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Speaker/Voice services

Synchronic reading in Ukrainian language new
14 USD

Synchronic reading in Ukrainian language There is a video lesson in Russian language There is also a translated text in Ukrainian. You need to record audio synchronous reading in Ukrainian In the record the original voice will be shut down, and the Ukrainian will be placed in…

Speaker/Voice services
I am looking for a voice for a story. new
14 USD

You need a voice - male, and high to sound very young. A story for teenagers. ROS and UCR in language. The duration of one story is about 10 minutes. There are a number of characters in history. If there is a storymaker and the main heroes - the guys - it is desirable to change…

Speaker/Voice services ∙ 13 proposals
Sounding text for advertising video (women's voice) new

You need to sound the text of the advertising video in the Ukrainian language with a female voice. 2 texts of the size of +-30 words, an example of the sound is applied. As a result, you need to send 2 MP3 audio files on which you sounded text in high quality. You need a quality…

Audio processingSpeaker/Voice services ∙ 15 proposals
Dictator's Video new

You need to sound a video for 16 seconds. The voice of the man is low. The new publication of the Ukrainian music group. The text is small, it’s important to present the release strictly, with logical notes as if it’s a trailer in the cinema.

Speaker/Voice services ∙ 27 proposals
Sounding a film with a male goal in English new

The task is the next. You need to sound the film in English. Installation will be done by ourselves. The result of the proetch is a file in audio format. here is the video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCaD-IVWjxk&t=5s

Speaker/Voice services ∙ 10 proposals
Video for Advertising new
27 USD

You need a video for advertising, up to 40 seconds! A creative approach to creating a video at your discretion! It is also necessary to sound my text, it is possible with the help of artificial intelligence, but so that it sounds like a female voice in the Ukrainian language,…

Video advertisingSpeaker/Voice services ∙ 21 proposals
Creation of Audio Books new

I am looking for a doctor (or studio) to sound a art book in Ukrainian. First of all, a young man’s voice is needed. Ideally - a team of several people who will be able to sound, edit and write a few soundtrack for the background. A lot of work, a lot of work. The approximate…

Audio processingSpeaker/Voice services ∙ 15 proposals
Short video lessons new
164 USD

Sound of short lessons with finished text on the background of the Power Point presentation click. 57 lessons from 3 to 10 minutes each

Audio processingSpeaker/Voice services ∙ 14 proposals
Sound of video new

You need to sound 3 videos (all 27 minutes) in uniform with the speaker, the speaker speaks in English, we will send you a translation and you will need a translation (Russian) to read

Speaker/Voice services ∙ 24 proposals
Looking for Actors for Video-Creative Advertisements new

Welcome to! ChatMasters is a start-up that is dynamically developing in the field of AI support service automation. Our goal is to make the Internet communication more efficient and convenient for users. We want to protest a lot of different creatives for fb, so we need…

Video advertisingSpeaker/Voice services ∙ 6 proposals
Audio video in the tick-tock (man's voice) new

We: a creative project agency Who are we looking for? Responsible person who has experience in sounding a clear, confident, basistic male voice that can sound an anonymous character What do we need? 30-70 videos (10-15 seconds) each month Looking for a man for long cooperation

Speaker/Voice services ∙ 23 proposals
The vocal voice new

We are looking for a young female voice to sound video for business themes. 120 videos per month, video from 30 to 60 seconds each. Show the price in the application for this amount.

Speaker/Voice services ∙ 20 proposals
Sound of short review videos on goods new

+30 rolls for 1.5 minutes About 100 words per film, a short name of the product, a description of properties, a call to action.

Speaker/Voice services ∙ 38 proposals
Actor, leader/manager in the Insta-Project new
96 USD

We are looking for a creative man, a charismatic guy or a girl 21-28 years old, leading at Reels for the development of an eco brand that specializes in the manufacture of bio packages. The footage will be in the blog format Nicholas Karma, where it will be necessary to…

Video advertisingSpeaker/Voice services
You need a dictor to sound advertising in Czech. new
27 USD

You need a person with a pleasant and placed voice who freely speaks in the Czech language to sound the text for targeted advertising on Instagram and Facebook. 5 texts with a length of +250 characters. The text itself and more detail about everything in private messages. Period…

Speaker/Voice services ∙ 4 proposals