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Website SEO audit

SEO brand clothes Shopify new
1000 UAH

Good morning, we have an agent. We are engaged in context and targeting for customers from the US. One of the customers has their brand clothes on Shopify We need to make a basic technical optimization, metatags normal to form, bring the site in order. Please write What is the…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 6 proposals
Basic SEO Optimization on WordPress new

On the website installed the plugin Yoast SEO https://motor-tech.com.ua You need SEO optimization. 404 pages. 301 by Reddit Map of the site Set the correct index. Analyze the site and can make its corrections. We are looking for a specialist for continuous cooperation.

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 7 proposals
SEO website for Ukraine new

We are looking for a person who will help to set a SEO site and promote a site in Ukraine website https://kidsecurity.org/ua/

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 16 proposals
SEO for the site new

All greetings For the site of the car rental aggregator in Cyprus, we are looking for a SEO specialist in the team. The site is written from scratch. The project was initially launched in Cyprus. The simplest thing a specialist should know: Structure of the site New…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 27 proposals
Technical SEO website audit new

Good day , Topic: Hotel booking website Markets: USA, EU, Australia, South Africa, Singapore (English-speaking countries). It is necessary to make a complete technical audit of the site (sitemap, meta, index, schema.org, website speed, robot.txt, mobile optimization,…

Website SEO audit ∙ 21 proposals
I'm looking for SEO new

Welcome to! I am looking for an explanatory, thinking SEO specialist interested in long-term cooperation. At this point, a new IM will be developed (now sales go from Prom'a), for it it is necessary to perform a number of work: Collect the semantic core. Search requests :…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 35 proposals
Create a semantic core on request and sort the available new

Good day . High frequency keys are needed to write articles on the subject of the citizenship of the SSH, Canada and the UK. Choose up to 30 positions for each country with a frequency indication. I attach the example below. There is also finished semantics, it needs to be…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 13 proposals
Audit and SEO Promotion new

Subject: Medicines Market : USA Task: Give recommendations on improving the site’s work and its efficiency from the point of view of working on the U.S. market. Really interested in cooperation I will send a link to the site in personal messages. Show your experience in the…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 35 proposals
Comprehensive SEO movement of the cryptocurrency exchange site aggregator new
40 000 UAH

We are looking for a team of SEO specialists. Our project is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator. We are now at the beginning of the development of the site, that is, a new project. You need a competent, strong special, desirable with the presence of cases in the topic of…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 23 proposals
Promotion of the site - Metal new

Hello to everyone! You need SEO for the site of the metal project https://yugstal-kp.com/, the region of Ukraine. The new site has not advanced before. I count on the work under the key. The Russian version of the site will be ready within a week. You need structure, semantics,…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 37 proposals
You need to look at the site and give advice before indexing it. new

The site sizprom.com is in the phase of filling and upgrading, you need to look at and give advice before starting the indexation. The target tag titles and discryptions I can prescribe myself. The budget is limited. There are contact numbers on the site, these are my numbers.…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 17 proposals
SEO Audit and SEO Strategy Development new

Welcome to We recently launched the website development for the Saas product https://osvitalab.com. I am glad to see the website. All the other important for you details I hope in person. I’m not sure what list of services we need, but I know what we want to get. - SEO…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 28 proposals
SEO site on the industrial market in Spain new
6000 UAH

The development stage is on the website of the company manufacturer of plastic windows in Spain. It is necessary to give wishes on structure, content, requests, select keywords, and after launch (the end of October) to engage directly in promotion. Experience in bringing…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 19 proposals
Local SEO and Organic SEO new

Hello to you.I’m creating “landings” for customers on a permanent basis (the wordpress redesign service), but customers are interested in SEO.I am looking for an expert who understands SEO for 'local' business in the states, for regular work on a permanent basis.You are promised…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 13 proposals
Purchase of links (status promotion) of the website for the German market new

I am looking for a specialist for posting articles (links) on foreign resources .com, .at. For the new shop, the shop. Domain new, website optimized The target audience of the Germans (Austria, Germany). Planning 7-10 articles per month. Write a budget for links (articles)…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 7 proposals