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Project management


Negotiate about 100 interviews

As part of the research, it is necessary to arrange for 100 interviews. The mechanics are as follows: you write to the target audience in Telegram and LinkedIn and propose to take the survey after agreeing, arrange a meeting, and enter the information into the table. Time for…

RecruitmentProject management ∙ 3 proposals

Traffic Arbitrage Creative Director

Hello, We are a thriving performance marketing firm based in Miami, FL and specializing in affiliate marketing/traffic arbitrage. Currently, we are looking for a creative director who will be responsible for ad creation process from start to finish focused on optimizing…

Project managementSocial media advertising ∙ 4 proposals

HR Presentation

64 USD

Good day, I have a budget of 200-250 net, I need a presentation to "interest" a client to whom I would like to reach with an offer of temporary work. The presentation should be about me at the end, so the client can contact me. The presentation should include clients we have…

RecruitmentProject management ∙ 6 proposals

Development of packaging for cosmetic products

121 USD

We are looking for a contractor to develop packaging, labels, and infographics for mostly cosmetic products. The main skills required are communication with subcontracted designers, integrating ideas based on marketing experience. The first test product, possible ongoing work,…

Package designProject management ∙ 35 proposals