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Search engine optimization

Promotion of the channel in social networks (youtube, facebook, instagram, tiktok) new

I am a singer, songwriter and composer.I write and perform my authors' songs.I need people to hear and see my work.Currently there is 1 song on YouTube - https://youtu.be/uWUOGXvvu7s New songs are prepared.Now I have 103 subscribers on YouTube, Facebook - 4826, Instagram - 1676,…

Search engine optimizationSocial media marketing ∙ 3 proposals
Amazon Handmade – new

Good morning, we start sales on Amazon, there is a store, we have passed verification. There are verified goods that are sold on the ETSI. You need help in setting up ads on Amazon handmade. Please propose a cooperation option and a budget. thank you Link to the store…

Search engine optimizationLead generation and sales ∙ 3 proposals
by SEO new

www.julia-recipes.com Task: Optimize the website to reach the top 5 ranking in the Google search system.Keyword Research: To conduct a keyword study related to the site theme, taking into account the popularity and competitiveness of these keywords.Identify the main target…

Search engine optimization ∙ 13 proposals
Required consultation/solution of the indexation issue new

Regularly I post links and forums, blog sites, resources from the collaborator, etc., now according to the linkbox service data, 473 domains and 655 links are displayed, by backlink checker ahrefs (free ) at the resource to which these links were posted, 126 domains are…

Search engine optimizationLink building ∙ 5 proposals
The SEO new
500 UAH

Good day ! It is available on the OpenCart platform. I plan to promote it in G00GLE I need a specialist. I will set the minimum price to write how much your services cost and what is included in these services. and thank you. Site and first promotion group:…

Search engine optimization ∙ 22 proposals
Setting the site and installing on WordPress by finished design in Figma new

The online store on the wordpress on ready design in Figma. Landing on the engine Make a website multi-language and multi-currency with a view to the customer by its location Safety and protection against spam. Establish protection against bots on customer registration and…

Web programmingSearch engine optimization ∙ 15 proposals
SEO website audit new

You need SEO audit and recommendations on the website https://germeb.od.ua/ The website is made on WP+woocomerce. At the moment, the indexation is disabled, before it is included, I would like to get comprehensive recommendations and clear steps to advance. It is very likely…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 30 proposals
Google analytics 4 new

You need to set Google Analytics 4 for the e-commerce site. Details in the list I don’t want to make a budget, please offer your own.

Contextual advertisingSearch engine optimization ∙ 10 proposals
CEO-спеціаліст для аудиту, оптимізації та налаштувань сайту new
500 UAH

Шукаю скілового сео-спеціаліста для аудиту сайту на медичну тематику, його сео-оптимізації відповідно до вимог пошукових систем з метою покращення його видимості у пошукових системах і збільшення органічного трафіку.

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 29 proposals
Photosklo.com - Joomla! 3.9.2 Main page redirection new

We have a website https://fotosklo.com.ua/ua/ The site is on Joomla!3.9 of 2Stable As long as we are preparing to switch to another platform, this site has to work.We have need To when you go to photosklo.com.ua, if so they get in search to open the Ukrainian page…

Search engine optimizationWebsite maintenance ∙ 2 proposals
Primary site settings for SEO (movements in the organic google) new
500 UAH

The website https://remont-mebliv.kiev.ua is new, created for WordPress. You need to make the primary setting for further breakthrough in the SEO. To make everything properly set, to be indexed by Google and registered everywhere. Articles will be written by ourselves, a blog…

Search engine optimizationLink building ∙ 27 proposals
Analysis of competitors, SEO preparation for site creation new

The detail is in the attached file. The price is contractual, write for how much you are ready to do such a job.

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 14 proposals
SEO optimization of the site new

There’s a developer on our side, but there’s no experience in SEO. You need to write TZ on what you need to do to optimize under SEO site and dreambit. I I

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 35 proposals
SEO promotion of the logistics website of the United States, England, Ukraine ( Eng, Ukr ) new

We are looking for a SEO specialist (not an agency ) with English language knowledge for the optimization and promotion of a site with logistics in the United States, England, Ukraine. A week ago, a review was carried out and there were changes. There is no desire to buy the…

Link buildingSearch engine optimization ∙ 14 proposals