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Technical documentation


Call center supervisor


Job Title: Call Center Supervisor Description: We are seeking a Call Center Supervisor for a project with a duration of 36-50 hours. This role entails supervising call center agents, configuring scripts, creating databases, and ensuring seamless call center operations.…

Script writingTechnical documentation

Diploma in Programming Robots

26 USD

The graduate work for the programming specialty consists of the project itself (site or application), which is already written. The project must be attached to the report (Swit) that must be according to the standards of the DSTU and GOST: the theoretical text that will be…

Technical documentation ∙ 1 proposal

Business Plan (Social Entrepreneurship) for a Social Important Project


Business plan for a socially important environmental project, a standard that would happen to donors, partners, under loan. The basic information described is the parts, also the business plan prepared for 250 thousand, the comprehensive approach and other information additional…

Business consultingTechnical documentation ∙ 6 proposals

Technical Task to Create a Website

263 USD

You need to write a detailed technical task to create a site, the site itself rating site, the important moment I send you the site design you write on the design if it will not be clear you ask me, you need to describe all the functionality.

Bot developmentTechnical documentation ∙ 11 proposals