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Video advertising

Installation of video. The Video Editor. (Video of 3 minutes) $30 new

Hello to you.Budget $30 per video duration in 3 minutes.The video is needed for tomorrow Monday - evening.Please send examples of your work.My client wants to create a video for his company.It requires a few clear images edited into one cycle and adding several product photos…

Audio and video editingVideo advertising
Video for the collection of the SSU equipment new
68 USD

#2d #animation #advertising #video What scenario should be developed in the course of the contest?Description: We have 4 subjects.Command Point, Operator BPL, Our front position, Front position of the enemy.Use the flag and other identifications for subjects.Focus on radio and…

AnimationVideo advertising ∙ 4 proposals
Installation of YouTube Channel new

Installing a video for YouTube. Working on TV, advertising. Loading -1 video per day 20-40 ha (Ideo Interv)

Audio and video editingVideo advertising ∙ 10 proposals
You need a creative video for advertising new
14 USD

I have a dynamic creative video. I want a couple of other films like I have, the same dynamic and with a similar animation. But whatever the creatives are different and different. Two sizes (Lenta Insta and Storis) square and 9:16 Up to 15-20 dynamic music in the spirit of what…

BannersVideo advertising ∙ 14 proposals
Mouse Designer new
27 USD

You need to make a good video for the targeting industry. The video will be launched in advertising. References are, creativity is welcome. You need to do the maximum in 3-4 days.

Audio and video editingVideo advertising ∙ 22 proposals
The Short Video Project new
1231 USD

I'm looking for companions with free English for the future project. Wished in Dniper. But not necessarily. You need to remove 100 short videos (15-45 seconds) with the product (power bank). We will send the product to you. We are looking for: a) Screenwriters - write 100…

Video advertisingScript writing ∙ 10 proposals
Arbitration of NUTRA new

You need an experienced expert who understands what it is about. It is constantly necessary creatives for the direction of the NUTRA FB. We generally give clear tz and examples (statistics and video) Examples of work are necessary.

BannersVideo advertising ∙ 19 proposals
Create an Advertising Advertising (Fb, Inst) new
27 USD

Create a few videos, with further collaboration Creo for Instagram Advertising, FB Crypto exchange themes, clocks

Video advertising ∙ 13 proposals
Producer Reels new
16 USD

Requirements for a candidate: Experience in video content creation, including Reels, at least 1 year. Ability to understand and analyze the needs and target audience of customers. Knowledge of current trends in the social media sector, including Instagram, Tik stream is able to…

Video advertisingVideo processing ∙ 3 proposals
Install a 30-second video about the house. Animal for good. The Fund new
21 USD

Good day . The TZ: Install a video of volunteers who help homeless domestic animals from the Czech Republic to Ukraine, namely feed, transfer of funds for operations and services of veterinary clinics. Video duration up to 1 minute. The Czech subtitles. Good day, jmenuji se…

Video advertisingVideo processing ∙ 24 proposals
Install 2 to 3 videos for Instagram Ads new
16 USD

I'm looking for who for the hotel can install rolls, at the moment we can make 2-3 rolls Place of Instagram Advertising Photo and video material

Video advertisingVideo processing ∙ 38 proposals
SMM Specialist Assistance new
16 USD

Good day ! You need to help on the Instagram page for the hotel, improve the description, let’s form. Help with the description of the products in Insta. It will be great if you can make a video for the target.

Video advertisingSocial media marketing ∙ 15 proposals
Installation Video new

Good Morning, You need to install a short video (up to 1 minute time) where to combine the elements of a couple of videos, photos, with music and text in some parts. and thank you.

Audio and video editingVideo advertising ∙ 60 proposals
Video for Advertising new
27 USD

You need a video for advertising, up to 40 seconds! A creative approach to creating a video at your discretion! It is also necessary to sound my text, it is possible with the help of artificial intelligence, but so that it sounds like a female voice in the Ukrainian language,…

Video advertisingSpeaker/Voice services ∙ 21 proposals
Content Maker new
410 USD

We are the Ukrainian brand of clothing PASAT. We are looking for a content maker team for riles in Zhytomir. Schedule: 9:00-17:00 (other winter days) Requirements: recording and editing video content with your participation To submit the application fill out the Google form…

Audio and video editingVideo advertising ∙ 2 proposals