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Create an animation of the logo of the Into new

You need to make an animation of a logo or intrus. Term of 2 to 3 days. The logo is attached below in png format. Remove the work below. Ideally, of course, to drop a +- ready idea with a water mark.

AnimationVideo processing ∙ 20 proposals
Make two videos with a timer new

Assess how much it will cost to make a video with a reverse calculation timer: 1) for 1 minute 2) for 12 hours Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSBmKf2S5qI&t=6493s. We need a different design. Until I thought more in detail. – There will be a set of similar videos, but…

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 21 proposals
Animation under Unity 3D new

Good for all the day. On the project for the implementation of the simulator of the swimming competition we are looking for an experienced 3D animator who knows how to work with the goods. We have two models of swimmers, a man/woman. It is necessary to make certain adjustments…

Animation3D modeling ∙ 3 proposals
Creating mini video or animation in multi- or pixel format new

You need to animate the character or create a crew video to it, all the photos or information for work will be discussed, provided, video 15-30 seconds

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 13 proposals
Video animation logo new

You need to make a wire animation of the logo for 3-5 seconds. To be used before the video or at the end. You need to demonstrate creativity and put a great sense in a simple logo.

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 35 proposals
Copying anmasions in Vyond - Robots a lot and earnings good new
290 500 UAH

Hello everyone, we are looking for a few more people who are ready to perform the animation in Vyond. We pay $2 for a minute of animation, 100 minutes = $200 in your pocket! What you need to do, here is a list of angles of the YouTube channels, you need to copy the video from…

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 1 proposal
3D Animation new
500 UAH

Good morning, you need to develop a 3D animation, standing a box next to it turns a few coins (shakkels) when. a person chooses a coin, he can drop it into a box, when the coin falls into a box, he needs a look from the middle. What in the box already lies coins, and his coins…

AnimationInfographics ∙ 11 proposals
Animators new

I'm looking for an animator to create animations for a fighting game. You will need animations of special movements - throw the energy ball, attack, etc. You need a person with an understanding of how the animation works in combat games, you also need to know how to animate the…

Animation ∙ 4 proposals
The Mouse Video Case new

Congratulations to all mouse designers. We need to properly form the case on the work so that it can also be used on the Insta as a riles. Choose and place music. Here is an example of https://www.instagram.com/p/CNpSEEJhoAv/?igshid=ZjA0NjI3M2I= About me: I have been advising…

Animation ∙ 15 proposals
Interface Animation in the Principle new

Good day ! I'm telling you what to do here: https://www.loom.com/share/2c1405129221408a9e4fcfafce629896 I will briefly describe: develop an interface animation (2 blocks, 2 different animations) through the Principle program Please indicate the examples of time and price in the…

AnimationWeb design ∙ 4 proposals
Promotion of the video new
10 000 UAH

Promo video about a minute under action, with 2d graphics, according to the reference, the sources will provide. Deadline on October 7.

AnimationVideo advertising ∙ 34 proposals
Create an animated role new

We want to create an animated film, we are looking for performers. It lasts 60 seconds, sounding and screenplay. The task will be to prepare models, animation, installation and motion design. Example of the role we want to see attached The scenario will be ready next week.…

Animation3D modeling ∙ 9 proposals
Creating an animated video about the service work new
3000 UAH

By making a bet, please send your work or link to the portfolio Video duration not more than 40-60 seconds - about the work of the mobile application (person recognition and content issuance) The most simple example is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoyE48W3RUY The call…

AnimationVideo advertising ∙ 18 proposals
Animation in Vyond - A lot of work! new
99 999 UAH

Hello, we are looking for a few people to create animations, and more precisely to copy animations. from foreign youtub channels. You just share the link to the project in Vyond and we then translate them to ourselves and to our own language. Examples of YouTube channels: Easy…

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 13 proposals