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Print design

Banner for FB and Instagram new

Create a banner according to TZ There is a photo, you need to add an action inscription to it and stick to the size of FB, Instagram, website

BannersPrint design ∙ 41 proposals
Editing Graphics and Text Files in Adobe Illustrator new

Hello to There is a PDF file with instructions for the use of the product. The size of the document is approximately 8.5 on 11 inches with small fonts on the front and reverse side. Instructions in English and Spanish. The PDF file contains comments in English. Correction…

Print design ∙ 21 proposals
Exhibition stand new

need to develop a design for exhibition samples( stand triangle from cardboard) We have certain conditions. preserving the logo of the American flag and the record try and a premium one-line Color palette is not princessful (but as they say stylish youthful with taste)

Exhibition booth designPrint design ∙ 19 proposals
Design of a Visit Card (Other Polygraphy). Partly Change of Website Design new

Good day I hope the logo. I hope the old visit. You need to develop a new... maybe there will be another polygraphy (to show which is old) It is desirable in addition to the polygraphic design to make and certain changes in the web design on the site. That this style from the…

Web designPrint design ∙ 40 proposals
Templates for scrapbooking new
15 000 UAH

I am looking for a designer who will help with a big project to create scrapbooking templates (100 templates per 12 sheets).Good skills to work with CANVA.It is necessary to create unique templates for scrapbooking.First, I open a test project (payable) to create 1 template with…

Illustrations and drawingsPrint design ∙ 7 proposals
Instructions for the use of the product new

It is necessary to develop the instructions-input in the packaging. Page 5 – 6 pages Format: A5 Used: for printing Text and image: I give you Products: “Burgy”

Print design ∙ 36 proposals
Design of offices / posters. new
300 UAH

I'm looking for a designer to develop creative offices for school parties Promotion will be through Instagram. All detailed information will be provided later.

BannersPrint design ∙ 67 proposals
Children book cover design new

Hello, we are looking to design covers of a series of Virtues books for Children. We want fresh and very modern looking covers. Scope of work - design a template consisting of layout, type treatment for series name and title. image to be used from inside of book. suggestion…

Package designPrint design ∙ 12 proposals
Cover for the Culinary Book new

We are looking for a talented and creative designer for a cooking book cover. We will be happy to find a designer for long-term cooperation. Cost of the agreement project

Package designPrint design ∙ 48 proposals
Design of packaging new
2000 UAH

It is necessary to develop a design package for seeds. The package is placed on the stands on the pants. Bring the foundation of the style of the already existing design, add patriot elements and symbolics, yellow-blue colors, etc. Examples of a design that is printed and used…

Package designPrint design ∙ 54 proposals
Make a booklet design for goods new

You need to make a A6 booklet for 10 products. For example, one product can be one page. Text I will give

Print design ∙ 64 proposals