Installation and moush design of video-rolls on a permanent basis new

Good day, call me Dmitry and I am the chief editor of the public project “World House”. I am interested in learning the price of the work of creating videos for YouTube (up to 10 - 15 minutes) on educational themes. These are videos using illustrations and animations (examples…

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 14 proposals
Creating Shorts on YouTube new
27 USD

On a constant basis, a shorts installator is needed. Work is stable in a month from 20 pieces. Preparation to perform 1-2 shortcuts for the customer. Theme of Casino / Casino. Let’s discuss in the personal context. Please leave requests and contacts.

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 20 proposals
Vertical Video Installation for Rils, TickTok new
14 USD

Good morning, we are looking for a person to install viral vertical videos with subtitles. You must have an average level of English and have experience working with viral vertical videos with subtitles or similar style. Examples of video:…

Audio and video editing ∙ 8 proposals
Mouse Designer new
27 USD

You need to make a good video for the targeting industry. The video will be launched in advertising. References are, creativity is welcome. You need to do the maximum in 3-4 days.

Audio and video editingVideo advertising ∙ 20 proposals
Making a video new
27 USD

You need to make a video. Our monter has now done some half. This is an interview. Three plans. Installation is not difficult. The main thing to be dynamic and the plan changed in the topic! Music is not needed, audio is one way. Total duration of up to 8 minutes. (Material…

Audio and video editingAudio processing ∙ 27 proposals
You need to photograph the mattresses and take a short video of Kiev new

For the product card on the site you need to photograph the mattresses and take the short Reels video reviews. The mattresses should be removed from different corners. Video length up to 15 seconds, photo approximately 3-5 pieces per model The number of mattresses is 5.

Audio and video editingPhotography ∙ 7 proposals
YouTube Football Content Creator. (Soccer Content Creator) new

I’m looking for a talented content maker on YouTube to help us create interesting football videos for our channel.The ideal candidate should have a passion for football, be familiar with the trends and well understand the YouTube platform.Key tasks include editing high-quality…

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 9 proposals
Anti-Age Expert new

Congratulations to everyone. My name is Julia, a Nutritionist-Anti-Ager. I am developing my business online. The main goal is to help women get out on quality and active longevity. I need an assistant who wants to help people get out of quality. Assistant / Assistant Keep a…

Audio and video editingCopywriting ∙ 9 proposals
You need a specialist to create an animated video using AI new

You need a specialist to create an animated video using AI (neurosets). Screenplay up to 5 minutes, entertainment theme.

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 8 proposals
Installation Video new

Good Morning, You need to install a short video (up to 1 minute time) where to combine the elements of a couple of videos, photos, with music and text in some parts. and thank you.

Audio and video editingVideo advertising ∙ 58 proposals
Write a press for Adobe Audition or your options new

You need to write a press that will be real-time audio processing for Adobe Audition, or offer your audio processing implementation options. The microphone has little noise (e.g. a drop of candidates), but the problem is in the voice itself. It will need to make it more sound…

Audio and video editingAudio processing ∙ 6 proposals
Content Maker new
410 USD

We are the Ukrainian brand of clothing PASAT. We are looking for a content maker team for riles in Zhytomir. Schedule: 9:00-17:00 (other winter days) Requirements: recording and editing video content with your participation To submit the application fill out the Google form…

Audio and video editingVideo advertising ∙ 2 proposals
Video-take of content for the teen book Journal Challenger new
1504 USD

Welcome to!We are looking for a creative and experienced video operator to create an exciting video-content in Kiev.Our product is a teenage book aimed at self-knowledge and personality development.The video will be used for marketing campaigns on social networks, on our website…

Audio and video editingVideo recording ∙ 6 proposals