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Writing a bot for telegram new

The bot consists of the information part (text, buttons, photos) and the personal diary of the bot participant. For a short story of the journal, this is the following: 1 . Make a record in the journal. 2nd Change the already existing record. Three Download a full diary. 4 .…

PythonBot development ∙ 17 proposals
Create a bot telegram on the smartsender (API) new

The information is already made on the sand. You need a specialist who will write the personal journal of the BOT participant. This will be done through an external request. If short, this is the way: 1 . Make a record in the journal. 2nd Change the already existing record.…

PythonBot development ∙ 3 proposals
Treatment of error from the new mail new
14 USD

Hello everyone, you need to fix the ContactRecipient error. If a person has not previously received messages from np, then it is necessary to create himself. Work for a maximum of 2 hours. Project written in Python

PythonBot development ∙ 4 proposals
Automated tool for extraction and real estate data new

Requirements : - Data sources: the tool should be able to obtain data from Zillow and LoopNet.- Users must be able to indicate search criteria, including property type (commercial or housing) and geographical location.Search for the address: - Implement the search engine for the…

DatabasesPython ∙ 3 proposals
Chat bots on Python new

Congratulations to everyone You need a chatbot on a paton for a telegram. The primary task of the bot is to form the buyer’s basket from the catalogue of goods. The Funt: Authorization of the user Catalogue of goods according to contract Card of goods Search for goods…

PythonBot development ∙ 16 proposals
Devops are familiar with Python Django. new

We have a project on it has a regular rest app, and there are web sockets, before all requests went on the IP and http protocol, now we have connected the domain and https protocol through cloudflare, After that, the uploaded images are stored in the base via localhost - you…

DevOpsPython ∙ 2 proposals
Plugin for Blender new
76 USD

You need to write a plugin for the Blender program. Dano: 3D model ring, divided into parts: central stone, side stones, tyres, cast, hall, etc. It is necessary to automatize the selection of the parts of the ring and from the sample to name them according to our requirements.…

PythonApplication programming ∙ 1 proposal
Simple program to recognize symbols from the picture new

Good time of day. You need a simple self-writing program, on the teseract libraries, to recognize Ukrainian, Russian and English symbols inside the picture. Important is! The program will work with different photographs, including with the photos of the monitor, the symbols…

PythonApplication programming ∙ 6 proposals
Reddit Parser (I'm looking for a Python mentor) new
27 USD

Good day I study Pete. You need help with the development of a parser for the redit. I need to make a parser, to explain how the code works, so that I could then add it (mentoring). It is possible to make a separate site or telegram bot where the parser on request will issue…

PythonData parsing ∙ 7 proposals
Write a bot to start accounts on TikTok new

Write a bot to start accounts and download videos on TikTok The tasks: 1 . The boat must be able to record and heat (comment, like, watch) many accounts in the Tier-1 countries (USA, UK); 2nd Boots accounts must be launched via a mobile device; Three To unify videos and upload…

PythonBot development ∙ 2 proposals
Advertising platform in Telegram new

With the team expansion within the current project, we are looking for two experienced backend developers for a full-time week, not below the mid-level level. The project’s backup technology includes aiogram v3, sqlalchemy, fastapi, web3, tronpy, pythonapi, aws. The initial…

Python ∙ 7 proposals
Consulting, searching for information on neural networks new
30 USD

There are several neuronal networks to recognize objects. You need to find data format, photo requirements and training process for each from the beginning to the end. More detail is the executive.

PythonMachine learning ∙ 5 proposals
REST API on Python for Firebase new

You need to develop a number of methods (8, if accurate) to read, create and modify data on goods and customers in the Firebase base. The code must be in Python. The method is GET/POST/PATCH. Some of the methods are already implemented on Golang, a little to do from scratch. An…

PythonDatabases ∙ 7 proposals
Create a web-interface system of warehouse accounting new
273 USD

Create a database and web-interview for the stock accounting system.The web interface should reflect which tracks which details are located on.Business user logic: https://1drv.ms/w/s!Ah2bYwgvz7Hlh5RjOtmvi40oGRKZDQ?e=BVjfxA Technical tasks for the developer:…

PythonDatabases ∙ 5 proposals
Content parser of telegram channels on Python new

You need to develop a parser of content (text, images, video, gifs, links... ) telegram channels and integrate it through the API with the social network (blog platform).

Python ∙ 9 proposals