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Article writing

Writing Scientific Projects / I'm writing a report for you! new
200 UAH

I am a medical student. I'll write a scientific project, which is linked with medicine. Price depends on work. English lvl-b2 Also I can write a project on various topics. I can write a scientific work or report on a topic of medicine and not only. He is a doctor student. I…

Article writingAbstracts, diploma papers, course papers
Writing SEO texts in Ukrainian on the topic of ecology new
900 UAH

Hello, you need a copywriter who has experience writing SEO texts in the Ukrainian language on the topic of ecology. Number of Articles 5 3000 symbols. Requirements for SEO texts:…

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 6 proposals
Task of Literature new

Good Morning You need to perform four tasks and make a concept. Task to 15.10.2022 The task is in the file.

Article writingAbstracts, diploma papers, course papers ∙ 8 proposals
Publication of scientific articles in profile hair magazine new

You need to find and publish a scientific article in the profile magazine on hairstyle art. The project must be accompanied from the beginning to the end. The magazine can be both printed and online. Countries are considered anywhere there are profiles. Kazakhstan, Georgia and…

Article writingInformation gathering ∙ 2 proposals
Candidate for conducting email marketing channel in the US/Canada new
300 UAH

You need a person to run an email marketing channel targeted to the audience for the US/Canada Managing the channel Writing of Posts Development of Content (Theme) Answers to the Auditor's Questions

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 1 proposal
Article on the subject: Permanent residence certificate. TZ ) new
500 UAH

Permanent residence certificate for foreigners in UkraineName:Permanent residence certificate for foreigners in UkraineA short description of article1.What is a Permanent Residence View, who and on what grounds is the right to form a PMG?The 2ndWhat is the sequence of processes…

Article writing ∙ 10 proposals
Posts tagged: immigration permit for foreigners to Ukraine new
600 UAH

Writing of the article on the topic: - Authorization for immigration for foreigners in UkraineName:Rezolution for immigration for foreigners in UkraineA short description of the article1.What is permission for immigration, who and on what grounds there is the right to form…

Article writing ∙ 4 proposals
Posts Tagged ‘cryptocurrency’ new

You need to write 3-4 articles on the cryptocurrency theme (liquidity, intra-burger arbitration, volatility ...) with the insert of keywords (the list will be). The length of articles is approximately 2200-2600 characters. Please write the cost for 1000 characters (without…

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 25 proposals
Content on the site new

Writing unique and technically written texts for people first and foremost from a SEO specialist. Theme of construction materials. The categories: 1 . Diffusion membranes 2nd Wind-protection membranes and films Three Hydroisolation films 4 . Paroysolatory membranes, films and 5.…

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 20 proposals
You need a translation or writing of the text in Greek. new

You need a translation or writing of the text in Greek. The text is in English, but we can also give it in Russian. The translation is done for the site. The site is new and the text must be filled with the site. The translation from English to Georgian may not be accurate…

Article writingText translation ∙ 6 proposals
Writing a book in English 8000-10000 words new
1000 UAH

Write a female motivation book related to weight loss, with a rejection of copyright. The task is presented in a personal message. Needed to: Sounds “Bill” Promise a reliable result. Description of the method. - and to the end to make a mini gaid (step instructions)

Article writingAbstracts, diploma papers, course papers ∙ 10 proposals
Текста для интернет-магазина подшипников.. (промышленность, агро, тд) new

со спецификой бизнеса можно ознакомится на сайте: https://www.aleksta.com/ru/ в предложении своих услуг пишите цену за 1000 знаков и примеры ваших текстов и сайтов с подобным направлением.

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 8 proposals
Article writer new
1900 UAH

Hello, i need article writer 500 words with 2 backlink keywords 10 articles with 500 words and my backlinks in it - $50 keywords kamado egg bbqceramic egg bbq A lot work for good writer

Article writing ∙ 6 proposals
We are looking for a copy in German. new
1900 UAH

A good day! We are a growing Ukrainian team of creative people, looking for a creative and skilled copywriter with the knowledge of German language. What is needed? Writing filling texts on a site, text blog for a site, text for publications in social networks. Experience…

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 4 proposals
Text for the blog new
200 UAH

You need to write two texts for the blog about 2k symbols on the subject of snus (Nikotine packages) in Ukrainian. I will send examples individually. In the future there will be a lot of text to work and a lot of orders.

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 37 proposals