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I am looking for an illustrator to draw a character.

Looking for an illustrator to draw a character. One character in a cartoon style. Creativity is welcomed.

Illustrations and drawingsArtwork ∙ 56 proposals

Paint the picture according to the sample.

It is necessary to paint a picture as similar as possible to the sample (created by artificial intelligence), but without the defects present in the sample.

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Portfolio correction

Dear freelance community! Good time of the day. Assistance is needed in improving the portfolio for internship. The first portfolio was returned with comments for correction. These very corrections need to be made: a. either in existing works, b. or by creating new ones.…

ArtworkPhoto processing ∙ 3 proposals

Create the main character of the animation project

Looking for an artist who can create the main character of an animation project (2D) Project: Children's talent development studio Character: It should not be an ordinary dog or cat. But a unique character. Videos that will be created in the future with this character:…

ArtworkIllustrations and drawings ∙ 24 proposals

Drawn character, for a documents website

We plan to create a Landing Page for document processing services. We need a cartoon character, in different variations, for the Landing Page itself and for Google Ads advertising Links: Landing Page concept https://youtu.be/wFA_6AkNSqg?si=uR2NiL97INmOkJjs Where and…

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Motion designer

25 USD

Motion Designer We are looking for a talented motion designer to participate in our project. We already have ready-made images that need to be brought to life through animation, adding sound and music. What we offer: - Interesting project: Unique visual materials waiting for…

ArtworkIllustrations and drawings ∙ 2 proposals

2D animation videos for social media

Looking for a specialist who can create: 1) Animated main character of the project (2D) 2) Animated videos for social media up to 30-60 seconds (2D) Project: Children's studio Character: In the finalization process. Preliminarily a penguin or a dog. Videos to be created with…

ArtworkIllustrations and drawings ∙ 9 proposals

Need to redraw 100 pictures for children while preserving the style

Very high-quality work is needed to process the initial images for children (animals, vegetables, fruits, transport, etc.). Create new images based on existing ones that will be different but in the existing style. Some images for example are in the attached file.

Illustrations and drawingsArtwork ∙ 46 proposals

Creating a comic

49 USD

There is a text quest for children. That is, children follow the link, there is a storyline written in the form of text, and they go through the quest, at some point they need to perform certain actions in order to get the answer to the question, and the opportunity to move…

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