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Consulting the game industry online new

You need advice on the creation and launch of an online casino. Information on licenses, accounts, companies, promotion, staff, risks, budget, gaming providers, white label platforms and under key, in general, on the management of business.

Business consultingConsulting ∙ 1 proposal
Notion (notch) for M-Coffee new
200 UAH

Hello to you! The task is to set the rights of access to the noushin. There is a handmade methodology in a personal node. The task is to spread it "for reading" to employees, with the possibility of closing access to any of them, while not plumping the nushin all the money in…

System administrationConsulting
Calculate the optimal price of the goods new

It is necessary to calculate the optimal price of the goods with a discount. Find the most efficient price of the goods, in which (by discount) the volume of sales will increase and the volume will increase the profit. I will send all the necessary numbers to the executor in…

Business consultingConsulting ∙ 8 proposals
Preparation and submission of the grant application new

You need to prepare documents, application and present presentations to receive a grant from USAID. The essence of the project is clear, we have no experience in preparing such documents.

Business consultingConsulting ∙ 2 proposals
Preparation of the tweet new

Everyone is greeted. The existing channel must be taken into mind. Everything looks good and good, but it should be good :) The theme of the stream is gembling. In fact, you need a skilled streaming designer, reasonable in marketing. A number of the following tasks must be…

BannersConsulting ∙ 2 proposals
Helping to develop religion for artwork new

I am looking for a person who is very well understood in all directions of philosophy.For my work I want to develop a logical and living religion.In the sense that this religion can truly attract its dogmas, rather than be a number of existing religions.Shortly about the…

ConsultingScript writing ∙ 8 proposals
Consulting for Visa in Canada new

You need to consult on the account of complete and consistent registration of an emergency visa to Canada CUAET. Write all actions step by step.

ConsultingLegal services ∙ 2 proposals