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Mobile apps design


Illustrations for the ios


Congratulations to everyone! You need to make 4 illustrations for the ios app. The add-on is a price tracker on the fire. Illustrations are needed for such screens: Onboarding Page 1 – 3 The signature Details will be discussed with the chosen manager. I look forward to you…

Mobile apps designIllustrations and drawings ∙ 14 proposals

You need a mobile version of the website.


You need a mobile version of the website. There is a ready design, you need to make a mobile version. A clear description to the candidates.

Mobile apps designWeb design ∙ 75 proposals

Development of mobile application design


We need a designer who will be able to make the design of a mobile application in a thoughtful and intelligent way. The structure and description are already ready, you can get acquainted, agree and begin to work, provide several design options for several pages. Please apply…

Mobile apps design ∙ 33 proposals

UX/UI Design for Web CRM

999 USD

We are looking for an experienced UX\UI designer to create a new design for the existing CRM system in order to improve the convenience and efficiency of the product.The goal of the project: Creating a modern, aesthetic and intuitively understandable interface that will allow…

Mobile apps designWeb design ∙ 31 proposals

Design of mobile and web applications


We are looking for a junior/middle specialist for web design and mobile applications. Add your portfolio.

Interface designMobile apps design ∙ 49 proposals

Create a design for a mobile app

26 USD

You need to paint the design for the mobile app. A compulsory requirement is the experience of creating design for mobile applications. TZ by linkhttps://www.figma.com/file/KIajdWEw86GjFH0ESSOgpx/AR-Drawing-Designer?type=design&node-id=0%3A1&mode=design&t=D1I96t6ImHucrrcq-1…

Interface designMobile apps design ∙ 40 proposals

Landing “Sales of Course”

210 USD

Landing: [Sales of the quo] Description of Landing: [Enthusiasm and beautiful picture] Target audience: [Parny 16-28 years old] Color scheme: Identify a color scheme for the channel that would match its theme and objectives. The color scheme should be harmonious and…

Mobile apps designWeb design ∙ 63 proposals

Developing a simple application for 10 pictures

21 USD

Good day ! The task is ultimately to get an application based on unity (under Android), - a painting, in which there will be ten pages for painting. There are two options, the first for children, the simple, the second calming mandals. If necessary, I will provide The criteria…

Mobile apps designGaming applications ∙ 9 proposals

Mobile add-on for dance school


You need to create a mobile app based on FlutterFlow for a dance school. It is important! A specialist must be in Kiev for an offline meeting and discussion of all the details.

Web programmingMobile apps design ∙ 8 proposals

Design for the mobile app


You need to develop a design for a mobile app. AI Chatbot - 3 onboard screens, peivol, menu, key functional screen, product description screen The Reference: in the process.

Interface designMobile apps design ∙ 49 proposals

Web design for Android applications

50 USD

You need to create a design for an Android application for a further Gulf application in Google Play under traffic arbitration. The subject of the application is MFO loans. Examples of design and TZ can be provided in lk. Experience in this subject is welcome!

BannersMobile apps design ∙ 26 proposals

You need a product designer to correct the application design 2


Requirements for the designer: Experience in creating mobile applications Understand what conversion is. A sense of style, knowledge in UI/UX The task: There is an app in the Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.universal.video.downloader Now its…

Interface designMobile apps design ∙ 18 proposals

Development of the design of the mobile app "GC Control System"


It is necessary to develop the design for the mobile app on iOS/Android + Desktop for the housing system. Customer part is an add-on, administrator part is a desktop (web). in the writing process. Please upload the link to a portfolio with similar projects.

Mobile apps designWeb design ∙ 44 proposals