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Website SEO audit

Increase the speed of the site new
274 USD

Proposed to review a strategy to increase the speed of pages of the site https://koleo.com.ua/. Implement the proposed actions. This site is created on WordPress. I’m going to look at it without water.

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 6 proposals
SEO Specialist for Medical Theme Website new
164 USD

We are looking for a SEO specialist for a medical project. History is famous, nothing on the site is not sold and not advertised, just information about a certain type of disease is written by specialists in the field. The site currently has approximately 10 pages + ~50…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 13 proposals
News site to go to Google Adsense new

You need to create a site from scratch to go through Google Adsence moderators. We want you to have experience in successful Google Adsence moderatorship.

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 5 proposals
Competitor keyboards report using Serpstat new
21 USD

Good day, you need a report on the keyboards on the SEO and the context on the competitors of the site. There is a main site and 4 competitors - the rest will be suggested by Serpstat. Form and upload a report with keywords on the SEO and the competitor context.

Website SEO auditContextual advertising ∙ 5 proposals
Promotion of the website of the copywriters/translators agency new
27 USD

Data: on the site is posted the basic information about the company, the list of services, there are cases, blog, regularities. The site is localized in 3 languages (Ukr., English, Russian.) Target: 5-6 leads per month. Main CA: B2B companies, SEO agencies, marketing agencies,…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 12 proposals
You need a SEO specialist for a project. new

The website is an English-language blog for households, the whole niche is white. It is monetized through organic traffic from Google and social networks. Recently, the positions have gone, you have to understand what the general problem is and then make a plan and take the…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 18 proposals
SEO optimization and promotion of site new

The site - skladtkanyn.com - Wholesale trade with rubber tissues. We are in Odeas and work throughout Ukraine. Needed to: - To conduct SEO audits of the site (errors, duplicates, headlines h1-h6, metatags, indexation, etc.) Create a robots.txt file. XML maps The main…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 34 proposals
I need a SEO specialist. new

A SEO specialist for automotive themes is needed to optimize sites under a group of keywords, make a content plan for articles and get feedback.

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 27 proposals
Site of the individual new
55 USD

The theme of the horoscope. Optimized under SEO indexation. ( tags title, meta, keywords, description, h1-h5) For example, article about the Horoscope of the Sheep for 2024 The article begins. is broken. There is a button to press further. and clickable. It goes to a full…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 6 proposals
SEO for the US market new

HTTPS://www.yny.agency/ - it is necessary to make page optimization for local promotion Open to any suggestions and recommendations on modification/re-design. Google Adwords is a plus.

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 21 proposals
It is necessary to create a semantic core(Scribe Title, description, h1) new
27 USD

Good day . It is necessary to create a properly formed semantic core for the future site. Write the title, description, h1 correctly for the site pages. (for both static pages: Main, Delivery and Payment, Contact, etc., and for the Products Categories pages). All data must be…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 17 proposals
You need a SEO website. new

Good day I am looking for a specialist in SEO advancement for the site of the manufacturer of packaging products. Write the case and the cost.

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 37 proposals
SEO site for good luck new

Making SEO optimization of a store created on Good Hope, also if you are working on improvements - will be a plus

Website SEO auditWeb programming ∙ 23 proposals
SEO website new

You need to make SEO optimization of a small site (up to 10 pages) on the WordPress, you need to evaluate the situation and solutions options

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 37 proposals
SEO Promotion new

You need a SEO specialist for the promotion of the site samei.com.ua Preparation of text / categories descriptions, purchase of references. Plan of work and intermediate assessment of the results is necessary

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 45 proposals