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The skyscraper project new

It is necessary to create a sketch project on the basis of a ready sketch for production and administrative premises within the air anchor. On the sketch in the insert, the design zone is limited to a red rectangle. Questions will be answered during proposals and discussions.…

Architectural designDesigning ∙ 14 proposals
Analyze the maximum corner of the inclination of the coat with the house. new

It is necessary to analyze the maximum corner of the inclination of the stick with the house on the dangerous part of the road.The size of the house: 2.55m width; 4m height; 6m length.The house mass: 3 t.The stick mass: 580 kg.The whole stick VGB 18-MV

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 1 proposal
Translation of drawings into dwg format new

It is necessary to transfer drawings from pdf to dwg in any convenient ways, with a minimum number of rectangles in the layout for example. The drawings are a work set of iron concrete structures, already built in the building. Volume of initial drawings 4 projects by 40-45…

DesigningDrawings and diagrams ∙ 29 proposals
Development of kitchen furniture new
200 UAH

For furniture manufacturing, a designer/constructor is required to create models of products and technical documentation (distant robot). Compulsory experience with manufacturing technicians. It is necessary to create a furniture line for the furniture factory producing serial…

Designing ∙ 5 proposals
Design of a micro pool new
10 000 UAH

It is necessary to design a micro-basein, size 2.3x2.3m, depth 0.5m, should be closed with sandwich panels, the overall size of the structure 2500mm X 2500mm X 2000mm, thickness 100-150mm, with the door for entrance. There should be a system of filtration, heating, water alloy.…

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 7 proposals
Visualization of the Summer Square new
250 UAH

You need to visualize the summer square next to the cafeteria. There are two types of metal and wood.

Landscape designDesigning ∙ 8 proposals
Design and Visualization new

It requires periodic assistance with the final visualization of the projects. The project-box of wooden houses 50-100 m2 (walls with tracks and stripes) I create myself in the k3-cottage program and I can export it into the *.dfx Autocode format for your further improvement,…

Designing3D modeling ∙ 25 proposals
Design project for renovation of the apartment in the new building new

A design project is needed to repair the apartment in a new building with re-planning. The apartment is located in the city of Kiev. Apartment one-room, re-planning into a two-room with a passing kitchen. Planning and desired re-planning will be added to the files. The apartment…

Interior designDesigning ∙ 46 proposals
Check the stairs. new

Everyone is greeted. It is necessary to determine to check the slope of the stairs and, if necessary, to work by adding hardness. There is a file with a finished staircase in SOLIDWORKS

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 5 proposals
The UAV drone plane new
1000 UAH

You need to draw from the 3D model(Stl) format by this model in pdf format, the project is prepared for the ZSU, I leave a link to the 3D model HTTPS://grabcad.com/library/x-uav-clouds-vtol-retrofit-1

DesigningDrawings and diagrams ∙ 8 proposals
Design of wooden houses from brush new

Welcome to. We are looking for a projectant with experience in projecting and visualizing brush houses. Please drop your work and indicate the cost of the work. and thank you.

Architectural designDesigning ∙ 14 proposals
Developer for Comsol Multiphysics/Ultrasonic Vibration new

It is necessary to count/simulate the geometry of surface waves on a metal plate with a attached Langeven pioneer.

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 1 proposal