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Testing and QA

Solving 2 Matematical Challenges new
200 UAH

There are two mathematician tasks to be resolved urgently. The task number 1: Tanya took the list of a hundred numbers 1,2,3,...,100 and drawn out a few of them. It turned out that no matter what two of the remaining Tanya numbers were taken as a and b, the equation x2+ax+b=0…

Web programmingTesting and QA ∙ 2 proposals
I’m buying your time as a sign of accessibility. new
12 000 UAH

The problem is that there is no practical experience in the lines of pages with poor accessibility ratings. I use AxeDevTools, Lighthouse, but through trials and errors. What I ask: Your time is to go through the real AxeDevTools report (I applied), telling you what for typical…

Web programmingTesting and QA ∙ 2 proposals
Configuration of Docker for self-testing in Python using Selenium new
3000 UAH

All greetings There is a website of site designs. He has written autotests on Python using Selenium. These tests must be carried out automatically without the participation of a person. You need to create a Docker container and install all the necessary modules. Ideally, the…

PythonTesting and QA ∙ 1 proposal
I'm looking for a SQL tester for one-time consultation new
500 UAH

You need a person with the knowledge of SQL requests for several hours to consult and share some tasks. Proposed the options. shortly

DatabasesTesting and QA ∙ 7 proposals