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Search engine optimization

Website SEO / SEM / Analitycs & positioning new

Hi we need to have complex service for our website www.goldenoreitc.pl We are dealin with HR recruitment in IT sector I need to: -> change / configure SEO / site description -> configure SEM -> make our site more visable in network / google search -> positioning for 5…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 1 proposal
Programming of OkayCMS new

Good time of day. You need a person to enter the right on the site from the SEA. The work will be exactly for a half year, so I consider long-term cooperation. I attach the TZ to the first stage. The website is pai.in.ua Interested in the cost and time of execution.…

Web programmingSearch engine optimization ∙ 2 proposals
Website for transport logistics company new
10 000 UAH

Good day . Choose 5 template options in a public language. Logistics and Car Sales - Multi-language, to write under 7 countries. Number of pages on the site 1 about us with contacts 2 Transportation of easy vehicles The routes will be scheduled during the project. Transport…

Search engine optimizationWebsite development ∙ 14 proposals
Settings of Google Analytics new

The site is on the Shopify platform, it has been working for a long time. The purpose is to set up Google Analytics. Set goals by value and value. Now there are about 7 goals to check whether they work correctly and to set up to show the income and order amount to evaluate by…

Search engine optimizationSocial media advertising ∙ 2 proposals
by Collaborator.pro new

Our company needs a SEO copywriter to write content in English for design work. Themes for which you need to write articles: SEO, marketing, etc. Basic requirements for writing articles: - understanding of SEO promotion / experience in this field; Use of keywords in the…

CopywritingSearch engine optimization ∙ 3 proposals
SEO Promotion and Website Optimization in Google for Clinic new

The website is https://www.docber.clinic/ We are engaged in plastic surgery and we want to promote our website in the following directions: The SEO SEO and Website Optimization SEO website audits RRs Advertising in Google AdWords. Selection of Keywords Minus Words…

Contextual advertisingSearch engine optimization ∙ 29 proposals
Promotion of Google My Business new
1200 UAH

You need to promote the Google My Business page for the site. The goal is to get to the top on brand requests.

Search engine optimization ∙ 6 proposals
You need to look at the site and give advice before indexing it. new

The site sizprom.com is in the phase of filling and upgrading, you need to look at and give advice before starting the indexation. The target tag titles and discryptions I can prescribe myself. The budget is limited. There are contact numbers on the site, these are my numbers.…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 14 proposals
Searching for competitors. Create Google Advertising. new

Search requests of competitors. Create Google Ads with these requests+complete requests for greater efficiency. Configure advertising in such a way that the site would be the first in the advertising edition in search.

Contextual advertisingSearch engine optimization ∙ 20 proposals
Need a SEO optimizer. new
10 000 UAH

You need a seo-optimizer that will be able to make an audit, semantic, optimize the site on the specified points after the audit.These are mainly such tasks: 1 .Audit 2ndSemantic ThreeWriting of TZ 4 .● Not set the sitemap.xml file;● Not set the robots.txt file;● Big pieces of…

Search engine optimizationWebsite maintenance ∙ 15 proposals
Merchant Center to declare rights new
450 UAH

Welcome to! You need to declare the rights to this URL, as another Merchant Center account has already declared the rights to it at a higher level. Files are covered for surveillance.

Search engine optimizationLead generation and sales ∙ 6 proposals
SEO Audit and SEO Strategy Development new

Welcome to We recently launched the website development for the Saas product https://osvitalab.com. I am glad to see the website. All the other important for you details I hope in person. I’m not sure what list of services we need, but I know what we want to get. - SEO…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 24 proposals
SEO optimization of the site new

SEO optimization of the site. The site was transferred from Tilda to WordPress. Needed to: Make SEO website audits Repair what is needed and optimize the site.

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 36 proposals
Create XML site maps new

A number of secondary maps of the site are issued when crawling errors, it is necessary to remove them through the developer (for these pages there are problems with indexing). You can find them in SearchConsole Google: Server Console-Sitemap Files-Select a map with errors.At…

Web programmingSearch engine optimization ∙ 4 proposals
Get to TOP one category of goods on Prom.ua Prom.jua new

Good day ! It is necessary to extract items of one category on the first pages in the catalogues (high their rating). Number of goods: 155 The Child's Theme We are looking for a good specialist who has experience and understands the algorithms of working with the industry. How…

Search engine optimizationLead generation and sales ∙ 4 proposals