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Design of furniture for children's room under Voyage new
138 USD

Good day !It is necessary to develop a project under Wire and the minimum documentation (a list of details, furniture and drawing where the details are used, the example I can show) for furniture in the children's room.The TZ: The Materials:…

Drawings and diagramsDesigning ∙ 1 proposal
Make 3D modeling for the metal construction of a mobile home. new
276 USD

It is necessary to make a virtual 3D model of metal construction for a mobile home with a variable area. The second phase is the interior and exterior of the mobile home.

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 10 proposals
Ventilation project for the Computer Club 134 m2 new
193 USD

It is necessary to make a ventilation project for a computer club of 134 m2. Ventilation should be 50 m3/h per person. We will have a full load of about 40 people.

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 7 proposals
Documentation on the body furniture in the "Basis-Furniture" new
100 USD

Services are required for the development of the design documentation on the body furniture.in the program "Basis-Furniture". You need:- accurate model in the "Basic Furniture" program- general look in 3D- collection drawings- complete detail- maps opened in Basic Furniture-…

DesigningDrawings and diagrams ∙ 2 proposals
Full building 170m2 new

You need an engineer or a group of engineers to develop a project of a house of 170m2. It has all the engineer. Skyscanner in Presence.

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 14 proposals
The Kitchen new

You need a design of the kitchen with detail, with the creation of the opening, with all the places of the cracks, holes under the fixation, etc. For further order at Viara. The size of the kitchen is shown on the photo. Now there is an example vision with pictures. What about…

Drawings and diagramsDesigning ∙ 3 proposals
Development of KD for the manufacturing of tourist carriage new

Good day It is necessary to develop drawings for a tourist wagon to carry various goods to difficult-to-access places on the example of the finished product. HTTPS://www.thesuperboo.com/portable-hawk-crawler-multi-use-cart/#google_vignette It is necessary to provide drawings in…

DesigningDrawings and diagrams ∙ 5 proposals
Design of Tencent Construction new
276 USD

You need a professional engineer designer who is capable of developing a frame-tent structure. Several variations of different areas. We will build together. I have an idea and a general idea of what I need.

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 3 proposals
Modular House Working Project new

Good day . TZ 1 . You need to make a modular house design according to the sketch. The 2nd Calculate the amount of materials that will be required for the design according to the size (width 2500, length 6000) Small modular house for two persons In the middle of a mini…

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 2 proposals
Make a rubber on a metal structure (cover). new

Make a basket on the metal structure (cover) input data - the amount of metal, the amount of welding shots and the photo of the finished structure will be provided.

DesigningDrawings and diagrams ∙ 5 proposals
Project of housing complex premium class in Kiev region new
276 USD

On the given area of about 10-20 hectares is planned the construction of 10-15 houses of club type, commercial and social infrastructure, a total area of up to 60 thousand square meters. We’ve already worked on this project before and we have some materials on it, but now we…

Architectural designDesigning ∙ 17 proposals
Planning for the construction of the garage 500 UAH new
14 USD

It is necessary to complete the scheme of plans to build a garage with a view hole to obtain a building passport.

Drawings and diagramsDesigning ∙ 13 proposals
Creation of technical maps for the manufacturing of furniture ( bed) new

Necessary designers to create technical tasks for the production of children's beds Details and landing As a weekend material, only photos are provided Detailed discussions

Designing ∙ 3 proposals
Design of detail from metal new
276 USD

You need an executor for the periodic design and development of metal pieces for further production on a variety of equipment

Drawings and diagramsDesigning ∙ 20 proposals
Design of cystems and aluminum profiles of the ventilated facade new

It is necessary to make the design of cystems and aluminum profiles to produce the ventilated facade from aluminum composite panels. For example

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 3 proposals