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Quality adding of goods to the site on the OpenCart platform new

There is the original information on the site, photo, characteristics, description. You need to move to an open card with insight into the essence of the goods and re-right, most of the goods in the category of electronics, it is desirable to understand and understand the goods…

Online stores and e-commerceRewriting ∙ 6 proposals
I am looking for a reader. new

A writer with experience of work is required for permanent collaboration. Theme: trading, gambling and finance. There are no special requirements for texts.

CopywritingRewriting ∙ 27 proposals
Text rewrite for websites 53.5 thousand characters new
68 USD

1 Text for the site https://remont-benzo-tehniki.com.ua/Company "Damask Holding"Site service - Repair / Repair Gasoline / Gasoline / Gasoline Generators / + other techniqueUnicity from 95% check - you send a check screenLanguage RUquality - good readable text on the topic of the…

Article writingRewriting ∙ 37 proposals
Writing news for the TG channel of the car theme new
79 USD

It requires a content manager who will be able to create 5-8 newspapers every day over a month for the Ukrainian tg channel of automotive theme.

CopywritingRewriting ∙ 33 proposals
Editor of the Technical News Website new
14 USD

The technology-new site iTechua.com is looking for experienced copywriters, rereaters for constant cooperation. More precisely, we need news editors who will make a quality translation from the English language news from the world of smartphones, gadgets and others, and publish…

CopywritingRewriting ∙ 15 proposals
Dissertation in Chemistry new

Subject: Ionization of Mineral Galite (NaCl) and Physical Properties of High-Dispersonal Aerosol NaCl Number of sts: 300 Unicity: not less than 90% I will add the orientation.

RewritingAbstracts, diploma papers, course papers ∙ 4 proposals
Re-right description and name of the cargo card new

You need to make a re-right of the already available description and the name of the product card. It has approximately 2000 positions. There are 4-5 options for each product. We'll give an existing description in Excel format.

Text editing and proofreadingRewriting ∙ 26 proposals
Unique with AI 100 articles and publish in the online store new
109 USD

Technical task Unicated articles must be in line with the semantic and context of the online store.Collect the original articles from the donor sites.Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to re-reating articles while preserving their sense and quality.Ensure the uniqueity of each…

Content managementRewriting ∙ 6 proposals
Write the text “On Us” new

Write the text "On Us" based on the text that is Optimize for SEO, introduce keywords, unique and etc. and etc. - how it is set to make everything Welcome to ART-BUD ELECTRO!We are the leading supplier of cable, electrical and lighting products, offering a wide range of…

CopywritingRewriting ∙ 22 proposals
Writing, re-right, small texts,is the possibility of using the GPT chat new

Writing small texts by 450-500 characters maximum. There is the possibility of re-raiting of the already existing, the texts are not difficult. It will also work for beginners in this field of education. Main Requirements: Ability to Use Supporting Sites (GPT Chat,…

CopywritingRewriting ∙ 45 proposals
Remote in Polish new
69 USD

You need to make a re-right and add a little new text in Polish. 10-16 pages. There is a finished text that needs to be reworked.

CopywritingRewriting ∙ 19 proposals
I need a copywriter in the car theme. new

You need an expert copywriter who is deeply understood in the automotive and moto theme (ideally in the autovicup theme). Wish with real practical experience of working with cars, so you can find out in brands, models, in all the nuts. The text will need to be written in a…

CopywritingRewriting ∙ 22 proposals