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The Lightning Protection Project new
2500 UAH

The project must be completed with the use of Ukrainian components. It also requires a certified engineer.

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 3 proposals
Printing new

Develop engineering and start manufacturing of products 1.The original product is a drill or strip Materials - CuZn30 3.The task is to be drawn on the press or the station to the necessary sizes. Thin 0.28 mm of access +0.05 mm. Printing on the step station in 5-7 stations with…

EngineeringDrawings and diagrams ∙ 2 proposals
Analyze the maximum corner of the inclination of the coat with the house. new

It is necessary to analyze the maximum corner of the inclination of the stick with the house on the dangerous part of the road.The size of the house: 2.55m width; 4m height; 6m length.The house mass: 3 t.The stick mass: 580 kg.The whole stick VGB 18-MV

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 1 proposal
Simulation of superficial waves of initiated ultrasounds. The Pioneer new

Problems: There are components of different materials and different geometry (as long as a thick steel plate or 2 glass and freely connected field semi-spheres). The design will be fixed with a lingerie (TTH will be proposed during the discussion). It is necessary to…

EngineeringDrawings and diagrams
Matlab Simulink Active Noise Reduction new
1800 UAH

Problem formulation: An acoustic signal consisting of white noise part and frequency dependent component (60Hz) should be minimized with an inverted signal. Given: Customer created a functioning model utilizing Level-2 MATLAB S-Function What should be done: Translate existing…

EngineeringCustomer support
Design of a micro pool new
10 000 UAH

It is necessary to design a micro-basein, size 2.3x2.3m, depth 0.5m, should be closed with sandwich panels, the overall size of the structure 2500mm X 2500mm X 2000mm, thickness 100-150mm, with the door for entrance. There should be a system of filtration, heating, water alloy.…

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 7 proposals
I am looking for a home design specialist with experience working in inches. new

I am looking for a design specialist in wood houses in Autocad/Archicad, having experience working in inches, as the project is intended for America. With respect, Michael

Architectural designEngineering ∙ 9 proposals