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Online stores and e-commerce

Completion of Shopify new
1200 UAH

Hello everyone, I need a specialist for now, to make a shop on Shopify, work is not a lot, it concerns the decoration with photos, icons, remove the extra windows and elements

Online stores and e-commerceWebsite development ∙ 2 proposals
Etsy - Promote and maintain a store new

We have a store on Etsy, a group of products - this is the wooden puzzles ordinary and playful. You need a man who will drive and drive a store.

Online stores and e-commerceWebsite maintenance ∙ 1 proposal
Create an online store on WordPress. new

Good day ! There is a site on WordPress time2mobile.com, you need to take from it the contacts pages, Who we are, design on the basis and create an online store of electronic goods.

Online stores and e-commerce ∙ 13 proposals
Tracking conversions to Google Ads for the Tilda site new

You need to set the tracking of conversions in Google ads for the site on Tilda, in Google analytics all conversions are visible and even the e-commerce works with the value of purchases and so on, and even linked to Google tag manager, but how to do whatever conversions…

Online stores and e-commerceContextual advertising ∙ 11 proposals
"Euro moving" site for cargo transportation of home furniture, new
400 USD

Site where the customer will be able to leave its current address, the number of furniture and the new address for the transfer with the desired date, according to the received information to get the price and confirmation from the company

Online stores and e-commerce ∙ 9 proposals
Settings of the store account on Prom.ua new

You need to set the store account on Prom.ua (Thematics: glass for cars) What you need to do: Restore your account Change the price of the goods Get inaccurate goods Offer advertising/market promotion options

Online stores and e-commerceContent management ∙ 13 proposals
The Leading+ Store new
750 EUR

A multi-format store with all kinds of payments plus cryptocurrencies. We will specialize in drinks.

Payment systems integrationOnline stores and e-commerce ∙ 12 proposals
We need to make a store on Prom!We are looking for a person with only experience and cases new
7000 UAH

Our company is engaged in the production and sale of male tactical clothes Now we want to add additional traffic sources, in particular, to make a store on the Prom, you need a person who understands the newspapers of this site) I am looking for a person with experience that…

Online stores and e-commerceWebsite development ∙ 7 proposals
Specialist in ChatGPT new
300 UAH

I have descriptions to the goods, they are uploaded to the exel - http://prntscr.com/MIIIg_fRc187 , they are all here such a plan there - http://prntscr.com/faA59o6JuAXL . They are about 1500 about + - you have to somehow break them with synonyms and so on. Interested who will…

Online stores and e-commerceText editing and proofreading ∙ 9 proposals
Change the URL of the store catalogue to WordPress new

There’s an innet store on cms WordPress. Catalog of products by force https://prodogovory.com.ua/?post_type=product You need to change the power to https://prodogovory.com.ua/dogovori

Online stores and e-commerceCMS installation and configuration ∙ 7 proposals
Create an online furniture store on WordPress new

Creating an online store of furniture on WordPress with different options of payment delivery by the courier and new phone binotel settings of import/export goods (xml from the supplier) several colors of furniture, sets we want to get a modern good efficient store Request to…

Online stores and e-commerce ∙ 13 proposals
Placing a site on the site on the site on the site on hosting new

Good evening . You need to buy and place the site, from hosting prom to hosting com.ua. must be done in the near future. Waiting for proposals

Online stores and e-commerceWebsite development ∙ 9 proposals
A copy of the site on Wordpress and in Ukrainian new

You need to make a copy of the site https://seastorm.no/ p zero that is developed on WordPress. Design, structure, just the same, just need to change the language to Ukrainian

HTML and CSSOnline stores and e-commerce ∙ 19 proposals
Working template OPENCART, removal of errors. new

Make a synchronization of two brilliant shops created on https://market.octemplates.net/templates/ultrastore-adaptivnyj-universalnyj-shablon where everything will be the same, on different domains so that it is possible to synchronize them with goods and content: photo, video,…

Web programmingOnline stores and e-commerce ∙ 6 proposals
Unlocking the Merchant Center new
500 UAH

Hi, I got a block for distorting facts in the merchandise center of Google. All information on the site is available. Return, exchange, delivery, card for payment, online payment, imposed payment and pre-payment. Link to the site: blackwear.com.ua Please help me 😉

Online stores and e-commerce ∙ 3 proposals