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Sending and posting messages with referral links

Task: place a maximum of messages, texts with a referral link from Uber on social networks, in particular: Facebook (Channels, chats, personal messages) Forums and various thematic platforms There may be thematic Telegram channels. Location - USA, primarily California,…

Advertising ∙ 2 proposals

Specialist in managing a store on Prom.ua

We need an expert in Prom We are looking for a professional who can: Upload cards of our products to Prom.ua Set up our store on the Prom.ua platform Launch and optimize advertising campaigns on Prom.ua Maintain and update product information Our store on Prom:…

Online stores and e-commerceAdvertising ∙ 5 proposals

Work with online platforms

A person is needed who can help gather information on the internet. Collection and a little analysis. The work is not difficult, there will be a video instruction on how to do everything. You can start right away. For all questions, write.

Article writingAdvertising ∙ 16 proposals

Filling products on prom.ua

Currently, about 50 products need to be added to prom. Product categories: batteries, inverters, generators, and other equipment in the field of power supply. It would be great if you are familiar with this area and have an understanding of the characteristics of these products,…

Content managementAdvertising ∙ 33 proposals

Promotion on OLX

Need to create 200-300 expert ads. Donor site https://mebel-shop.in.ua/ Creating ads: Writing attractive headlines and detailed descriptions of products or services. Selecting and editing quality photos for ads. Optimizing keywords to improve ad visibility in search results.…

Online stores and e-commerceAdvertising ∙ 4 proposals

Promotion of the website, through advertisements

It is necessary to publish 2 ads on the site. The content of the ad must be unique and positive in nature. The language of the ad is English. The volume of the ad is 100 characters each. Payment only after moderation and publication. Ads from different people. The site regularly…

Content managementAdvertising ∙ 2 proposals

It is necessary to post a resume on thematic websites and bulletin boards in the USA.

The task is to place our resume for job search in the city of Sacramento (California) on thematic websites, bulletin boards, social networks, forums, etc. Maximum distribution. Only the American market, specifically the city of Sacramento. I will consider your proposals and…

Advertising ∙ 4 proposals

Posting a product on Grailed

362 USD

Dear freelancers, the essence of the work is that you need to upload 10,000 listings to my Grailed account. According to my estimates, this will take approximately 2 weeks if you spend 8 hours a day on it. I will explain the full instructions on how to do this quickly in private…

EnglishAdvertising ∙ 2 proposals