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English from 0 to 0 new
34 USD

Welcome to) My name is Nati. I want to learn English from the beginning. I am looking for a reader. I will be grateful for the answer (if you have experience as an experienced lecturer) regarding the prices for your services and schedule. Good day !

Tuition ∙ 1 proposal
From scratch to fill a site on WordPress, all pages and up to 30 cards new

From scratch to fill a site on WordPress, all the pages (this 3-4) and up to 30 cards for the example - all to show up for self-running then carrying out the site nomenclature. The site is re-written to WordPress, book and journal themes. It’s going to be okay, but it can happen…

Content managementTuition ∙ 7 proposals
Teacher of Hebrew - Primary Level new

I am looking for a teacher of Hebrew for an elderly. on the internet. Write the price per hour. We can’t pay expensive.

Training of contrast advertising. new
14 USD

Interested in learning contextual advertising. Are you interested in the price per hour? and poem. Tell me about yourself. Interested by experience.

Contextual advertisingTuition ∙ 8 proposals
Help with Google Merchant Center and Google Ads, Shopify new

You need a person who could explain how to correct the errors of the goods in and how to correct the advertising. Most likely to perform the role of curator and moderator.

Online stores and e-commerceTuition ∙ 3 proposals