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Business card design

Visit card for the company and director new
500 UAH

Develop a visit card for the company and for the director. Window company..logotype, colors, creative if necessary we will provide. Welcome to your options!

Business card design ∙ 60 proposals
3D Design of Visit Card new
1000 UAH

Good day ! Today I have an interesting project for you: We are looking for a creative 3D, 2D motion designer!!!The ! We have developed a system that allows AR technology to expand the possibilities of the visitor to present himself to his potential customer! It looks like this…

Business card design3D modeling ∙ 8 proposals
I need a visit card design. new

Good day . I need a visit card. I am working on web development. Send your offers with a visit card price.

Business card design ∙ 63 proposals
Presentation new

We need to create a presentation design. Three slides. From tomorrow to Thursday we have to do. Example of meaning load in the file in attached. Show the price per slide, consider what you indicate above all the price does not lead to our cooperation.

Business card designPresentation development ∙ 33 proposals
Design of Visitors by Reference new
200 UAH

Visit card design by reference. We need to make a visit. It is necessary to complete the same day after receipt to work.

Business card design ∙ 66 proposals
Artwork for printing two business cards new

You need to prepare two files to print in the typography of two business cards. One is one-sided, the other is two-sided. I give a detailed task.

Business card design ∙ 24 proposals