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Accounting services

Building a financial reporting system new

Develop a system of calculation of all financial indicators in a company engaged in P2P trading UAH-USDT The system should include a cut of all financial indicators in the result cut per day/week/month. What are the indicators: Total income for all types of activities (p2p…

Business consultingAccounting services ∙ 2 proposals
Give taxes and transfer at a rate of 2% (FOP 3 group) new

You need to submit a tax report, if possible using a rate of 2% (the application was not submitted, but there may be any options, how you can submit the back number at a rate of 2%). You need to form and submit a declaration at a rate of 2% You need to check and make sure…

Accounting services ∙ 3 proposals
Create a business plan. new

How much does it cost to create a business plan https://diia.gov.ua/services/grant-na-vlasnu-spravu for example? What will depend on the price and how much are you ready to write it?

Business consultingAccounting services ∙ 5 proposals
Accountant consultation with experience working with Google ADS and VAT (1 year) new

You need advice on taxation (Google tax) and VAT when working with Google ADS. You must have a legal experience with Google ADS, desirable work experience from FOP. The connection is telegram, zoom.

Accounting services
Personal accounting in the company new

We need a specialist in personnel. TOV, manufacturing profile in the state of 7 people. In 1C you will need to form a table of counting the GDP 2 times a month-Receipt, the dismissal of employees, the creation of orders. - Formatting holidays, conducting and drawing up a…

1CAccounting services ∙ 3 proposals
Business Plan + Covarking Presentation new
1500 UAH

Congratulations to everyone. You need to make a coworking business plan. With pleasure after the work is ready to continue the communication for further consultations.

Accounting servicesMarketing research ∙ 7 proposals
Accounting for FOP Group 2 new

Leadership of FOP 2 Group Forming a rental employee Training to conduct operations in the online cash Contact in case of any questions

Accounting services ∙ 8 proposals
I am looking for an online shop accountant. new

Hello to you! I am looking for a accountant who could advise me on the FOP registration account for an online store where both own goods and supplier goods are sold (dropshipping). I am interested in the selection of quads, for the 2nd simplified group, which contracts need to…

Accounting services ∙ 11 proposals
Seeking QuickBooks Specialist for Small Construction Company Setup and new

Attention QuickBooks Specialists! We are a small construction company searching for a skilled and experienced freelancer to assist us with setting up and maintaining QuickBooks for our business operations. If you have expertise in QuickBooks and a proven track record of helping…

Accounting services