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I need an Assana administrator. new

Required asana administrator Who knows this program well. It is able to create a working structure for the entire organization as a whole. for each employee separately. To ensure through this program the operational interaction between all of the employees of the organization…

RecruitmentProject management ∙ 2 ставки
Project “Recruiter” new
547 USD

You need to select candidates for a position. Office Manager Call center staff (4 candidates) Manager of Sales Video Montage

Recruitment ∙ 2 ставки
Assistant Manager new

I am looking for a motivated and careful to the details assistant recruiter manager who will provide the necessary support. The ideal candidate will be a careful to the details person with excellent communication skills and the ability to work effectively in a multi-task mode.…

ConsultingRecruitment ∙ 4 ставки
Find the flow of candidates for the vacation (interviews are conducted by ourselves) new

Everyone is greeted! Often there is a need for candidates for a vacation (the conversations are conducted by ourselves). I'm looking for someone who can find a vacation vacation. For example, now you need to find candidates under this job -…

Recruitment ∙ 3 ставки