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Machine learning

Questionnaire / Survey with AI (AI ChatGPT) new
300 USD

You need to ask the customer 4 questions, each will be said 5 answers, each needs a clarified question. Further, the answers to transmit to AI so that on the basis of them on a specific request gave recommendations. For example (from another opera, but the concept is close):…

BlockchainMachine learning ∙ 5 proposals
AI Assistant for Calculation of Working Time and Rating of the Employee new

Add to the application the function of automatic calculation of the work time of the departure worker.Objective:Automatize the process of calculation of the work time of the departure worker.Reduction of the number of errors related to the human factor.Requirements:The function…

Machine learningBot development ∙ 2 proposals
Development of the website new
137 USD

Please provide your portfolio with your application.Your role as a Full Stack web developer will include the design, development and maintenance of a user-friendly website that uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to transform and improve content created using…

Web programmingMachine learning ∙ 7 proposals
Cryptobot on the Neuro Network new

It is necessary to train the neuron to analyze to analyze patterns and anomalies in volumes on cryptocurrency, the quotation we will take with Binance. It is good if you indicate in what form the data will be needed for learning and how the whole process is going through. After…

BlockchainMachine learning
The Manychat Chain - FB new
69 USD

and greetings. The task is to connect ChatGPT through Manychat to Messenger Learning ChatGPT because we know in the Beauty industry and launch in the messenger to communicate with potential customers who write in the messenger.

Machine learningBot development ∙ 3 proposals
Developing a dynamic ML system for transforming structured data new

A qualified machine learning developer is needed to create a complex ML system capable of converting various input data into a specified structured format. This project requires machine learning knowledge, experience working with such programming languages as Python, Java or…

PythonMachine learning ∙ 4 proposals
Identification of car numbers new
137 USD

Identification of vehicle numbers.The car stands in place, you need to read the number, and transfer it to the server.Further from the weights is added the weight of the car (primary weight), the next time the car runs on the weight of the operator is issued a window with the…

PythonMachine learning ∙ 6 proposals
Neural network for the document circulation system new

Hello to you!We are developers of the document circulation system from Lithuania.We want to add it to AI who would know: 1 .Determine the type of document (which for the document: Invoice, Contract, Request, Request for a vacation, etc.To establish a number of requests: from…

Machine learning ∙ 3 proposals
Currency pair model (OTC, not dependent on external factors) new

There are data: * time * Asset (There are currency pairs that cross, so you can base the model on cross-relations of 3+ graphs) * Price * Demand (relative and absolute number of bets up/down over a period of time) * Volume (volume of bets for time period) in seconds. The task…

Machine learning ∙ 1 proposal
Creating a web application based on chatgpt and mindjourney apps new

Hello to you! It is necessary to write an application that generates on the basis of the customer’s request on the topic of the direction of the name of his business. Then, for each option, we check the list of available domains. And then we connect the Paypal-type payment…

Web programmingMachine learning ∙ 7 proposals
Create a voice assistant based on AI in Ukrainian language new
547 USD

Create a voice assistant based on AI in Ukrainian language for application. The "Assistant" in addition to free conversation in Ukrainian must be as "live" as possible and provide the user with data on prices from the database. All the other information is provided in person.…

Machine learningApplication programming ∙ 3 proposals
Bot for trading on the cryptocurrency exchange by post from Twitter new
1368 USD

You need to work out the bot that is written on the mp python, and add new exchanges. The robot in automatic mode trades on the cryptocurrency exchange by post from Twitter. Bott opens agreements: by key words; - by images where there are keywords; - on the images where certain…

BlockchainMachine learning ∙ 12 proposals