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Vector graphics


Method of Project Automation

13 USD

Good afternoon or evening! I'm looking for a specialist who will help automatize the process of creating similar screens from reddit. The photo example is below. You need a script or another way to automatize the following: to be automatically replaced by nicknames, numbers,…

Icons and pixel graphicsVector graphics

Encryption of painting


and greetings. It is necessary to digitize the picture by photo ( attached to the app) to the vector image. The task is not timely.

Illustrations and drawingsVector graphics ∙ 60 proposals

Create templates of creativity for social networks, develop corporate style.

131 USD

Name of the company: Cooking "These Cakes"Company activities: Manufacturing and delivery of Osetine and French Cakes in the city of Kiev (mainly B2S, through the site)Description of categories of products: French Cakes (Kish and Tart), Osetine (sweet and salad), desserts…

Vector graphicsSocial media page design ∙ 13 proposals

Creation of 3D product model


You need to create a 3D 360* model for the smart NOUS module for Amazon. An analogue below…

Vector graphics3D modeling ∙ 21 proposals

Design instructions for example.


Hello to In the picture - an example of what we want to get, in our style Screenshot - Our Information On the other side of the signature - Instruction manual 15x9 cm The design is also attached, which can be equal to Write your price and deadlines.

Vector graphicsPrint design ∙ 58 proposals

3 models for cell phones.


For the patriot brand of the Donetsk Region you need to develop 3 patriot models on boxes for phones in the style as on the photo. But with themes and persons that are related to the Donetsk region. Be careful! Now we have finished the ideas, so we urgently need a fresh look…

Vector graphicsIllustrations and drawings ∙ 21 proposals

Adapting the presentation in Figma


You need to transform the presentations from one form to another. What do I mean? The content of each slide of the presentation should be moved to the right to release the left spot for the speaker camera. I will give you all the materials in Figma. You don’t need to be creative…

Vector graphicsPresentation development ∙ 37 proposals

Vectorization of the Hockey


You need to replace this logo, the font to choose a similar. Some defects can be corrected if they exist.

Vector graphicsLogo design ∙ 84 proposals

Create an image for the main page of the site


The goal: Create an interactive Image Overlay on the main page of the site, which:Demonstrates a photo avatar.Serves as a video overlay.Contents images chatbot and Negotiating tool. Style It may (not reasonably) contain such texts Convert your existing documents into a…

Vector graphics ∙ 7 proposals

Creating a vector image from JPG photography


I have a picture to be converted into a vector image. It’s important that it’s not an automatic tracking, but a carefully revised version created “from zero” to save the details of the original with the addition of artistic style. Requirements for the project: Vector image must…

Vector graphics ∙ 69 proposals

Change of illustration in the booklet


Good day I need to find a designer who will be able to make changes in the already created booklet. It contains various acrobatic elements, in some images you need to correct a part of the picture, some need to re-craw and put in the booklet. We will talk about each picture to…

Vector graphicsIllustrations and drawings ∙ 21 proposals

Cut for Cut


Good day . There is a plate that is attached to the shell cover for the smarfton. There is a scancopy of this plate. It is necessary for scancopy to make a curve in the vector of this plate, so that then on the drawing it could be wrapped on the laser machine of the shape. I…

Vector graphicsPrint design ∙ 28 proposals

Cover for YouTube


Hello to you! It is necessary to cut the coatings for the yutub release in the specified style, I apply as an example of the style, they are different, but in general to be understandable for the violin. More questions in L.C. Write only to those candidates who did something…

Vector graphics ∙ 18 proposals

Vector copy of the model and building


In the deposit scan, curve scan, resolution low A vector copy of two elements is required - buildings and landscapes Format: A4, horizontal orientation Everything needs to be done with the maximum detail. The building should be flat, the lines are parallel, symmetrical, as…

Vector graphicsPrint design ∙ 41 proposals

Creatives for advertising in Instagram social networks


I need to create creatives that will be launched on Instagram, I have examples that like. I think it should be made in Figma. as a rule 1 creative 300 UAH/ paid, but if your work impress us ready and more then surplus please portfolio

Vector graphics ∙ 33 proposals