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3D modeling

Project of the design of the closet of the project for the order of the Faith new
27 USD

Welcome, I'm looking for a person who paints a project in the pieces to order the creator of the closet. In the app, I add a photo file with the scrolls I did myself and the photo of the closet. I look forward to your proposals. With respect, Alexander

3D modeling ∙ 5 proposals
Creating 3D illustrations of chairs for catalogue new

Description of the project: You need to develop a series of high-quality 3D illustrations of chairs to include in the catalog of the online store.The chairs must have a design similar to the given image, with a detailed reflection of materials, texture and functional…

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 5 proposals
Make a low poly 3D mini model new

You need a low poly model of a minigane, set on the car’s roof. up to 1500 triangles. Please work with the machine model in the deposit (bull.blend), place the minigan on the platform right there. Texturing is not necessary, it should be painted in flat colors. The minigan will…

3D modeling ∙ 15 proposals
Convert the .max file to .glb (up to 30 MB) new

You need to get from me archives with .max and texts and examples of visualization. Make a .glb file up to 30 MB. A number of models ~40 Models are sofa and bed. There is an example of one archive with .max and texts and an example of visualization and .glb file.

3D modeling ∙ 6 proposals
Logo of Medusa Gorgon new

Hello to you! The brand of candles https://www.instagram.com/_medusa_candles_/ requires the graphic part of the logo in 3D The expression of the Gorgon's face should not be evil) I added the files of what I would like to see at the end.

Logo design3D modeling ∙ 18 proposals
Create a 3D Topor Model by Reference new
14 USD

Good day ! It is necessary to re-develop or enter directions into the 3D top model in .stl format under 3D printing 1) increase the length of the head 2) increase the length of the head and the lesion 3) View the proportions of the model with a reference Change the size of…

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 24 proposals
The 3D photo new
14 USD

You need to draw 3 photos by sketch. Number of 1 photos The subject for the service of the knife cave. A beautiful street in Spain. Where the sign of the question is drawn, you have to imagine a person as if in the middle of the coated iron, only he stands and turns a…

Artwork3D modeling ∙ 8 proposals
3D visualization of the interior by photo new
55 USD

It requires 3D visualization of the shopping room by photo and the addition of new elements. The design of the room globally will not change, the task of visualizing a few new elements in the existing interior, namely the sofa, the wall plate (1 wall).

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 43 proposals
Render 2D in 3D format new

You need a ready 2D pattern in 3D format. The example: In the added file is similar to the reef,just a different form.Colors can be used by themselves.

3D modeling ∙ 28 proposals
RUST - Modeling the object and transfer (proofs) to the field. new

You will need to work with the models (textures) for the game Rust. You will need to order and move (proofs) objects, on the loe full models from the game Rust. For the majority of ideas, the skills of the sculptor Zbruch or something else are required. References are submitted…

3D modeling ∙ 11 proposals
Create and deny a 3D idea for the main page on the site new

You need a 3D and Rendering specialist. You need to take an elevator, maybe a hotel, some kind of. It can be animated in the video on the main page of the site. The ideas are clear yet. You need a profile to create a premium home page.

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 11 proposals
Graphics for the company that produces furniture fronts. Complex new
1268 USD

I am looking for a graphic for the comprehensive service of my small company. Completely graphics to the catalogue, the website, the instagram, the car advertising, the podcast and the YT. In terms of the catalogue, it is of course a subsequent supplementation and development.…

Print design3D modeling ∙ 16 proposals
Making an animation in 3D new

You need to make a simple animation (example download) of the character in 3D. The character only in 2D is to be imagined and animated. The output requires an animated model in the GLB format (there are exporters for each program for the output in this format.

3D modeling ∙ 14 proposals
Create a 3D model of sofa modules and visualize it on a white background new

Good morning, you need to create a 3D model of a modular sofa according to our design and sizes and visualize it on a white background. The general appearance of the divan: Modules that need to be visualized: The Ultimate Module - The corner module - The submarine -…

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 33 proposals
Modeling new

For a medium person you need to make models and graphic sculptures for 3D printing)))))

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 7 proposals