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Search engine optimization


ASO game optimization in Google Play

Optimization of the text part of the mobile game page on Google Play is required (optimize the description with keywords) in English for promotion in the USA. The game genre is a casual physics puzzle with arcade elements. Link to the game page…

Search engine optimization ∙ 1 proposal


SEO optimization needs to be done for the website on the Tamaranga platform. SEO has not been configured at all before.

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 3 proposals

Website audit

123 USD

Perform a website audit https://podohealth.pl/ Write a detailed technical task list of all the issues that need to be fixed on all pages. Check the implementation of the technical task list after making changes. The developer can be either yours or mine. Payment for the audit…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 8 proposals

App Search Optimization (ASO) specialist game page design

Congratulations. In search of an ASO specialist to prepare the release of the game on Google Play Market/Apple Store. Puzzle/arcade game, merge buildings. Interested in the plan, as well as the possibility of preparing the page for the first release and further distribution.…

Marketing researchSearch engine optimization ∙ 1 proposal

Help with SEO for the website of an IT company. Ukraine, USA.

We are waiting for an SEO specialist with experience in the IT field. The updated website (recently launched) loza.studio To launch the updated website, we decided to take the following steps: Currently, we have launched a landing page - the main one from which we removed…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 9 proposals

Getting links from specific websites

Looking for a person who can get links in these topics: https://alpha.inkscape.org/vectors/www.inkscapeforum.com/viewtopic45f7-2.html?t=3688 https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10288065/convert-pdf-to-clean-svg https://forum.lightburnsoftware.com/t/convert-pdf-to-svg/80579/4…

Search engine optimization ∙ 1 proposal

Work with Google Maps

Need promotion of a point on Google Maps in Ukraine. Write immediately how you work, what is included in the work, and what will be the cost of the work.

Search engine optimizationSearch engine reputation management ∙ 9 proposals

SEO+SMM promotion

Project - https://wildcore.tools This product is created for internet providers (clients only B2B), for monitoring and diagnostics of network equipment (access level). Created in 2021. Interested in the following: 1. Analysis and correction of errors in SEO on the website 2.…

Search engine optimizationSocial media marketing ∙ 18 proposals

Set up Google Ads

Good day, for our project RunRox.com we need to set up Google search advertising in English-speaking countries, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, keyword selection, and comprehensive support for advertising accounts with further optimization. It is preferable to…

Contextual advertisingSearch engine optimization ∙ 27 proposals

Create and set up a merchant and Google Ads account

74 USD

Need to create and set up a merchant, ads account, Google Analytics, search console. In general, set up everything for trading for the site. Google constantly blocks accounts (Google). Tried to create a merchant and ads, already blocked 3 times for various reasons (deception,…

Contextual advertisingSearch engine optimization ∙ 18 proposals

SEO promotion

Good day, Looking for a contractor for SEO promotion of the website experts-beauty.com The site has been promoted for a year now, so there are almost no technical errors. A detailed audit was just conducted. The main task is to increase the link mass on resources in…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 15 proposals

Promotion of a Telegram channel

Comprehensive promotion of the TG channel, not cheating (top theme). Step-by-step investment based on performance.

Search engine optimizationSocial media marketing ∙ 7 proposals

SEO text for website page

It is necessary to write text for the HoReCa page of our website. We are a company that supplies Chinese tea from farms in China and Taiwan, and we aim to improve the tea culture in establishments in Ukraine. Our clients are already top restaurants and hookah bars in Kyiv, such…

Search engine optimization ∙ 11 proposals