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Video processing

Create OUTRO video to add to social media videos new

Everyone needs to make a roll in the mouse - 5-10 seconds with the addition of the logo It can be 3D, but not necessarily. Stylism - Space, Future or Circuit Board reference to the appendix, The price is ready to be discussed - the most important thing is to do it quickly

Video advertisingVideo processing ∙ 15 proposals
Video assembly new

Hello to everyone!We are looking for a video monter for incomplete but regular employment.What to do: - Installation and video processing within the framework of the project (we work in the Adult vertical); - Installation and color correction of rolls for 5-10 minutes; Work with…

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 20 proposals
Required person for primary tasks in Adobe Premier Pro new
14 USD

Student’s homework. Everything is as simple as possible, the task is mainly on the study of the interface. Work for your time maximum. Add files to personal messages. Off your price for performance.

Video advertisingVideo processing ∙ 7 proposals
Install 10 videos for 15 seconds by example for riles new
33 USD

Install 10 videos for 15 seconds, for example for riles. We work so, I give you examples and then discuss work, you may advise how to do better at some point on the video. Take the examples of the video immediately. The price and cost of the work are discussed.

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 36 proposals
Video of the drone new
82 USD

Hello to you! There is approximately 60 GB/1.5 hours of video recorded on a drone (Mavic 3 Classic, 4k 60fps). You need to make a 5-minute video. Deadline for 2-3 days. Keep your job similar. I will explain more in detail the project to the executive.

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 18 proposals
Technical support for webinars new

Settings of broadcasting and technical support of webinars through OBS Studio. Periodicity – several times a month

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 3 proposals
Creating Creativity for Study Printing in Instagram and Tict new

Congratulations dear freelancers. We are looking for a person to create creatives for our page. We are engaged in printing and creating printing on shorts and shorts. We are constantly looking for a person who will create content from our products. The form of work is the…

Video advertisingVideo processing ∙ 19 proposals
Promotion on YouTube for Rayton new
27 USD

The solar power plant company for business is looking for a Youtube marketer who will download video videos on YouTube with the right optimization and launch advertising companies on the video. The goal is the increase of subscribers and coverings/revisions. Distant work. 1 to 2…

Video processingSocial media marketing ∙ 5 proposals
Video processing new

Welcome, you need to process and compile the video from the conference. Here are the materials - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1__V2jETODPUJIF5MFcGvRQ6QsSn87sby Write a question, please, what do we need to do this task?

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 24 proposals
Create Mouse Video for 1 Minute new
55 USD

For the site https://body-corporation.com/ you need to create a few mouse videos with the explanation and description of the platform and the chelange

AnimationVideo processing ∙ 21 proposals
Updated video/montage new
164 USD

TZ on video You need to update/modernize the video in accordance with the corrections in the Google document. We only use FOP/TOW. I'm waiting for a proposal with a recorded basket for the installation/installation of sound etc. The budget is close, I'm waiting for your…

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 6 proposals
Installing a film new
315 USD

Good day . There are 5 hours of 4K family video oriented, taken from 2 gopro + 1 small gopro. And there are more pictures 400. You need to make all of this and set up a movie, oriented, like a wedding. The file must be 4K. All details are private.

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 32 proposals
Video review of new product new

You need to process the video on the brandbook: add the logo nearby, the logo to write the phio who promotes the name of the product to clean the sound at the end on the white background add the logo

MusicVideo processing ∙ 12 proposals