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Client management and CRM

Find the best CRM option for our team new

If you are an expert in the whole variety of the most efficient, convenient and easy to use CRMs for today, and do not interfere with the input of the specific 2-4 types of CRMs and it is for them you are agitating: Check out the inscriptions that we need from the SRM in the…

System administrationClient management and CRM ∙ 1 proposal
crm new
2000 UAH

Good day . You need a charm with an emphasis on the chat bot that will answer the standard questions and move customers into the waiting list, at work, and so on. I don’t know where to start.

Bot developmentClient management and CRM ∙ 9 proposals
Managers for sending new
3000 UAH

We are engaged in the development and design of web projects. There is a project task for 5 working days for 8 hours a day. Responsibilities in this project: - sending letters and messages to potential customers on UpWork Advertising on FB and LinkedIn Upgrade the freelance…

Client management and CRMProject management ∙ 2 proposals
Setup of Bitrix24 new
5000 UAH

You need to set the Bitrix connection to the site, the phone, set the open lines. In CRM to set lines and transactions.

Client management and CRM ∙ 10 proposals
You need a PM with English knowledge to communicate with customers. new

You need a PM with a technical background and knowledge of English.First contact with customers.The task is to identify the needs, business tasks and requirements for the formation of a brief for the evaluation of the development team.Web and mobile development.How will the…

Client management and CRMProject management ∙ 3 proposals
Grouping of transactions in the Bitrix24. new

Bitrix24 box version. The functionality of transactions in the bar is necessary to be upgraded in such a way that a number of transactions marked in the bar or in the list can be combined into one large transaction that will temporarily store all combined transactions. The…

Client management and CRM ∙ 1 proposal
Implementation of AMO CRM new

Improve the normal CRM work. Distribution of applications between managers + analysis and statistics of work!

Client management and CRM ∙ 4 proposals
Creating Dashboards in Metabase new

You need an experienced specialist in creating dashboards in the metabase. Please leave the application only for those who have experience with metabase! Detailed info on LS!

DatabasesClient management and CRM ∙ 2 proposals
CRM Bitrix 24 integrator in manufacturing + installation with experience! new

Good day ! to the whole world! You need a Bitrix 24 CRM integrator in manufacturing + installation with experience! Preference to the experienced who have already done this with ready decisions! There is a portfolio. Tell me how you work - how communication will be built with…

Client management and CRM ∙ 6 proposals
Implementation of Zoho CRM new

You need to implement Zoho CRM for the educational project, online courses. (4 users) Phone sales accounting Project management Interested in price, time, relevant experience

Client management and CRM ∙ 2 proposals
Implementation, setting, and support for CRM Dynamics new

Implementation, setting and support (supporting and administering) CRM Dynamics of existing and new business applications. CRM is required by the customer. CRM integration with other accounting systems. Understanding the principles of CRM. Experience with Microsoft Dynamics…

Client management and CRM