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Client management and CRM

A software engineer who knows how the LP-crm works new
27 USD

You need help in connecting the sales dop to the site so that they come into the system along with the main order through the LP-CRM, the site code standard for the direction of the goods business through the unilateral sites

Website developmentClient management and CRM
Consultation of LinkedIn Working Specialist new
14 USD

We want to use LinkedIn to attract customers. We need a specialist who will help with the process automation.

Lead generation and salesClient management and CRM ∙ 1 proposal
Creating, Implementing and Teaching Work with Bitrix24 new

We are engaged in the professional restoration and restoration of furniture and decorations in Dubai. We need help in certain aspects of our work. Description of the order: Analysis of current business processes. Implementation of the system based on Bitrix. The short-term…

Client management and CRMProject management ∙ 3 proposals
Project Leader for the Implementation and Training of Bitrix new

FIXWORKS is a standard for high-quality restoration and restoration of furniture, decor and interior elements in Dubai.We work to restore expensive products, giving them a great original look, confirming the status and quality of each item we work on.The obligations: • Analyze…

1CClient management and CRM ∙ 2 proposals
Implementation and setting of KeyCRM for the online store of seafood new
137 USD

I am interested in the implementation and setting of KeyCRM for the online store of seafood. The objectives: Automation of Processes The sale gate Storage Account Integration of all traffic sources

Client management and CRM ∙ 4 proposals
Configuration of Twilio new

You need to set the phone on the basis of Twilio and connect all possible functions. Please respond with the price of primary consultation if you have experience.

Client management and CRM
Create a wallet for the sales department in CRM Perfectum new

Technical tasks for the development of sales wheels in CRM Perfectum Development of sales wire for effective management of the process of sale of building materials. The task Integration with different sources of ice. Automation of the cold call process. Creating and sending…

Client management and CRM ∙ 1 proposal
Configurate the Dashboard in Exel with Kommo crm и Ringostat new
27 USD

It is necessary to set the download of certain indicators from Kommo crm b Ringostat to Exel, in the automatic format. It looks like a dashboard. Let’s talk more personally.

Embedded systems and microcontrollersClient management and CRM ∙ 2 proposals
Create and Configurate CRM new

The task is to find the CRM with the following functionality (or encod through the API): 1 .The presence of the user bots in telegram and instagram (common telegram number accounts through which managers can respond to customer messages.2ndThe presence of different bricks.For…

Web programmingClient management and CRM ∙ 14 proposals
Technical support for web services new
410 USD

Requirements: Compulsory knowledge of the Ukrainian language; Diversity, flexibility; Skills to prioritize; Stress and adaptability; Communicability, punctuality; Skills to work with customers by phone; Skills to work with Google disc, tables, documents; Time management;…

Client management and CRMProject management ∙ 2 proposals
IT Sales Manager new
14 USD

We represent the IT company based in Los Angeles and we have ambitious plans for the future.In connection with our high ambitions, we are looking for talented graduates or beginners who are ready to join our team and help us<unk> success in IT sales.At the moment we already have…

Client management and CRMProject management ∙ 4 proposals
Implementation of CRM Bitrex 24 new
27 USD

Development of business processes in CRM Bitrix 24 . Acceptance of payments in Transactions.Audits the existing portal. Correction of detected errors

Client management and CRM
I need a specialist who can set the Notion as needed to me. new

Everyone greeting, there are a few directions in the work and I want to transfer everything from the papers and what is in the head in Notion. You need a specialist who is very well understood in Notion, can offer your ideas and set up everything. Write the payment for an…

Client management and CRMProject management ∙ 1 proposal
Pipedrive + Binotel integration new

You need to integrate Binotel phone with the CRM system Pipedrive. Who has experience in such integration - write your wishes on the value of the performance of such a task.

Client management and CRM ∙ 4 proposals