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Interface design

Figma Copy Design new
30 USD

It is necessary to quickly copy the design 1 to 1. Then make an editing (translation into another language). It must be made in Figma. Congratulations to the creative. There is a video on the internet how it works and looks like. There are three windows with small differences.…

Interface designMobile apps design ∙ 15 proposals
Design of icons, main banner, and images - for the site new

A good day is to be created. Basic banner for the site, a few small clear banners (for mob. and the desktop version), and the icons for my site (the site is still in the development stage). Here is the TZ with a detailed and narrow description, while evaluating the "Basic…

Interface designWeb design ∙ 9 proposals
Required a Senior Designer for a Fintech Platform Project new
821 USD

Hello to all, I'm looking for a senior designer for a project on the Fintech platform. A fairly simple, about 5-7 main pages such as dashboard, transactions, and so on. To help you I offer an assistant, a mouse designer, a 2D and 3D designer for graphics. The approximate…

Interface designWeb design ∙ 19 proposals
Design market and trading page for an crypto app new

Looking for a talented person to design our market and trading page for an crypto app The application is developed for iOS and Android platform with the Flutter framework. Therefore we would like to use as much as possible the Material 3 library . We have alread developped…

Interface designMobile apps design ∙ 20 proposals
Website Design for the Agency new
152 USD

I am looking for an experienced creative (who can invent a design without references and behance) designer to develop a design site for the digital agency. Web and mobile versions of the website - English and Ukrainian languages of the site - Work should be carried out in…

Interface designWeb design ∙ 48 proposals
Designer for iOS/Android in the Sphere of Services new

We ask to Collaborate: UX/UI Designer for iOS/Android in the Sphere of Services We are looking for a creative and responsible UX/UI designer with at least 3 years of experience in mobile applications to process the design of our mobile application in the bite service. The…

Interface designMobile apps design ∙ 16 proposals
UI/UX banding for personal stylist new

On the basis of the presentation and in cooperation with the customer to prepare the seller UI/UX for landing. It is necessary to perform: Structure of Lending Selling texts Calls for Action Form for Application Help in choosing the design we are focusing on. Reference to the…

Interface designWeb design ∙ 86 proposals
Notion Design new
109 USD

Order and structure information in Notion. Make a nice and comfortable UI/UX. You can use ready templates or downsides by reference.

Interface designData processing ∙ 6 proposals
Design of Presentation new

Welcome, you need a presentation design on 25 slides for marketing services. Please enter the price, deadlines and examples of your work.

Interface designWeb design ∙ 55 proposals
Animations for the Startup [Lottiefiles] new

I'm looking for a man who knows how to make complicated animations. The format that is required for this HTTPS://lottiefiles.com/ I'm waiting for your portfolio. The PS. If you’ve never done complicated animations, you don’t need to write

AnimationInterface design ∙ 15 proposals
Transfer my web application FlutterFlow to Figma new

Hi, I would like to move my FlutterFlow web application to Figma so that you can optimize it. You could not first tell me how much time this transfer will take, how much it will cost and you are ready to do it please? There will be 13 pages. You can go through this link…

Interface designMobile apps design ∙ 24 proposals
Selling site design for security agnetism new
821 USD

We need to create a security agency website design, it is important to create a main page with direct access to the main services and emerging windows so that a person leaves the application. Details will be discussed at the summit.

Interface designWeb design ∙ 66 proposals
Report the menu in Figmi by template new
27 USD

I have a template in the figure of two types of menu. You need to transfer text from the document to the template. 42 days (therefore make changes to them)

Interface designWeb design ∙ 54 proposals
On the website you need to make a page design. new

from the site HTTPS://np.com.ua Pages https://np.com.ua/proektuvannya/ https://np.com.ua/services/ HTTPS://np.com.ua/cases/ https://np.com.ua/about-us/ make the same in design but others in content make on the site that is posted on the promo yoa HTTPS://starlight.km.ua/ua/

Interface designWeb design ∙ 22 proposals