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Video for the collection of the SSU equipment new
68 USD

#2d #animation #advertising #video What scenario should be developed in the course of the contest?Description: We have 4 subjects.Command Point, Operator BPL, Our front position, Front position of the enemy.Use the flag and other identifications for subjects.Focus on radio and…

AnimationVideo advertising ∙ 4 proposals
Installation and moush design of video-rolls on a permanent basis new

Good day, call me Dmitry and I am the chief editor of the public project “World House”. I am interested in learning the price of the work of creating videos for YouTube (up to 10 - 15 minutes) on educational themes. These are videos using illustrations and animations (examples…

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 19 proposals
Animation of Logo new

You need to animate the logo for the Instagram page. Duration 3-5c, white background, minimalist style,for a short time.

Animation ∙ 38 proposals
Coverage new
41 USD

You need to create a cover for a song in the style of a hip hop. The cover must be animated. It has to be a character with a big magnetophone on his shoulders, placed by the executive's pseudonym and the name of the song.

Animation ∙ 4 proposals
Animated Creatives for FB/Instagram new

You need a specialist who can regularly make animated and static creatives for facebook/instagram. In the applications, please indicate how much an animated creature is on average for 15 seconds + links to examples

AnimationBanners ∙ 28 proposals
You need a specialist to create an animated video using AI new

You need a specialist to create an animated video using AI (neurosets). Screenplay up to 5 minutes, entertainment theme.

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 8 proposals
Spine 2D animation for casino slot game new
274 USD

We are looking for SPINE 2D animation for 12 symbols in slot game. Basicly it must be simple animations for win result on slot reels. We have 6 high and 6 low sybmols, for all low should be the same animation. So in result we want to have 7 animations. All refference and…

Animation ∙ 2 proposals
3D animation new

Developing 3D animated videos - images. Specifications of the surface of the plants: 1 . The flow of the plant, the flow and the flow The 2nd Drinking drops on the leaves, sitting drops on the surface of the leaves 3 . The drop, the drop, the drop, the drop and 4. Spanning the…

Animation3D modeling ∙ 4 proposals
I am looking for a designer. new

The designers, greetings! I'm looking for a person to be able to transmit the design design and not worry about the quality and deadlines of execution. There are stable orders for static/mouth banner, logo, social network packaging, polygraphy, etc. If you know how to do static,…

AnimationBanners ∙ 49 proposals
2D Animation (Filming) new
821 USD

Welcome to The MSToons studio is looking for experienced 2D animators. Examples of animations you need to create: HTTPS://youtube.com/shorts/q5eRWahEOH0?si=mT4uR_s2Iks5OVoj HTTPS://youtube.com/shorts/LsmIQ3XuWus?si=mkzb7lw6ogyqGqLg…

Animation ∙ 13 proposals
Implementing an animation on the animated video new

Make an animation for a finished and screwed video - a roll (the hero tells about the product) long in 1 minute 15 seconds You need to make transitions, finish and put an animation on the video. All the elements for animation are and are in the Figme.

Animation ∙ 15 proposals
Create a video animation of the mounting door system new

Good day ! You need to make a video animation of such a plan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzTa64cXpho by our system. What source data should be provided?The 3D model? What is the cost of this project and the time of implementation? 1 . Timing up to 2 minutes 2nd What should…

Animation ∙ 18 proposals
Animation \ Installation for YouTube Project by Minecraft new

In search of a person to strengthen the video development team. Our Expectations: 1 . Capacity to make high-quality animations by type: HTTPS://youtu.be/CvxTksxS1VY?t=55 HTTPS://youtu.be/T9_h0KSZcRw In general, the video animations can be 10-30, very depending on the video. The…

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 9 proposals
Make a video of up to 1.5 minutes in a multiplayer style new

Welcome to! You need a video for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7YvjMsjqVs 1.5 minutes in multi-style style Scenario from us The price and deadlines. If you have a similar work done it will be +

Animation ∙ 19 proposals
Personal animation - 40 seconds new
164 USD

You need to develop a personal animation for 40-50 seconds. The Medical Theme. There is a reference - the orientation scenario we give. Style attached to the photo Please enter the amount of performance.

Animation ∙ 11 proposals