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Corporate style

Designer for the development of gift certificates new

I’m looking for a designer to develop a gift certificate in the field of craft equipment for self-innovation, beer making, autoklaving and cutting. What we have: by brand-book Photographs of equipment What is necessary: Design of a gift certificate for printing The size of…

Business card designCorporate style ∙ 41 proposals
The Designer new

You need to re-create a brochure in a different style to match the theme of our site https://be-beauty.academy/

Illustrations and drawingsCorporate style ∙ 27 proposals
Power Point Presentation in Business Style new

Create a presentation, in the company template. The presentation must include graphics and diagrams, dynamic elements and logos. Excel data is available. Term of execution until 04.12.2023.

InfographicsCorporate style ∙ 20 proposals
Design of logo and firm style new

I am looking for a designer to develop a logo and company style for the store. We are selling windows, doors and blood materials.

Logo designCorporate style ∙ 85 proposals
You need to make the design of the publications in Instagram new

You need to create 3 posts for Instagram. Tattoos - Tattoo I like to add three pictures. Here you have to do something like this, but so to say it is reworked) What is the emphasis here is the elements of the violet that are used for information about the West. Here the…

Social media page designCorporate style ∙ 36 proposals
I need a brand book. new
55 USD

Need a designer to create materials for a psychological method approve colors and logos, create brand elements, account design, advertising patterns

Corporate style ∙ 25 proposals
Design and design of the MDA Distribution website new
650 USD

Design and design of the website of MDA Distribution. The purpose of development: the image of the company. It is necessary to make a design for a multi-page site about the prototype. The B2B segment. MDA Distribution is a trade-production company for furniture and equipment…

Web designCorporate style ∙ 48 proposals
Branding Project for Marketing Agency new
88 USD

Brand: ... (Brand name will be shared as soon as the cooperation starts) Purpose: Marketing for Realtors Product: Landing Pages/Websites for Realtors Target Audience: Real Estate Firms / Real Estate Agents Color Preferences: We are looking for colors that strike a balance…

Corporate styleLogo design ∙ 37 proposals
Logo and brandbook for the bakery new
275 USD

For the brand of family bakery, the design elements are gentle The logo The hanging The brand style (brandbook) The brand is a smooth eco, all natural both by product and the decoration of the bakery. Description of the brand and link to photo by link…

Logo designCorporate style ∙ 90 proposals
Brandbook for a Home Kitchen Restaurant new

Develop a brandbook for a home kitchen restaurant in Poland under the name "Pałac Pierogów", which specializes in cookers and peelmenes.The main color for all designs should be yellow.You need to create a design for the following elements.Logotype: Include the name of the…

Logo designCorporate style ∙ 56 proposals
Branding for the online shop of furniture and decoration new

Required ребрендинг for the online shop of furniture and decoration It must include: Basic and adaptive version of the logo. Avatar for social networks Patterns and graphic elements Prepared materials for printing - Hydeline by firm style Selection of Colors Selection of firm…

Logo designCorporate style ∙ 46 proposals
Booklet Designer (Market Code) new

Good morning, we are looking for a booklet designer to develop the internal document "Market Code". On the other hand, we provide texts (in the edge), photos and wishes as to place the text (charging, breakdown on the pages, etc.). Everything needs to be structured and properly…

Print designCorporate style ∙ 27 proposals
Creating a logo and corporate style new

You need to create a logo and corporate style for the brand’s social network of the Tenzor Rings of Slim. Keywords are handmade, sacred artefacts, spirituality, healing. Detailed TZ will be sent ( CA, requests by color, references) Please add your work.

Logo designCorporate style ∙ 64 proposals
Design of the logo new

Hello, I open an interactive online school for English-speaking children with a unique methodology I'm looking for a person who will do:Logo, brand color and font definition, brand identity, headset for social networks - templates for Instagram in a single style (post 9 pieces,…

Logo designCorporate style ∙ 58 proposals
Concept for an International Project new

Good time for the day! I am looking for a designer with experience and a quality portfolio. It is necessary to make an archive and develop a concept for an international art project. The concept of the project will further include certificates - several types, software, catalog,…

Print designCorporate style ∙ 21 proposals