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Machine learning

Bot for trading on the cryptocurrency exchange by post from Twitter new
100 000 UAH

You need to work out the bot that is written on the mp python and add new exchanges. The robot in automatic mode trades on the cryptocurrency exchange by post from Twitter. Bott opens agreements: by key words; - by images where there are keywords; - on the images where certain…

BlockchainMachine learning ∙ 3 proposals
Android Data Analysis App (Coursework) new

You need to develop an Android app with the service, according to the type of YouDo. Services for the executive should be recommended by the method of data analysis. This condition does not include any requirements, so any data can be analyzed. There is no design as well.

JavaMachine learning ∙ 4 proposals
Remove text from the image in Python new

From the image to remove the text as well as a certain logo. There is a small code to remove the text. But to do this you need a mask in advance, under a specific image, with text to remove. I can drop if necessary. Required: Read the images from the form multipart/form-data…

PythonMachine learning ∙ 2 proposals
Python script: calculate the maximum volume of possible sales (EXCEL parsing) new
900 UAH

I need the help of the script for Piton.I would like to turn the manual work into automatic and issue DataFrame with possible outcomes of the type What-If.How it works now: When the request comes to create a list of the goods that are in the warehouse and to issue the number of…

Machine learningData parsing ∙ 2 proposals