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Text editing and proofreading

Create a QR menu. Transfer from paper to digital. new
14 USD

You need to create a Digital menu for the restaurant at home of our service. I send you a paper menu and you transfer all positions to the system.

Information gatheringText editing and proofreading ∙ 12 proposals
Simple formatting of Word documents for tender submission new

Hello, I need to format couple word documents: Ensure same font type and size is used throughout the doc Reference all tables, graphics and images Have clean content tables for headings, images, tables Have consistent numbering and consistent footer and header throughout Use…

Text editing and proofreadingAbstracts, diploma papers, course papers ∙ 9 proposals
Read and unify 20 ANG texts new

You need to make Prusfrid + unification. The text was generated by AI. It requires good knowledge of English, creativity, use of various tools to increase efficiency. Describe your experience and the desired payment for an hour of work/other forms of payment

Text editing and proofreading ∙ 1 proposal
Generation, editing and translation into another language new
24 USD

You need to generate the text in the Russian language through the service. After the generation to edit (to remove unnecessary paragraphs, references of competitors, etc.) Then translate the text through the depl into Ukrainian, read it and make the right size (titles 1, 2 and…

Text editing and proofreading ∙ 13 proposals
Editor of Children's Books (Children's Books) new
27 USD

We are looking for an experienced professional - editor and text corrector. The obligatory is the ability to edit in pdf notes, word - in the right mode. You will need to perform a small test task to confirm your skills. If there is a portfolio - it will also be an additional…

Text editing and proofreading ∙ 7 proposals
Re-right description and name of the cargo card new

You need to make a re-right of the already available description and the name of the product card. It has approximately 2000 positions. There are 4-5 options for each product. We'll give an existing description in Excel format.

Text editing and proofreadingRewriting ∙ 26 proposals
Description of the product for the site "Prom.ua new
137 USD

Good day ! I need to form a description of the product for the site "Prom.ua". I have a text, but I want it to be without mistakes and well-formed. You also need to add a template (ready) to distribute everything by points. Price of 5 UAH/St. Number of 1000 st.

Text editing and proofreading ∙ 8 proposals
Development of the Lending Prototype with Conversion Structure/Offers new
164 USD

The development of the Lending prototype with the conversion structure/offers/copy-righting. You need a person who has great experience in this. The projects are in Ukrainian and ROS language. Fix your portfolio.

CopywritingText editing and proofreading ∙ 12 proposals
Beta-reader of art novel in the genre of science fiction new

I am looking for a beta-reader for manuscripts in the science fiction genre. The language of the text is Ukrainian. If you have experience in beta-reading art texts and you are interested in this genre - I'll be glad to discuss the details of the collaboration. If you cooperate…

Text editing and proofreading ∙ 16 proposals
I am looking for an art text editor. new

Congratulations colleagues! Correction of the art text in Ukrainian language The range is oriented to 120 pages (up to 300 thousand. The Signs) The text contains a Galician dialect that you need to leave. Important is: Correction of grammar errors. Repair the point. Preparation…

Text editing and proofreading ∙ 28 proposals
The Book of Book. Around 340 pages. new
137 USD

You need to write a book: half in Italian, half in Ukrainian. The following page is recorded. Files are transmitted into a WORD or PDF file. Task: check the font and recommend another, possibly, to deal with all paragraphs, excursions and others and prepare for printing put all…

Print designText editing and proofreading ∙ 16 proposals
Translator of text from English to Italian new
159 USD

Hello to you! You need to translate the text from English to Italian. Now we’re just working on the project and the exact amount of text I can’t provide, but it’s an online store with basic departments (head screen, about the company, advantages, product cards with description,…

CopywritingText editing and proofreading ∙ 18 proposals