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Required Reaction Assistance new

I am looking for a specialist who will help solve the problem with the indexation of the search engines of the block on the react. The problem is that the search engines do not see the block of the calendar and prices. For now, consultation is needed. It will need to be…

JavaScriptWeb programming ∙ 3 proposals
Stripe API + Woocommerce API (JS + PHP) new
55 USD

1 . You need to connect the form with the payment card Stripe API. 2nd In parallel, we create an order of the Woocommerce API. Three Data logging (go, answers to requests) Payment initialization on javascript, the rest on PHP. Details in LS

JavaScriptPHP ∙ 6 proposals
The project requires a developer on NestJS and TypeScript new

We are developing CRM system for CIS doctors, we are from Kiev. Wages are already there. Experience of 5 years. $18 per hour

JavaScriptNode.js ∙ 7 proposals
Adapt the module neoseo related options pro for open card 3 new
55 USD

Adapt the module neoseo related options pro for open card 3 under the octemplates remarket template. Someone may have a ready decision. Options work in a pair with the 1c(bas) module. Module replacement is not allowed.

JavaScriptPHP ∙ 1 proposal
You need to make a website-landing for example. new
1039 USD

Hello to you! You need to make a site-landing according to the sample of the already working page. link to the example lriker.com.ua

HTML and CSSJavaScript ∙ 50 proposals
Zoom API integration in the web new
82 USD

You need to create a web zoom conference 1. on the page prescribe the ID / password of the meeting People entering the page enter their name and connect to the conference (as viewers) The Zoom Chat Video conference should work through the video player 5. chat can be easily…

JavaScriptPHP ∙ 1 proposal
I am looking for a good FE developer with deep knowledge of Alpine.js and Bootstap new
328 USD

On regular tasks (approximately 10-40 hours a month). Bootstap - You have to be able to make the most of it, and then it happened that people just write everything in CSS files! Alpine.js - You will need to develop a relatively complex filter. Here is the design -…

HTML and CSSJavaScript ∙ 3 proposals
Accepting calls via TWILLIO new

hopefully : The website is PHP, JS. Connected to TWILLIO The permission function from the browser to real numbers is already running. Needed to: Configurate the receipt of calls in the browser. When from the phone call to the special number TWILIO so that the user…

Development of the site new

The online store of small household technology adaptive to mobile devices, Next_js, up to 10,000 products, the brandbook is already available

JavaJavaScript ∙ 16 proposals
You need a script for the ukr.go site for automatic exhibition new
109 USD

You need a script for the ukr.go site to automatically display the revelations in a particular section, since the site does not allow the revelations with the same headline, you need to make a text document with the words replaced in the headline, or it must be placed in the…

JavaScriptBot development ∙ 4 proposals
Add 5 pages to a website by template new
14 USD

Add 5 pages to a website by template Repair small shells such as putting a hat on the text Add 3 pages to the site by template www.remstir.od.ua

JavaScript ∙ 9 proposals
Widget Adjustment and Integration new
821 USD

We are looking for a talented developer to customize an existing widget by adjusting a few links and integrating it into the open-source Chatwoot support Inbox built with Node.js. The main tasks for this project will include modifying the widget's links and ensuring seamless…

JavaScriptNode.js ∙ 1 proposal
Web Developer for Shopify Online Store new

You need a Shopify web developer to make changes to the current website: - add the filtering for metafields in the Orders tab; Add a few new blocks to the site.

JavaScriptWeb programming ∙ 8 proposals
Development of mobile applications new
1860 USD

A team is needed to develop the cross-platform mobile app of the .ios android aggregator. The main features of the application is the receipt of messages, and other actions with all popular sites such as: TIK ток, Facebook, Instagram, linked in, etc. through one of our apps.…

JavaScriptHybrid mobile apps ∙ 14 proposals
A programmer is needed for joint development. new
137 USD

You need a programmer (not an agency or company) to help develop. The Minimum Stack: Html by css - JS (confident knowledge, not jQuery) It is a plus: The wordpress The Canvas by konva.js

JavaScriptPHP ∙ 21 proposals