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Video advertising

Create a video-creative/video presentation software new

You need to create a video-creative/video presentation software I will send candidates in personal messages

Audio and video editingVideo advertising ∙ 13 proposals
3D animation schematic video new

Hello, there is the need to make a video to understand the customer to stick the hole in different foundations ( concrete, wood, gips, stretched steel, wing wood). The duration of the video is 10-15 seconds, possibly more and more, as we agree to realize it.

Video advertising3D modeling ∙ 13 proposals
A few videos for advertising and website new
4000 UAH

Hello, you need to make a few videos (about 10). The work is not as much as it may seem, as the rollers are about from one source, they will simply differ in video size and length.

Audio and video editingVideo advertising ∙ 32 proposals
Create an advertising video for YouTube advertising new

Create an advertising video for advertising on YouTubefor the web store of body furniture The role must correspond to TZ - the link will be given separately Advertising the main advantages 1) Settings in the warehouse 2) Fast delivery in 2 days 3) Without intermediaries 4)…

Video advertising ∙ 23 proposals
I am looking for a advertising manager. new
5000 UAH

You need a guy or girl. To search for advertisers in order to sell advertising integration in: 1) My YouTube Channel of the Business 2) My Business Telegram Channels 3) In my Instagram 4) and paid interview Payment will be made in fact, for each advertisement sold (and also…

Video advertisingSocial media advertising ∙ 2 proposals
Make a showroom for the new first collection of the brand clothes new
10 000 UAH

Hello, showrill for 30-45 seconds. We provide all outcomes: Video (which should be processed) 2nd Moushn (which is already processed) Three Photo (which has already been processed) Text and music are also available. The story is, together with the chosen specialist we will…

Audio and video editingVideo advertising ∙ 14 proposals
Cut the video new

You have to find the brilliant moments from popular games (GTA 5, Fortnite, Genshin Impact, Among Us, Roblox, Sandbox, Minecraft). Make an exciting cut under music from these moments for +-15 minutes each. It is important! You may not use music and fragments that violate…

Audio and video editingVideo advertising ∙ 19 proposals
Creating Video Advertising new

Create a video for advertising.The video length is 45 seconds. Scenario: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13U1imH9zvBPJvG45Szg85-hjb96iaTP6mHZ9vrUyIrY/edit?usp=sharing

Audio and video editingVideo advertising ∙ 24 proposals
Video recall new
200 UAH

You need to record the video review on the finished text, 20-30 seconds. Best Asian appearance or adult women

Video advertising ∙ 3 proposals
Video-Creatives for Advertising Pythagoras Tour new

It is necessary to make video creatives for advertising in the 1080x1080 and 1080x1920 Instagram format. Example of video creation: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13pBq1MSMZnD8zXShPiZe5lvJ3_Hw8umM?usp=sharing We are looking for a video-creator for constant…

Video advertisingVideo processing ∙ 23 proposals
Make 2 product ads for Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads. new
500 UAH

You need to make 2 advertising videos: one 9:16, the second 1:1. Advertising e-commerce product, ideal for you to have already experience in installing such a video. I will drop the source material.

Audio and video editingVideo advertising ∙ 27 proposals
The video new

You need to make a video showing the work of the 3D designer, I will provide the necessary materials - scenarios, texts and screenshots of the designer's work. Role for a couple of minutes. Examples of a similar role: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QDfvEzl6rE Write the price…

Video advertisingVideo processing ∙ 18 proposals
To record, sound and install a video review of children's literature new

Good day You need to make a good presentation video cover of children's literature: record, sound, install. The Women's Voice from 2 minutes Materials are provided I will be grateful if you provide an example of a project that has been completed, please also give a price for…

Video advertisingSpeaker/Voice services ∙ 6 proposals
You need to create a sales video. new

It is necessary to create a sales video with music and text for targeted advertising of the massage center. The aim is to meet new customers with the center. Bonus gifts for the first visit.

Video advertising ∙ 19 proposals
Installing video under ad for Facebook new
2000 UAH

The purpose of the project Unfortunately, for the video assembly category we cannot announce a competition.We want to find a freelancer who will regularly generate content/publications from our content library.We will be grateful if you participate and show what they are able…

Audio and video editingVideo advertising ∙ 15 proposals