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Legal services


Consultation on the legal component of the carpooling service (ridesharing)

12 USD

Welcome, dear performers. Interested in a service consultation on preparing the legal framework for entering the market first with an MVP carpooling service, and then full-fledged Android and iOS applications in the field of shared rides (carpooling, ride-sharing). To begin…

Business consultingLegal services ∙ 1 proposal

Remove car registration

Welcome. Assistance is needed in deregistering or transferring ownership of a car that was sold many years ago under a general power of attorney. All details in messages.

Legal services ∙ 1 proposal

Accounting consultation: work of an individual entrepreneur with individuals-suppliers

24 USD

Require legal and accounting consultation regarding the possibility of cooperation with individual entrepreneurs of the 3rd group (without VAT) with individuals. Essence of the question: I have a website where goods/services are sold by individuals, most of whom are not…

Accounting servicesLegal services ∙ 6 proposals

Consultation on copyright when creating content

12 USD

There is an idea to create a channel where there will be summaries of various YouTube videos, purchased paid courses on various topics, books, and generally a lot of useful information in a summary format, + your comments on this. Authors are different, some are local, some are…

Legal services ∙ 5 proposals

I am looking for a lawyer to partner with to open a firm

Hello I can work with clients, deal with websites, marketing, and Telegram channels. I can promote businesses and set up business processes. I had an idea to start a law agency, albeit a small one for now. The areas I want to focus on are family law and mobilization. Anything…

Legal services ∙ 2 proposals

Complaints Legal Script

122 USD

A person who knows how to work with complaints from Legal Script is needed. You will need to prepare a well-reasoned response that our domain does not violate their rules, etc. Only a person or company with real experience is needed.

Information gatheringLegal services ∙ 1 proposal