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Gimball on Arduino on a Quadrocopter

262 USD

Welcome to! You need to develop a himalayas that will be installed on a quadrocopter. The size and weight should be reduced as possible. The quadrocopter moves and maneuveres with high speed, so the himalayas must be fast and respond quickly to the change of the position of…


Press for SIP Panels


Good day . You need to prepare the cutting to make your own hands press for the pip panels. from the sort. Per<unk> with the nod to apply the coating as a part of the press. Panel size 3x1.25 m with pneumatic propulsion.

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 3 proposals

Consultation of the CPU

13 USD

Specialist consultation, on the design and conscious choice of those or other components of the freezer CPU (ram, direction, portal, wheels, selection of spindle, auto replacement, aspiration, vacuum, etc..), is necessary for a person to possess information about the current…

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 1 proposal



Create an exhibition on the exhibition. In the pdf example of how I expect the result. We will provide models and files of similar configurations. Thus, it is not possible to find out how to find out how to find out how to find out how to find out how to find out what to do.

EngineeringDrawings and diagrams ∙ 3 proposals

Combinations in a circle in the form of a puzzle

891 USD

In Solid Works, a wheel is made of sheet metal. Aluminium thickness of 6 mm. First with a laser we will cut the plate with the necessary holes, and then with the valcation method (I don't know exactly in Russian) swallowed into a circle. The internal diameter is 980 mm. The…

Engineering ∙ 2 proposals

Make the room a closet.


You need to make a room size 9kW m of a closet in the style of a showroom or clothing shop, an emphasis on shoes. You need to put 80 pairs of shoes. Selection of furniture, paintings and lighting all of this you need to choose in American online stores such as Amazon, IKEA, way…

EngineeringArchitectural design ∙ 9 proposals

Increases the pressure of the armed channels

22 USD

Armying with canats by an advanced method. There is a guest method of making road plates. and m. file “GOST PAG”. It is in paragraph 5.6.3 written: "The tension in the armature canads when they are used is determined in the design of the design of the plate structures." We have…


Modeling of heating, ventilation and sanitation systems in Revit


I am looking for engineers well-owned by Revit to implement two offshore buildings reconstruction projects. The projects had to be deployed into the revit. It is mandatory the availability of experience working on complex projects in the revision, so as projects have…

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 1 proposal

FPV Quadrocopters 7 / 10

262 USD

I'm looking for a person to collect FPV, experience binding, Completing we provide personally in Kiev. Drones FPV 7 and 10 inches of comicade and discharge. Collections by parties for 5-10 pieces, payments by mail or by party. Test it on its own.

Engineering ∙ 3 proposals

It is necessary to develop a design project of the entrance to the basement.


You need to develop: 1. design-project approach to the ground floor (leaf, slides, doors, wing over them) with indication of sizes and materials. The color of the building remains white-black. Design-project of home area (plate, board, green area) The result: 1 . 3D…

Architectural designEngineering ∙ 5 proposals

Design of a modular house from wood

262 USD

Good day ! I am looking for a designer. There is a need to calculate the wooden structures of a 30m2 modular building. Also partially metal structures. We will discuss more in detail with the selected specialist price and conditions.

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 8 proposals

Calculate and make a 3D frame model for FPV drone

52 USD

We are looking for an engineer with experience who will be able to make the FPV frame drone model to fold it with ABS plastic or stainless plastic. It is necessary to make a model with the calculation of the load on the frame so that the frame does not go to the frame made of…

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 5 proposals

Writing a program to the manufacturing machine

393 USD

You need to write the program to PLK 160 OVEN. The post is ready, you need to write the program so that it is automated. Technical tasks can be arranged according to the need. In the insert a short description which should be the machine's work process.

EngineeringEmbedded systems and microcontrollers ∙ 3 proposals

I order the execution of the lighting project or the calculation of the lighting intensity

200 USD

Good day, The manufacturer/importer of lighting seeks to constant irregular cooperation on the basis of the outsourcing of the electric designer. To perform, I have calculations of lighting for the stadiums and football fields, sometimes also for the interior, and the execution…

EngineeringDrawings and diagrams ∙ 4 proposals

Heating/cooling project 700m2 based on heat pumps

26 USD

The heating/cooling project of the house 700m2 on the basis of heat pumps. 4th floor house for 5 apartments. It is necessary to develop the project on the basis of heat pumps. Kitchen, sandwiches are a warm floor. Living rooms, bedrooms - radiators, pancreas, interior rooms…

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 3 proposals