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Looking for hosts from Austin and Dallas

197 USD

My name is Yana, and I am a manager at Startup Valley. Startup Valley is an event organizer for a business audience, including founders, co-founders, entrepreneurs, and investors. We host events in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Madrid, Bali, and…

Video recordingPhotography

I need a videographer for a product review video. Video is 5 minutes long.

12 USD

Need performers, Possibly a videographer or photographer. possibly a couple of people - Shooting Video Reviews of various products. I will provide the text that you can rephrase or add something from yourself. Need a person who will either do it themselves or find people who can…

Customer supportPhotography ∙ 4 proposals

Subject photo shoot cosmetics Kiev

Kyiv. Three units of products (body scrub, lotion, and shower gel) require the following photos - 1) photos for the website, front and back (6 pieces) 2) compositional photos with cosmetic components (leaves, cherries, natural materials). Both separately and as a set.…

Photography ∙ 12 proposals

Product (firewood) photo shoot for website

It is necessary to organize a photo shoot of the product (firewood of various species) for a German website. Juicy and sales-oriented photos are needed. Three product photos for each type of wood. The product needs to be prepared before the photo shoot (varnishing or other…

Industrial designPhotography ∙ 10 proposals

Photo and video shooting in Vyshneve.

10 final frames. Photo of furniture details elements and hardware (minimal processing) Video. 3 best angles for photos in motion (handheld) #1 (panels), #2 (wardrobe), #3 (kitchen). Video without editing. Video on phone shooting process Visualization in attached files.

Video recordingPhotography ∙ 7 proposals