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Photo processing

Quality of the face new

Hello to you! There is a photo that should be printed on a hole size 120x80 cm. To do this, you need to prepare the faces of people well/quality, make a retouch of the faces. I put 2 photos. Original and photo without light noise.

Photo processing ∙ 10 proposals
Template of edited PSD file new

It is necessary to make a template of the edited PSD file with 5 variables. Text that changes in the template in different locations and different fonts. I will show an example during the project.

Interface designPhoto processing ∙ 33 proposals
Generate using the image (photo) new

It needs to be generated with the help of 30 realist photos with a window image with a frame. These are the options, mostly all windows with a view from the street: - wooden multi-section: square sections, rectangular sections - Vintage medium-section: square sections,…

Photo processing ∙ 9 proposals
Photo on the window maneuver new
55 USD

You need to take a photo of a woman’s clothes on an open maneken (a clothes without a network, transparent elements, etc.). K-t unit +_ 15 pieces (which depends on the value per unit) Recording + Recording. Wish, but not in principle.

Photo processingPhotography ∙ 12 proposals
Designer for the creation of goods cards (photo banner processing) new
14 USD

Look for a designer who can beautifully make content for product cards on the market plays.I give an example of good content for the product card, in this format you need to do at the moment about 10 goods.Offers with the cost of service for 10 goods (for each product at least…

BannersPhoto processing ∙ 55 proposals
II to change 4th face to photo new
24 USD

Now there are apps that search for a person on the network by 4th face. They are not just looking for a specific photo, but a person on different photos on the internet. It requires protection from these applications, and more precisely a neuron network, which slightly changes…

Machine learningPhoto processing ∙ 3 proposals
Photographs of people generated by AI new

It is necessary a person who has the skills to improve images, making them more realistic, correcting details of the face, ends and other parts of the body, removing or hiding various artefacts. There is a link with three photos, a specialist is needed, who of these realistic…

Illustrations and drawingsPhoto processing ∙ 10 proposals
Photo processing in the photoshop service new
14 USD

Processing images in photoshop. The necessary elements are placed on the right background. Make it as harmonious as possible.

Photo processingIndustrial design ∙ 26 proposals
Drawing the stickers new
20 USD

It is necessary to draw a photo. by my size. on a permanent basis Description must be not less than 100 characters (minimum 100 characters)

Photo processing ∙ 18 proposals
Photoshop gradient on the photo. new
110 USD

Good day . You need to take the following actions in the photoshop for 1200 photos - Cut the background (all on a white background, simply remove the white background with a magical tape) Make a radial gradient. to preserve Setting according to the instructions on FTP 6-8…

Photo processing ∙ 32 proposals
Drawing a piece of product on video new
50 USD

It is necessary to make a reflection during video screening on the fragment of the damage of the object. Only high quality. Payment is decent

Audio and video editingPhoto processing ∙ 6 proposals
Who understands in video and photo diffusions new
21 USD

Repeat the task. You need to make a high-quality deepfake on photos and short video. Whoever is in the profiles can help. Contractual Price

Audio and video editingPhoto processing ∙ 6 proposals
Video installation/photo correction new

The company provides photos and video services on weddings, birthdays, as well as various events such as conferences and festival shows. We are looking for a video monter for short rolls- as riles, as well as photo correctors (portrait specifications and reporting capture).…

Video processingPhoto processing ∙ 18 proposals
Processing of photos in photoshop new

We are looking for a specialist to process photos with a photoshop or other convenient tool. On the background we provide, we need to organically insert some elements of the type of machines, people, animals (we also provide them).

Photo processingIndustrial design ∙ 32 proposals
Create creative for fb+inst advertising (Bayer clothing) new
14 USD

You need to create 4-5 creatives for the advertising of the Bayer page in the istagram. Clothes and accessories of famous brands. Creatives should not have logos and other information that may complicate advertising moderation. We are looking for a person with experience working…

BannersPhoto processing ∙ 36 proposals