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WordPress Developer (Part Time) new
499 UAH

Everyone is greeted. You need a WordPress developer for part-time (or periodic work) In terms of prospects: 1 . Writing from zero The 2nd Optimization of load (will be a plus) 3 . Replacement of content (mainly in Elementor or any analogue) and 4. Pressure of the wordpress (ACF,…

JavaScriptPHP ∙ 6 proposals
A number of pages new

There is a web design made in the Figme. This design needs to be made. Only 4 pages. It requires an adaptive design. If there is an opportunity, then make a couple of elements animated. I will drop in the face more detail.

HTML and CSSJavaScript ∙ 52 proposals
Developer for ReactJS + Canvas new
70 000 UAH

Good day to everyone. The calculator needs to be completed. Source: ReactJS, Redax and react-konva library There are about 10 works that you need to do. The price and time is yours after the discussion.

JavaScriptNode.js ∙ 8 proposals
Correction of errors and script optimization on the WordPress site new
5000 UAH

1 .Resolve errors in the browser (corre or if it is impossible to create a report with the causes of the occurrence and such that makes it impossible to correct them): The 2ndBring the attribute hreflang и HTML lang to a single look (now in the Russian version of the site does…

JavaScriptWeb programming ∙ 8 proposals
Developing public theme for listing in the Shopify Theme Store new

The project consists in developing a public theme for listing in the Shopify Theme Store. IMPORTANT: The task is NOT to transfer the design of the design to a user theme, but to write a public theme from scratch to place in the Shopify Theme Store. Reference to the theme…

HTML and CSSJavaScript ∙ 1 proposal
I am looking for a mentor for learning. new

A dear day. I am from Ukraine, in connection with the war, I lost profits from the business and began to engage in IT. I am looking for a personal mentor, desired with a discount on the study. I am currently studying HTML and CSS. I want to learn JavaScript.

HTML and CSSJavaScript ∙ 11 proposals
React Developer Required for React Developer new

We have a backend, there are job requests, there is a job manager, we need to do some improvements That is: Adding some elements, by API: Correction of authorization Connect the new app. We can work on the seafood. Write and discuss.

JavaScriptWeb programming ∙ 14 proposals
I am looking for a Front End/Full Stack (html, css, js) + React JS, Node.js new

Hello to you! I recently started the Full Stack Developer course at GoIT. I would like more information and help during the study, more tasks that someone would check and then understand with me and help at all.

JavaScriptNode.js ∙ 4 proposals
React typescript convajs drag and drop new

1 . Choose the video Place them on the time scale. 3 . Setting Parts of Video and 4. Showing information for Backlink The example https://smarteditingonline.solveigmm.com/ The visual part, in addition to this function, is already Experience, price and time

JavaScriptWeb programming
Calculator for VP new
8000 UAH

On the site on WordPress sndct.co you need to make a value calculator on a separate page.Create a page with a calculator and, accordingly, so that it is exhibited in the two languages that are in the topic.Examples of a similar calculator:…

JavaScriptPHP ∙ 3 proposals
Currently, there is a smart contract you need to put on the site new

The first part is to prepare the data according to this instructions - https://telegra.ph/SMART-INDUSTRIES-08-29 1 .Give the domain to the IP server 2ndWrite TOKEN bot and user ID in features/notify.ts ThreeScribe the address (we will do it yourself) 4 .Scribe 4 times…

BlockchainJavaScript ∙ 1 proposal
[SL] make a plugin for Slack new
5500 UAH

Good day, you need to make a plugin for Slack that will allow you to make notes in Google Spreadsheets Scenario I find a message in Slack I click on it and then on More Actions (three points) It opens the menu in which I select an action - Send note By clicking appears a…

JavaScriptApplication programming ∙ 2 proposals
Search for Mentor new

You need a person who will be able to teach these technologies: by Html by CSS by Javascript React.js and Vue.js by php by Laravel The MySQL by MongoDB Interested in mentoring in these technologies. with calls several times a week, home tasks, etc.

JavaScriptPHP ∙ 7 proposals
Crypto exchange site new

Good day . You need to make a cryptocurrency exchange site, with authorization, and an English version. I will show the references.

JavaScriptWeb programming ∙ 17 proposals