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Animation of an existing illustration

Good day, dear professionals! I am looking for a specialist who can help animate visualization in the form of video or using JavaScript libraries for the website. The illustration is already there, but suggestions on how to make it a reality are needed. Thank you!

Animation3D modeling and visualization ∙ 2 proposals

Development of an animated video

A single video is planned, which will have 4 variations. Therefore, we are creating a video like a constructor, which will consist of 3 parts - Problem, Solution, Result The Problem block remains the same everywhere The Solution and Result slightly change. The video should…

Animation ∙ 9 proposals

10 animations from static images

96 USD

It is necessary to slightly animate the cat in 10 positions. That is, to make looped gifs from vector images. They are all located on our website — whoacat.com: 2 on the product page, 6 on the main page, one each in the header and footer. Movements should be as realistic as…

Animation ∙ 17 proposals

Motion video for targeted advertising

24 USD

We are looking for a motion designer for targeted advertising. 20-25 sec. Advertising services of a digital agency. We will provide ideas, mood boards for inspiration. We will consider all styles in which you have already had experience, open to suggestions. However, we prefer…

AnimationVideo advertising ∙ 11 proposals

Looking for a 3D animator with experience for a Unity AR game

There is a character - a ghost. I will provide you with the model. It needs to be realistically animated for a Unity AR game. Animations: 1) Suspended in the air, swaying 2) Hostile movement through the air towards the player (possibly moving arms and head), consider air…

Animation ∙ 4 proposals

Advertisement video

362 USD

We are looking for a designer/videographer for an advertising video. Here is the video idea Launch for realtors and developers from other countries with the message: traffic from your country is already on Anised, but there are no listings. Be one of the first and upload ads…

AnimationVideo advertising ∙ 23 proposals

Creating short animated videos

12 USD

Looking for a person for ongoing cooperation, it is necessary to create short animated videos for reels and TikTok, 8-10 per month, links to examples: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C81G9PMo533/?igsh=MXRiMzhtZnphZ2ZkbQ%3D%3D…

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 15 proposals

Animator needed for crypto gifs

48 USD

Animator needed who can quickly take on animation work and who knows how to work with gifs for TG and simple 2D character animation all details in PM

Animation ∙ 21 proposals

Video editing based on the reference.

Good day! Looking for an animator who will create animation like in the reference. All elements that will be in the video I will prepare in the required format, only animation with them will be needed. The length of the video and elements will be very similar to those in the…

AnimationVideo processing ∙ 16 proposals

Motion design in English.

Good day. Task to create a presentation video (elevator speech). I will provide details upon request. In the source files, we have: 1 video where the founder talks about the project (1.4 minutes) and 2. a prototype in Figma. It all needs to be put together nicely. You can…

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 11 proposals

2D animation of children's fairy tales

Good day! We are looking for a 2D animator assistant to join an international team! We are working on adapting popular fairy tales for children on YouTube. The project is scheduled to launch at the beginning of autumn with a content plan for the year, so the position involves…

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 12 proposals

Motion design, video creation for target audience (inst)

24 USD

We need a motion designer, to work we will provide text and an audio track/voiceover. On which he will have to create video footage/graphics/animations in our corporate style, the basis of the style is retro cutouts. (attached photos). (retro, brutalism, and grunge) Duration ~20…

AnimationVideo advertising ∙ 9 proposals

Animation 2d

2D animation needed, a dancing man on a black background for 16 seconds, and it should be possible to extend it to 32 seconds without showing that the animation is repeating

Animation ∙ 13 proposals

From a static logo - create an animation

24 USD

Hello There is a fairly simple static logo. I want to make it more lively and turn it into an animation. I will be happy to receive proposals from experienced specialists. Also, please share similar works.

Animation ∙ 32 proposals