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Legal services

Eurofound Slovakia new

It is necessary to develop and approve a business plan to obtain the NFD from the European Union's funds for the development of the enterprise in Slovakia (Kosheza). Profile of the company is a bakery. We are looking for people who can prepare a business plan to receive funding…

Business consultingLegal services ∙ 3 proposals
Consulting and assistance in the privatization of the apartment of Kiev new

Good day ! In search of a specialist for consultations and possible accompaniment on the issues of privatization of the apartment in Kiev. I will be happy to cooperate, thank you!

ConsultingLegal services ∙ 4 proposals
Registration of TM, Ukraine new
1500 UAH

Hello to you! It is necessary to pre-study the status around a particular trademark. If it is not busy, submit to registration. Please respond to specialists who have experience working with TM and Ukrpatent. First, you need a basic search for TM and groups. According to the…

Business consultingLegal services ∙ 3 proposals
Consultation: receipt of delay in military training committee new

Consultation in oral format. I will probably select several performers in personal messages. • • • • • • • •

Legal services ∙ 8 proposals
The impact of the country’s reputation on business and environment new
500 UAH

Good day !I repeat the request.A "reference-concept" is needed on the topic of the impact of the country's reputation on business (in essence, geomarketing with factors).The effect of the country of origin, how the reputation of the country affects the business (and vice versa),…

Abstracts, diploma papers, course papersLegal services ∙ 5 proposals
Setting a statement to the ECHR on the damaged housing and consultation new

It is necessary to compile a certificate for sending to the ECHR in order to receive compensation for the destroyed housing. I have collected all the necessary documents for this. I am looking for a competent specialist who will help with the application in accordance with…

Legal services ∙ 3 proposals
Excursion abroad (mother with disabilities) new

Consultation in the form. Details will be discussed in the face. I’ll probably choose a few performers.

Legal services ∙ 7 proposals