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Website development


Create a website visit

104 USD

Technical task: Site-visit card for the department 1 .The entrance: A brief description of the department and its activities The 2ndReview of the site: General structure and functionality of the site - Menu, languages of Ukr, ros, ang Description of the necessary pages and…

Website development ∙ 20 proposals

Setting the webinar webinar-stars.com


We are looking for a specialist who has already set up the autovebinars and understands the technical side and how it works.

Presentation developmentWebsite development ∙ 1 proposal

Download two xml files to the site. OpenCart 3


Good day . There are two xml files per link, you need to download them to the site and set the price and residues update once per hour. What is in the file: Name of the goods The price The remains The images The characteristics Brands The description The site that will be…

Online stores and e-commerceWebsite development ∙ 4 proposals

Template for WordPress


I need a WordPress template. The Theme of the BPL (Drones) 2) Maximally minimalist that means no extra figure is required 3) Must be lifted under WooComerc 4) The template must be adapted to PC and mobile devices 5) Style dark black and white

HTML and CSSWebsite development ∙ 21 proposals

Creating a website under the key


You need to create a simple website-visit card on the topic of metalwork. The text for filling will be provided. You can with templates (Jumla or open card) Design to choose from is offered by the artist. The site must meet all the requirements for further promotion in the…

Website developmentCMS installation and configuration ∙ 44 proposals

Creating a building site and a website for sale. and mat.

130 USD

It requires the development of a building site with a start-up under key, from creating a design to launching targeted advertising. The budget is calm.

Contextual advertisingWebsite development ∙ 49 proposals

Website of Webflow


You need to enter the web page on Webflow. 1 . Change the menu The 2nd Adding a cursor 3 . Replace the video on the website and 4. Connecting the domain Details, links and files will be sent personally.

Web programmingWebsite development ∙ 12 proposals


13 USD

You need to make a single-sided website under the advertising of goods. Landing in Ukr language, with form for filling (number and name) All the content with photos, video and text I will provide. I only need the data from the form to get to me in SRM or telegram.

Website developmentClient management and CRM ∙ 20 proposals

Editing the finished site on the platform Horoshop.


There is a ready website on the platform. You need to: respond, correctly dissolve the goods in the catalogue folders, check the correctness of the translation into Ukrainian and growth. The language. Make the website as convenient as possible.

Website developmentWebsite maintenance ∙ 5 proposals

Create a Woocommerce website according to the design


Good yesterday, you need to make a site re-design, a site collected on WordPress + Woocommerce using the Razzi theme, to collect pages, according to the type of head, about us, contacts and others used Elementor.The site is two-language, the WMPL plugin is used, you need to…

Online stores and e-commerceWebsite development ∙ 17 proposals

Creating a Web Site


Create a website for a medical facility. Approximately by analogue https://emergency-hospital.lviv.ua/ Payment by transfer, post payment

Website development ∙ 45 proposals

Create a website on Shopify from zero


We need to create a website based on competitors with our content. The competitors: HTTPS://imperialecom.com/ HTTPS://up-hustles.com/

Website development ∙ 13 proposals

Website - Visit to a Dentist


Make a website - a dentist.Design the layout and the appearance of the page.On the site, design the characteristic elements of the logo, menu, headline, slider, gallery, contact form, map, social media icons.If possible, synchronize the page with the calendar in the Docplanner…

Website developmentOnline stores and e-commerce ∙ 17 proposals

Development of HTML/CSS design generator for mass-start websites


The goal of the project is to develop a tool that enables the mass launch of simple but SEO-optimized websites for more than 200 domains.It is important that each site is adaptive, with a semantic layer on the BEM, the use of webP images, the availability of all the necessary…

Web designWebsite development ∙ 2 proposals

Rewrite the website

626 USD

There is a site available aristomebli.com but it has been made once and somehow You need to rewrite the site. That is to remove everything from the hosting and revert the open card to set the topic and adapt it to a few modules. Download all modules and also all the data of…

CMS installation and configurationWebsite development ∙ 25 proposals