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Parking telegram/viber/facebook group new
16 000 UAH

It is necessary to make a multi-track parser of certain telegram/viber/facebook , And also the adminka, in which it will be indicated: Category of Channel The url channel The geo channel with appropriate settings (by frequency of parsing/limit by symbols/content, etc.) - details…

Data parsingAdvertising ∙ 2 proposals
You need an assistant to create a description of the rollers on YouTube and Tictoke new
8000 UAH

I need an assistant to create a description of the rollers on YouTube and Tictoke. Looking for an assistant for 20 days for 6 hours a day 120 hours to help create description and publication The language is not important We use a translator In English, you must…

CopywritingAdvertising ∙ 19 proposals
Recommendations on the Prom Platform new
2000 UAH

It is necessary to increase the number of positive reviews on the prom.ua platform through the purchase of the product. Contact us at 0500143007

Search engine reputation managementAdvertising
Completion of goods positions at the AllBiz trading site,Metaloprakta new

I need a person who understands AllBiz. Needed to: 1 ) Distribution of goods by groups 2 ) Edit the name and description of current positions and 3) Remove unnecessary positions 4 ) To fill out missing positions by example of the sites I provide 5 ) Reduce the factors that…

Content managementAdvertising ∙ 6 proposals
Manual adding the goods to the prom. The UVA new
350 UAH

You need a person to add the product to the marketplace Prom. Requirements for the candidate: Copying and processing text, photo. Fill out characteristics and writing search queries. The minimum number of cards you need to create in a day 4 units maximum 7-8. There are no time…

Content managementAdvertising ∙ 50 proposals
Copywriter with experience in traffic arbitration new
500 UAH

Hello everyone, you need a copywriter who has already worked with arbitraries and gray offers type nuts / weight loss etc. English / Peruvian / Spanish / Italian. Anti-spam - 43384858

CopywritingAdvertising ∙ 7 proposals
Publication on OLX on multiple accounts new
1000 UAH

Good day !We publish ads on OLH, and we have 20 accounts.We need a person for constant cooperation (not a whole day) who will manage our accounts.The task-publishing of 45-50 accounts in all cities.We issue an account.We give the body number to indicate in the announcement.Give…

Content managementAdvertising ∙ 7 proposals
60 commodity positions on prom.ua (mobile accessories) new
1500 UAH

The main product group: Apple Mobile Accessories. You need to have basic knowledge of the cables and Apple charging devices. The cost: 25 UAH for a good position from zero under the key. 100% unique text is not required. But the rest of the available functional must be used at…

AdvertisingRewriting ∙ 2 proposals
30 Products on Prom new
950 UAH

The main group of goods: thermobylic, clothes combined. Price: 30 UAH - for the cargo position from zero under the key. 100% unique text is not required. But the rest of the available functional must be used at 100% (except SEO): keywords in the name, all available symbols, 3…

AdvertisingRewriting ∙ 3 proposals
I need a Pierre manager. new

We need a pear manager for our personal brand and company who knows the media. You will need to find 10 thematic portals for articles and 3-5 channels for coordinating the interview. It is preferably not commercial, especially at the request of the media. Write experts to…

AdvertisingArticle writing ∙ 2 proposals
Selection of tags new

You need to select the tags for the goods on the JUM , goods 136, but many of them are repeated and you also need to write readable and click-by name of the goods

Search engine optimizationAdvertising ∙ 5 proposals