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Machine learning

Credit Default Prediction (Credit Default Prediction) new
1200 UAH

You need to perform all tasks with the laboratory taking into account the comments on the tasks carried out. It is better to look and realise what you need to do.

PythonMachine learning ∙ 2 proposals
Machine learning new
450 UAH

Good day ! You need help with machine learning tasks. Number of tasks 3 with subpoints. All the necessary files to the tasks will be added by reference in the work area. There is a folder with the necessary data for each task. Deadline: 6 to 7 December A great request to…

Machine learning ∙ 1 proposal
Recognition of people in the faces new
5000 UAH

You need to create a WEB API that will analyze the current image from the IP camera and: Identify the faces of people in the picture Comparing the face with the records in the BD Identify who the two belongs 4. to record to the BD the faces that are missing in the BD with the…

Machine learning ∙ 2 proposals
Diploma on the subject of artificial intelligence new

Good day dear freelancers! The necessary writing of the master's graduate work on the topic - The evolutionary inquiry of the neuron network in the tasks of processing data flows. It includes the writing of the note and the code. I think I will be able to prepare myself.…

Machine learningAbstracts, diploma papers, course papers ∙ 4 proposals
Artificial Intelligence, Python new
1000 UAH

Laboratory work 2 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Work 2 Intellectual Agents Working purpose: to develop an intellectual agent-machine that moves on the road from the previous laboratory work according to the rules and purpose set. Get practical skills to…

PythonMachine learning ∙ 2 proposals
Emotion annotation | data processing new

I am looking for somebody with experience in data analysis or data processing to help me out with one university project. I need to annotate emotions through video observations with recordings of people's faces and screens as they interact with a certain interface. These…

Data processingMachine learning ∙ 1 proposal