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Photo for M. Ravenna new

Photographing the room with equipment 1- 2 photos. Photographing the building 1 to 2 photos. Make a photo to put on the company’s website. Add the company’s logo (short on the facade of the building) M. Ravenna

Photo processingPhotography ∙ 1 proposal
Subjects of photo session new

Good day It takes a day, a photographer is needed for the subject photo. City of Dnipro Photographing requires military summaries

Photography ∙ 10 proposals
Looking for a photographer-reporter in the city of Bordeaux new

Good morning, we had the opening of the Mafia Club in the city of Brodah. I am looking for a quality photographer-reporter (obligatory condition) for this event) Examples of photo quality attach:…

Photo processingPhotography
Objective photo collection - whiskey pages- for content on Instagram new
1000 UAH

Good morning, you need to separate the product, for the content for the month post +3-4 photos with further cooperation, this cups for canyon, beer, cups thematic, cups for whisky with stones. not in white or black color, we want to get away from it more alive, like here…

Photo processingPhotography ∙ 15 proposals
Model for the brand of tactical clothing new

We are looking for a model, a man, age 20-40 years, a growth of about 185 cm, a sporting set. A series of photographs in the studio and in nature. The city of Kiev! I will be grateful for your portfolio and the price of services. Link to our Instagram…

Social media marketingPhotography ∙ 2 proposals