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Photo processing


Processing photos for a monument


Processing defects and noise in photos Straighten shoulders Mirror reflection Straighten eyes and face Change background

Photo processing ∙ 7 proposals

I need a designer for photo editing and adding text, changes

12 USD

Changes in style, presentation, background, and other tasks related to the project are possible for example Seminar there are photos with people. need to work on it, add a caption, choose a background or overlay something, and so on, work with photos and corrections, and so…

Vector graphicsPhoto processing ∙ 8 proposals

Translate and rewrite the inscriptions in the photo into Ukrainian.


Congratulations, there are ready photos with descriptions in English, need to Translate and re-sign Ukrainian inscriptions on photos (4 photos)

Photo processing ∙ 28 proposals



Preview for a video on YouTube I provide materials from which you need to select a still frame and create a cover In the style of the channel, like the previous ones

Photo processing ∙ 10 proposals

Create a design for a presentation

72 USD

Project Presentation: Creating a creative presentation design using brand style on the website(https://orbisgroup.ca/) Adding animations and interactive elements.

Photo processingVector graphics ∙ 13 proposals

Photo of clothing for an online store

Photo + short video for the website With your model More details in private! If you are in Poland, then I consider first

Photo processingPhotography ∙ 9 proposals

Photo editing

We are looking for a person for permanent cooperation. We need a person who has artistic taste and knows how to process photos well: - improve colors and make them sharper, retouch photos - remove trash and unnecessary items, crop - replace faces, body parts, change the pose of…

Outdoor advertisingPhoto processing ∙ 7 proposals

Experienced Photoshop professional

50 USD

Need a person for a small Photoshop project. Need to edit photos. Experience in Photoshop. Need a person for a small Photoshop project. Need to edit photos. Experience in Photoshop. Need a person for a small Photoshop project. Need to edit photos. Experience in Photoshop.

Photo processing ∙ 40 proposals

Creating product photos and graphic design for promotional materials

Creating high-quality product photos and promotional materials in graphic design, similar to the provided example, for use in online stores, social media, and advertising campaigns.

Photo processing ∙ 24 proposals

Replace the material (texture) of the container in Photoshop.

There is a photo of a metal container. There is a photo of the desired result. Need to select a texture template and replace it with photos to make the container look like the desired result. If necessary, improve to have a nice appearance. We try on one photo, if the result…

Photo processing ∙ 29 proposals

3D motion designer, editor

Need a video editor and designer in one person, for stream templates on YouTube, Twitch, etc. need to make cuts from live broadcasts

Interface designPhoto processing ∙ 3 proposals

Paint the picture according to the sample.

It is necessary to paint a picture as similar as possible to the sample (created by artificial intelligence), but without the defects present in the sample.

ArtworkPhoto processing ∙ 15 proposals