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Create the “Coffee” app. new

Create the “Coffee” app.In it to implement the "Coffee" model with the attributes "Name", "Total", "Description", "Price", "Recept", "Picture" and also by adding the technical (the ones to which ordinary users will not be available) "Date of adding the record", "Date of updating…

PythonDatabases ∙ 3 proposals
Automation of work with the site. by Python new
1500 UAH

You need to make a program that will enter the link that we give it (an appearance on the site) and send a request from this page with the necessary parameters. You will have to take the price of our announcement, the price of the announcement from the page that we give and…

Python ∙ 3 proposals
Rescue in tg new
2000 UAH

Submitted to tg + interconnection between acts Proxy for IP Start from the network automatically. (The price may vary from the amount of work) (I will tell you supportfully at +380506280357 to write in tg)

C and C++Python ∙ 1 proposal
Creation of AIRDOP Cryptocurrency Software on Blockchain Stellar XLM new
11 000 UAH

In the star blockchain there is the possibility to send the "need balance" to consumers even without a line of trust to your asset, with the possibility of choosing whether or not to accept it. It is necessary to create software to automatize the drop sending process in large…

PHPPython ∙ 2 proposals
Diploma work new
8000 UAH

You need to write a graduate work and develop a bots telegram on the topic: Intellectual System of Getting For Everything the Rules of Security in War Conditions The boat must give answers about safety techniques recommendations during the war, we may add something. I will write…

PythonAbstracts, diploma papers, course papers ∙ 9 proposals
Develop a telegram bot to work with Binance API (on PHP or Python) new
3500 UAH

Good day ! You need to develop a telegram bot to work with Binance API (on PHP or Python) The algorithm: 1 . In the telegram chat comes a message (signal) Example of Message: #Maskust Signal No. 1 Interval : 3m Growth of 5,0% 3,80000000=>3,99000000 2nd The bot reads the…

PHPPython ∙ 7 proposals
Development of telegram chat for rail ticket monitoring new

Good morning, the bot is needed for a graduate project. The main tasks are to define the route, select the date - following the table with the available routes and the number of places in different formats. And in which case the possibility of periodic automatic update in case I…

PythonBot development ∙ 6 proposals
Creating a BOTT telegram for a Pay Channel by Signature new

Good day . I need to create a telegram bots that I can add to different groups/channels where I am an administrator, group or channels are closed and access to information is paid to participants, by signing a payment once a month. If the subscriber does not enter the payment,…

Python ∙ 10 proposals
Credit Default Prediction (Credit Default Prediction) new
1200 UAH

You need to perform all tasks with the laboratory taking into account the comments on the tasks carried out. It is better to look and realise what you need to do.

PythonMachine learning ∙ 2 proposals
Creating a token on the Stellar XLM network new
4000 UAH

Purpose: Create your own token with the ability to use the internal functions of the blockchain( freezing the received asset of the issuer and also sending the asset without a trace line) Creating a TOML file Installation of the logo to the token Consulting on the…

GoPython ∙ 3 proposals
Implementation of the program in Python new
1500 UAH

There is a program that runs through the appearances on the site and presses the button. After this change, the site has ceased to work. You need a person who will help to repair the program under a new site mark.

Python ∙ 16 proposals
The Python Code new

Good day There is a finished project - a bot for scraping data from one resource. The program has the possibility of integration with the telegram bot. The telegram bots can be implemented through sendpulse. The robot itself works - the implementation through the telegram is…

PythonBot development ∙ 9 proposals
Configurate the Kaspi Marketplace API in the finished project, parser new

There is a price parser for the marketplace, it works but updates prices 1 times every 2-3 hours. The project is now operating through a XML file, through which the marketplace updates the information. You need to set all this through the Kaspi API, I guess that by such a…

PythonData parsing ∙ 4 proposals