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Website maintenance

Creating a website on Shopify new

We are looking for a web developer who will be able to correct errors and bugs on the already made site. The site is made using the code and is used on the Shopify platform. It also requires design improvement. Correction is required both on the mobile version of the site and on…

Website developmentWebsite maintenance ∙ 1 proposal
Website development on page/weblium/tilda new
274 USD

There are a few projects you need to support on the basis of the onpage and on tilda (from growth we don’t work). Write your basic prices + portfolio if there is. You need to be able to make a layer, and even better if you are well in design and you can also collect a site from…

Web designWebsite maintenance ∙ 22 proposals
Online store on the world press, you need to set the order notification new

Online store on the world press , you need to set the order notifications in Wiber Notifications on the phone

Website developmentWebsite maintenance ∙ 10 proposals
Distribution of information on the website new
55 USD

Complete the site with information about the goods. I'm looking for a man who would do this instead of my father, because otherwise he'll be taken out of work:)

Content managementWebsite maintenance ∙ 30 proposals
Content Manager for Website Editing new
27 USD

You need a person to whom we will send the name of the product and he must search for information on the internet and fill in a new template for the launch in the advertising site! Your task is from the name and photo of the product to find full information to fill the site…

Content managementWebsite maintenance ∙ 24 proposals
Settings of the page in the admin on WordPress new

There are 2 sites, the main and the additional. The main site is made on the WordPress on which 5 pages are added to the menu. 4 out of 5 pages are linked to a link that is listed on WordPress as the main, But 1 page should refer to a link to an additional site.

Website maintenance ∙ 11 proposals
Processing of the site. new

Create the page «Blog» Instagram and FB social networks buttons in the footer must go to the corresponding social networks https://www.instagram.com/biowood.group/ https://www.facebook.com/biowood.company/ Edit categories of products on the main page: - Fuel pelets - Brickets of…

Web programmingWebsite maintenance ∙ 8 proposals
Joomla from 3 to 4 versions new
27 USD

Joomla from 3 to 4 versions Updates and Adjust All Additions Include the English version of the website (page translated but not activated)

PHPWebsite maintenance ∙ 4 proposals
You need to enter the WP website. new
137 USD

You need to edit the info on the site and put the directions according to TZ+support the design https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bdO7QZ7IMOsCVTgByQ_888U419hqjtZO3v1bTzfTAyQ/edit?usp=sharing

Website developmentWebsite maintenance ∙ 9 proposals
Payments on the Website (Shopify Platform) new

Our websites: https://kramucci.com/ https://pl.kramucci.com/ TZ download in private, title replacement of text in some blocks, change of existing goods in the collection

Website developmentWebsite maintenance ∙ 18 proposals
Creating and running a page on Prom new
14 USD

I am looking for a responsible manager to create quality maps of goods on the market-play Prom.jua in the field of electronics, technology, etc. (There are different directions) Approximately work: 200 to 300 positions

Website maintenance ∙ 6 proposals
Create a website new
274 USD

You need to create an online store site on any designer. There’s already a ready site that can be copied with some corrections.

Website developmentWebsite maintenance ∙ 45 proposals
Download the goods to the site new
36 USD

Good day ! You need to upload the goods to the site. 200 products (photos and descriptions) Work must be done until November 1st.

Website maintenance ∙ 5 proposals
Contents for filling websites new
137 USD

I am looking for a content manager with experience working on CMS WordPress, opencart Payment: 80 UAH/hour We look at both the bet and the hour.

Content managementWebsite maintenance ∙ 29 proposals
Instagram with Noah and News new
14 USD

You need a person who will do with 0 Instagram,and monitor it every month. The internet shop. The Instagram

Online stores and e-commerceWebsite maintenance ∙ 11 proposals