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Print design


Create label layouts for a range of 7 types of oils

Create a layout for a range of 7 types of salad oil. Label size: 60x150 mm Format: ai. ...

Package designPrint design ∙ 27 proposals

Creating a double-sided flyer in "Euroflyer" format

A euro flyer of size 210x98mm needs to be created. The theme of the flyer covers attractions with a historical theme, namely: 1. 7D cinema. 2. Vortex attraction. 3. Projection on a model (Krakow in 10 minutes). 4. Showing "living pictures" on walls through projection. (Immersion…

Business card designPrint design ∙ 20 proposals

Design of two souvenir cards

25 USD

Design of two souvenir postcards is needed, in the style of the postcards we already have, will send personally If the task is successfully completed, we will be happy to agree on long-term cooperation

Illustrations and drawingsPrint design ∙ 41 proposals

It is necessary to design an email for mailing to the mail

Looking for a stylish designer to create email newsletter templates that are so appealing you'd want to photograph and share on social media.

Print designCorporate style ∙ 6 proposals

Souvenir product designer

Looking for a designer for souvenir products such as wooden and ceramic magnets, souvenir posters, postcards, music boxes, etc. Experience with souvenirs is welcomed For a long-term perspective We will send examples of works after reviewing the portfolio

Illustrations and drawingsPrint design ∙ 18 proposals

Layout design of A4 catalog, 4+4

13 USD

Prepare two sides of an A4 catalog leaflet. Content and backgrounds will be provided separately. Additional processing (cropping) of product images is possible.

Print design ∙ 18 proposals

Development of advertising layouts for a magazine and creatives for online advertising

For long-term cooperation, we are looking for a graphic designer. It is necessary to develop small advertising layouts for a magazine, banners for the website, creatives for advertising on social networks. Our magazine is located in Germany and we work with a Russian-speaking…

BannersPrint design ∙ 26 proposals

Design of the stand

A design for a stand is needed Company name - ELMEDOSO product - FUET sausage with different flavors https://elmedoso.es/product/espetec-extra-finas-hierbas-150g/ Several options are needed both on a white background and in brand colors

Print design ∙ 24 proposals

Design a two-sided leaflet

Postcard for a job agency, in Polish language, selecting an image and designing the layout We have the logo and text

Print design ∙ 47 proposals

Create a design for a box for acne patches

Looking for a designer to create a box design (in the form of an A6 envelope) for acne patches Star patches There is an existing brand, as well as a sample that is liked Send your examples and cost

Package designPrint design ∙ 35 proposals

Rol Ap

13 USD

Role A Layout for PrintingNiche-network of computer clubsdimensions 80*200cmcorporate style-black, yellow, white colorDetails here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UMwXPdxPzGI8uG_x44FrJhVeTTl5GmQXRIr0QNLq0L4/edit

Print design ∙ 16 proposals

Design of a gift certificate

Design a gift certificate according to the terms of reference Attention! Please do not specify a minimum amount in the bid in order to stand out from freelancers, but indicate the price for the work on a specific task

Interface designPrint design ∙ 54 proposals

Design a thank you poster for an employee, advertising banner on the website

It is necessary to redesign a thank you poster for an employee for the work done. It is also necessary to develop a banner design for advertising products on your own website.

Web designPrint design ∙ 43 proposals

Creating a label for syrup

Develop label design Considering the list of flavors that will be provided, select images of fruits A sample to follow will be provided

Print designCorporate style ∙ 44 proposals

Design blister

Using the provided example, it is necessary to redesign the packaging design for work gloves

Print design ∙ 15 proposals