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WordPress Developer (Part Time) new
499 UAH

Everyone is greeted. You need a WordPress developer for part-time (or periodic work) In terms of prospects: 1 . Writing from zero The 2nd Optimization of load (will be a plus) 3 . Replacement of content (mainly in Elementor or any analogue) and 4. Pressure of the wordpress (ACF,…

JavaScriptPHP ∙ 6 proposals
The Opencard. Options new
200 UAH

Hello to you. There is a task you need to adjust the "Options in categories" module to the journal3 template and a little to correct the styles. The standard template works and /journal3 does not work.

HTML and CSSPHP ∙ 2 proposals
the str. The load. and data downloads between Google spreadsheet and iiko by API new
30 000 UAH

1 .Synchronization of nomenclature, accounts, counterparts, concepts, trading enterprises in iiko with the Google table.All changes occurring in iiko (adding, modifying, deleting, etc.)The operator's command must be reflected in the table.2ndSet the transformation algorithm of…

Product catalogue: WordPress + WooCommerce new
30 000 UAH

There is a WordPress store site with WooCommerce.There are three pages to be re-worked: The Product Page, The Cart, and the checkout.The task: In addition to the standard Product page you need to create two other pages with a step-by-step product configuration (all will be 3…

PHPWeb programming ∙ 3 proposals
Fullstack web developer for several short projects new
123 EUR

We are a small dev team from Belgium. We own 2 SAAS platforms, smstools.com and coupontools.com . We work with PHP, Mysql for older projects and Laravel Vue for newer projects We are looking for a remote fullstack developer to support our team in our timezone (Europe)

PHPWeb programming ∙ 4 proposals
Module of Opencart new
4000 UAH

You need a module on the site opencart. (Additional functional functional function) To implement the functional "add to the order" and "present". You need a functional: the setting to a specific product, and/or category of goods. 1. select "cadeons" according to the product…

PHPWeb programming ∙ 4 proposals
PHP Phalcone new

Project written on the phalcon php framework + attached to MySQL BD The problem is that when searching for any word in the search engine in the table searches very long. It may be necessary to optimize the search system because it happens that it can depend on the bd. The…

PHPDatabases ∙ 5 proposals
Full-Stack Developer (PHP, WordPress, JS) new

Knowledge is required in such tools: PHP 7+ and 8+ Symphony 6 MySQL Docker The Docker-Compose Git by Nginx Wordpress HTML5 and CSS by JS What will be to do: Support the existing REST API Server project Develop landings by design or by example of…

PHP ∙ 2 proposals
Writing a Prelending new

Prelending for the sale of mobile phones and further quests until the moment of purchase at the end of the page of transition to the main site The amount and deadlines

PHPWeb programming ∙ 4 proposals
Calculator for Real Estate Assessment new
500 UAH

A calculator is needed to assess the real estate. You need an accurate copy of the calculator as on the website www/irn/ru/price/ Integration to the WordPress website Wordpress and PHP Skills

PHPWeb programming ∙ 6 proposals
Writing a Picture Generator new

The task is to write a picture generator. There is a background base of the interior and the picture (picture) that you need to place on this background, the pictures can be located vertically or horizontally. The result should be: https://prnt.sc/hSmrXMnbfoKR ,…

PHPPython ∙ 7 proposals
Set the URL display of pages on the WordPress site new

On our WordPress site, it is impossible to display the right URL. For example, there is a page in which the WordPress URL is prescribed mysite.com/defaultBlank.aspx?contentID=11838, but the browser address of the page appears as mysite.com/defaultBlank.aspx?contentID%3D11838. Is…

PHPDatabases ∙ 2 proposals
Web Additional new

Good day to everyone! We are looking for a php programming level at a minimum above middle --- senior. Under the specific task (project) - TZ is. And also, further on long-term cooperation and support of the project, cooperation on a permanent onso, from us load at least 4…

PHPWeb programming ∙ 4 proposals
Creating a new website for open card with a subsequent extension of functionality new

There is a old website https://led.kiev.ua/ and a new website https://new.led.kiev.ua/ which is currently in development. In that function that is already need to enter a few straight (file) It will need to be prepared for new improvements and implementations. Since we have…

PHPWeb programming ∙ 6 proposals
Full stack for yellow news new
74 000 UAH

Welcome to! We are looking for a developer with good knowledge of JS, PHP. You will be able to know Google Ads Script. What will be to do: Reverse sites on the topic of yellow news. You need experience with adblock. $2 to $4 thousand, payments are possible. There is a test task.…

JavaPHP ∙ 3 proposals