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Testing and QA

I'm looking for a SQL tester for one-time consultation new
500 UAH

You need a person with the knowledge of SQL requests for several hours to consult and share some tasks. Proposed the options. shortly

DatabasesTesting and QA ∙ 6 proposals
Apple Pay Sandbox Testing via MacOS new

Good day ! You need advice and help with this question: Can I set a sandbox to test payments through Apple Pay on the website of the MacBook Store? Store area: UK. Testing center: MacOS Monterey, is a fingerprint scanner. Is it possible to organize a sandbox in such a…

Testing and QA
Automatization of pytest in Python new

Create a framework for automated testing of Google Classroom The framework should be implemented on the PyTest platform.Programming language: Python Test results reports (Allure): the possibility of opening the report after the test should be implemented.The report should be…

PythonTesting and QA ∙ 2 proposals
Software: Website and Programs new
5000 UAH

The TZ: 1 . Create a documentation by ARI Details are here: https://petstore.swagger.io/ The 2nd Connect to the database 3 . Set up logging. and 4. Buy and set up: The Jira Bug Tracker Test Rail Payment Test link is free and 5. All of this is on the server.

DatabasesTesting and QA ∙ 1 proposal
Protests on the site new

Good day ! It is necessary to fully test the site (function, nefunction) - HTTPS://brainstormai.net/ Reporting errors in English. Thank you !

Testing and QA ∙ 15 proposals
Audit on UI/UX utility/comfort of the internet store new

The purpose of the audit: find the growth points that will help raise the % of the conversion of the store. Who's going to deal with the task: a person who eats not one dog in the development of sites. It is necessary to do an expert UI/UX jurisprudence audit, and at the exit…

Web designTesting and QA ∙ 17 proposals
Replacement of local network packages (Fiddler and DPI analogues) new

I welcome. Replacement of receiving packages within the local network is required. What is needed: Obtaining modified data in the application on IOS (e.g. you open a private bank, and there instead of 1000 on the balance - 5000) I assume that this can be achieved through…

Computer networkingTesting and QA ∙ 1 proposal
Volunteer Website Testing new

Good day ! There is a website of initiative that provides free psychological assistance to the Ukrainians. The site was done by themselves. We understand that we could miss something and feel a need in a professional view and, if possible, advice: how to make it more convenient,…

Web programmingTesting and QA ∙ 28 proposals