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Additions for the project, Laravel, React. new
164 USD

The project engine is written on Laravel Framework PHP, the wording is made on React.js I attach the description of the work in a PDF file.

JavaScriptPHP ∙ 2 proposals
You need to connect CRM Kommo to WebFlow. new

You need to connect CRM Kommo to WebFlow. So the SRM is like the AMO, but a European analogue. You need to connect the input applications with all the analysts and etc. I can’t drop access to the site and the site. I can give the charging through remote control on my comp.

PHPWeb programming
Add the PHP code and generate the ID by moving the text to a friend. new
30 USD

You need help with adding PHP identifiers and deleting text, and then adding it to a separate file.The process will be as follows: I will provide you with a PHP file.You will specify the text in the code that should be translated.Usually the text is within the tags: div, p,…

HTML and CSSPHP ∙ 6 proposals
by DOP. Functions for Project on Symfony new

Hello, we are looking for a developer to add new features and upgrades to the already existing for the project on Symfony. The complexity of some functions is quite high (creation of beings, forms, connections between different beings, work with api). The task is not one, we…

PHPWeb programming ∙ 5 proposals
Development and integration of the online store on Bitrix new

We are looking for an experienced developer to create a CMS 1C-Bitrix-based online store with a full range of services: from individual design and prototyping to SEO optimization and connection of payment systems. The project includes integration with 1C, development of…

1CPHP ∙ 2 proposals
Optimize the code so that the game works quickly new

Hello to you. You have a seat online game on the web socket. Located on the server, at the moment the game is strongly braking and works with delay. Need help to find out why the delay occurs. Optimize the code.

PHPGaming applications ∙ 5 proposals
API Conversions on Facebook new
110 USD

1 .Settings API Conversions by documentation: Use Facebook documentation to set API Conversions.Ensure the correct registration and integration of API Conversions.The 2ndBroadcasting 3 events: Configuring the event transmission: Event name "Contact" with the properties of…

PHPWeb programming ∙ 4 proposals
Turn speedtest to the site new
110 USD

There is a site on the wordpress hosted on SiteGround, the growbig plan We would like to add SpeedTest to one of the pages using the open source library type https://librespeed.org/ or other solution. We have a designer and there is a front-end developer who will need to issue…

PHPWeb programming ∙ 5 proposals
You need to climb the page template and press it to the wp. new
20 USD

Welcome to WEB on WP. There is a design (pdf) do not blame plz you need to design this to turn and draw the template on the wp and set it on one page

PHPWeb programming ∙ 25 proposals
Technical optimization on the website opencart by TZ new

You need to make the directions on the TZ (the task is in the Google table) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1p3omvL5qSbWVKGpdIeflRjwKiD6BJtQeEO5g3aF6fic/ If something can be done with the help of modules, we can buy them. Do bets only after getting acquainted with the…

JavaScriptPHP ∙ 7 proposals
Create a copy of the site on OpenCart new

There is a website on the Prom.ua platform - https://quick-shop.com.ua You need to make a copy on the open card system. In the response, give an indicative assessment of cost and time. Details will be clarified with the real execution.

PHPWeb programming ∙ 17 proposals