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Testing and QA

Testing code with TSTL or Deepstate new
75 USD

Test code using TSTL or Deepstate with various tests including mutation for a school project. What is TSTL see here.https://github.com/agroce/tstl

Testing and QA
Search for a test provider to test the application. new
14 USD

Hello to everyone, I'm looking for a tester, or a team of tester for the fast test of Android apps. You are required: Establish the application Do the smoke testing. Be in contact within 14 days. The task for the test will take about 30 minutes - 1 hour of time. A…

Testing and QA ∙ 12 proposals
QA testing of mobile applications new

It is necessary this week to perform QA testing of a new mobile app developed on Android.

Testing and QA ∙ 10 proposals
Testing a new website. new
90 USD

Testing a new website. Manual testing of the site Testing the interface. Testing the computer, mobile version. Testing for different errors, yuzability. - Write a Report on all errors and recommendations on the web site and improvements. Check the site in two languages. Tests…

Testing and QA ∙ 2 proposals
The site revalin.com requires a tester. new

The site revalin.com requires a tester. Test the system and the received data. The system is able to analyze the site, keys, backlinks, traffic, competitors and give different values and advice. You need to test different situations, check data and advice, compare with real data…

Testing and QA ∙ 2 proposals
Working with video streams and neuron networks. new
110 USD

Drawing video streams of a particular video and modifying it to the neuron network with the ability to upload your images to iOS and Macos. Complete configuration and training.

PythonTesting and QA ∙ 2 proposals
Testing the web project. new
27 USD

I have a website, you need to do the test project,in with reports and fills of bugs in the jire. It is also possible for the next regression tests, and the test of the gods on a timely basis.

Testing and QA ∙ 13 proposals