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Social media marketing

SMM/Target for Cosmetologist new
200 USD

Everyone is greeted, I am looking for a person who will engage in the introduction of my Instagram page and will also set a targeted advertising.

Social media marketingSocial media advertising ∙ 24 proposals
The social network. Facebook / Instagram, Advertising new
137 USD

You need to create pages in Instagram and FB. Set up and launch advertising to increase sales and generate ice

Social media marketingSocial media advertising ∙ 11 proposals
Need a Targetist new

Good day There are 2 sites devisan.com.ua and crazy-war.com. You need to set targeted advertising from scratch. All possible efficient companies at the moment. The only purpose is sales, calls, etc. More people are not interested. I am looking for a specialist who will be able…

Social media marketingSocial media advertising ∙ 25 proposals
Rental of Spy Service new

I will rent for a couple of hours sleeping service on fb, smoking, native, tizer, google, bingo. We need to analyze the competitor. You give the creed and then change it. I'll look at all options except for free :)

Contextual advertisingSocial media marketing
Starting and running Facebook traffic on ice new
274 USD

Good Morning, there is MVP project: (eng) https://ed-libary.online/ (pl) https://pl.ed-libary.online/ The site understood as a learning platform according to the signature model.Customers sign and get access to all the educational materials at the time corresponding to the…

Social media marketingSocial media advertising ∙ 14 proposals
Marketing - development of tourist telegram-groups in social networks new

We need to develop a telegram project. The tasks: 1 . Develop our group of telegrams by tickets - to walk by different groups in social networks, and leave a mention of our brand + link to log in to the Telegram group Posting links in other telegram groups The 2nd…

Social media marketingSocial media advertising ∙ 5 proposals
The Rotary Club new

Good day ! ) Our project is now in the zero stage. It will be a master's school that works with the mental and psychological issues of people. For the beginning of 3 master will be conducted classes, practices, sessions. First-charged would like to break the stream, as well as…

Social media marketingSocial media advertising ∙ 5 proposals
Movement to Lincoln new
547 USD

A Finnish consulting company is looking for specialists in promoting in LinkedIn. It is important to have a case. Delete them along with the message.

Social media marketingSocial media advertising ∙ 8 proposals
SMM for the Bite Salon new

We are looking for a specialist for the beauty salon. You need to create a strategy, make a strip, install rails and write letters. It is important to be on the work time. If you know other languages than English, please indicate this. Until the work is done, for a month…

Social media marketingSocial media advertising ∙ 24 proposals
Sales of male and female cartridges (replications) on Instagram new

Advertising quality, low click price. Promotion of crossroads (a copy of the brands 1:1) on Instagram

Lead generation and salesSocial media marketing ∙ 14 proposals
I'm looking for a target to the meat delivery company (Kiev and region) new

Now already dozens of targeters have worked with us over the past 2 years, and no one was able to<unk> the desired result (this is $3 or less on order).Everyone takes a 10-15 thousand pre-payment, and they work whatever it will be, justifying themselves with a heavy niche, a…

Social media marketingSocial media advertising ∙ 17 proposals
SMM Women’s Shoes. Day of Day new

Young, almost from zero, inst account https://www.instagram.com/samvit.women/ We are the manufacturer of female shoes. But the shoes don’t have a lot (up to 30). He is looking for a young and ambitious SMM in Dnipro, who will be interesting to make a good case in a portfolio…

Social media marketing ∙ 12 proposals
Search for buyers for goods on Amazon USA new
301 USD

Hello the colleagues! The price is for 300 people. $1 per unit. The budget is unlimited We are looking for performers who will help us find customers for our product on the Amazon platform. Your task is to find and attract people who are ready to buy our product in exchange…

Information gatheringSocial media marketing