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Preparing a video script for the Google Ads promotional campaign new
550 USD

Hello colleagues. I have a game in which I buy traffic. Currently, my goal is to increase CTR creativity and conversion to instals from a page in the market. I need advice or even accompaniment in preparing new creatives to<unk> the goals set. Currently, we have CTR less than…

ConsultingContextual advertising ∙ 1 proposal
Advertising of Facebook Advertising for Business new

We are engaged in the commodity business, there is a problem - high CPM, as a result - expensive ice and loss. We do not have baths, we do not have baths, we do not have baths, we do not have baths, we do not have baths. Accounts (from their Business Managers), reboot even on…

ConsultingSocial media advertising ∙ 6 proposals
Integration of artificial intelligence in direct new
100 USD

It is necessary to introduce AI in the direct instance. Ask the question and correct answers to it. Set up chat bots if necessary.

Consulting ∙ 1 proposal
Contract for infobies. new

You need a lawyer with experience working in infobies, to make a contract for the production and the contract of the offer.

ConsultingLegal services ∙ 10 proposals
Connecting the payment system. new

This is an info-base. You need help with the settlement of the payment system from a weifope or a mono. The purpose is to accept the payment for the info product. You may need to make a short one-page site, or submit all the info in the payment window.

Payment systems integrationConsulting ∙ 7 proposals
The cryptocurrency. The Trading new

Welcome to You need a trader in trading and cryptocurrency who will explain all the terminology and process. Write your offers, the number to hire, the price

Business consultingConsulting ∙ 5 proposals
Bet Builder and the Game Multi new

Create a mathematical model (Exel file) for the Bet Builder bookmaker tool, another name Same Game Multi. Same Game Multi or Bet Builder is a tool that is used in online bookmakers to mark a feature that allows users to create multi-significant bets on the same event. This…

Restoration of the Facebook account new
14 USD

Good day !The situation: 1 .Personal account on Facebook.The personal account is linked to the page with the online store on Instagram.2ndThe personal account was removed (not found in search, missed from the list of friends with friends).The FBI<unk> that the account was…

ConsultingSocial media marketing ∙ 3 proposals
performing a few small tasks. new

Hello to you, We are looking for a person-orectra who understands a little in many fields: It has a sense of design and can replace / find / make a picture in Figma. - Can work with Tilda and preferably Wordpress (do not need to put in the zero-block, just focus on the basic…

ConsultingWebsite maintenance ∙ 3 proposals
Export & Import, UA-USA new

It is necessary to prepare an informational report on the export of houses from Ukraine to America. -Oriented cost of 40 High CUbe, 45 and 20 foot containers from Gdańsk to New York What documents are required for the import of products to the United States. The Production The…

Business consultingConsulting ∙ 3 proposals