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Print design

Preparation of Presentation new
2700 UAH

Presentation of 13 slides. There are info and examples. Proposals are considered only if there is 1 test slide.

Print designPresentation development ∙ 29 proposals
Editing and creation of tapes for printing with translation new
1000 UAH

Reduce the folders of the print - 20st (equation by center, font size, orphographic errors) Translate the stick for printing into English 20st Examples of the attached file

Photo processingPrint design ∙ 23 proposals
Collection of furniture catalog + edge new

And so you need to collect a catalog of furniture photo+ of the characteristics + description. There will be 30 pages (may be more). The photo is attached from the old catalog + new photos. The catalog must contain a photo + filling. It will be needed under the firm.

Package designPrint design ∙ 21 proposals
Map for GIMP new

There are several images files with layers.Files in the .xcf format for the GIMP editor, but you can convert to .psd Photoshop and do it there.On the pictures of shorts, bags and other clothes.It is necessary to negate or create from the shadows of the object a map of…

Print designIndustrial design ∙ 1 proposal
Developing packaging product campaign design new

Needed to: Develop the packaging design of the campaign: Create logos for two types of activities 1) Develop packaging design Three skin care products: shampoo, spray, soap 2) Developing packaging design for large five products 3) Development of banners for the online store at…

Package designPrint design ∙ 36 proposals
PDF Presentation new

Make a PDF presentation of a metal container on a few pages. Download for example your portfolio work.

InfographicsPrint design ∙ 33 proposals
The Eurobucks new
500 UAH

You need to deny the Eurobucket in accordance with the brand book of the company. Placing the products in accordance with the TZ. All packages for discharge Please indicate the deadline and the cost for the entire work. I am also looking for a designer to cooperate on a…

BannersPrint design ∙ 44 proposals
Design of packaging. Silicagel Fillers (Zootwares) new
500 UAH

Developing the design of the packaging of the silicate filler for cats toilets. (Experience with the field of ZO)

Package designPrint design ∙ 30 proposals
Pictures in Multi Style new

Everyone is greeted. People who are interested in making pictures quickly and quality in a multi-style style. Examples in attached. The price for one or more pictures. Of course, the deadlines

Exhibition booth designPrint design ∙ 6 proposals
Maket of brochures new

You need to make a project for printing a brochure (informational booklet), I offer a disclaimer, text, and photo, the size of two letters A4 compiled in half, i.e. 8 pages A5

Print design ∙ 47 proposals
Designer (Listings on the Website and Amazon) new

Basic requirements: experience working with product listings in the online store; free use of Adobe (PhotoShop, Illustrator, After Effects), Figma; will be a big plus of knowledge of Premiere Pro or similar tracks; understanding of features and work on the Internet; willingness…

Package designPrint design ∙ 8 proposals
Book Design on Amazon new
12 345 USD

You need to make about 30 illustrations for a child’s book on the AI platform, as well as to form a cover and make a book under the Amazon requirements. Experience is mandatory, I would like to see examples of work at first.

Print design ∙ 8 proposals
Printing of Game Cards new

There are 240 game cards. They need to scan and print 50 such sets. The size of the card is 89*63mm. Printing of two sides.

Package designPrint design ∙ 7 proposals
I'm looking for a designer-illustrator (multy people + stories) new

All greetings I’m looking for a creative person who accompanies an illustrator to embody a dream project. Painting will be a lot - so cooperation for a long time, but for the beginning I want to choose a master. Therefore, please refer to the freelancer project, which will be…

Illustrations and drawingsPrint design ∙ 41 proposals
Development of the packaging of wheat flour for pizza new
5000 UAH

For the output of the domestic new product to the domestic and foreign markets, it is necessary to develop "under key" from zero paper packaging of wheat flour for pizza in 1.2,5 and 25kg.

Logo designPrint design ∙ 49 proposals