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Interior design

Visualization of the apartment design new

I am looking for a designer to create a visualization of an apartment in Kiev. Planning in the deposit of the letter - the deposit on the basis of the planning of the apartment from the buyer. Exact amounts - I will do in the near future, soon there will be shows of the…

Architectural designInterior design ∙ 32 proposals
Design of the training room clothes new
55 USD

You need to design a clothing room for the gym. The dishwasher works, but it needs to be upgraded in such a way as to increase the call-in of the closets so that it is comfortable. There is a vision of what closets to use, you need to place them, give recommendations.…

Interior designDesigning ∙ 10 proposals
AutoCad Teacher for Designers Online Course new
220 USD

Welcome to!In the School of Design I'm Looking for a Teacher (Teacher) AutoCad It is important that you love to ride, and have educational skills to teach this to others. Experience with drawings or work in a design studio - a great "+" 8-10 hours of training in the group of…

Interior design
Visualization of the building new

The purpose is to show the building before (without repair) and after (repair). There is a “do” building. It is necessary to make on the basis of the existing photos "after". For example, we take the foundation of the photo "do" and We change the color of the facade, for…

3D modeling and visualizationInterior design ∙ 29 proposals
Visualization of Interior Design new

Technical task for a designer to create interior visualization 1 .The general objective of the project: - Develop the interior visualization for the main photo on the website of the company specializing in the installation of stretched roofs.2ndThe main focus of…

3D modeling and visualizationInterior design ∙ 9 proposals
Design to the Office new

We are looking for a specialist who will help with the design, collection of furniture and accessories for office equipment. Office 50 m2. The global repair is not planned, more depends on furniture and accessories, for the need we can do small repairs work.

Interior design ∙ 29 proposals
3D graphic presentation of the architectural project new

For presentation and use in marketing, graphic 3d images of the smart housing building project are required. There is a basic project in SketchUp. You need to translate everything into quality 3d graphics (e.g. 3-7 photos.) Add relief, well-being, and lighting. Get everything in…

Architectural designInterior design ∙ 32 proposals
Design of Kitchen new

You need a few designs to place directly in the kitchen and living areas with a stone. There’s a kitchen plan-white and certain vision, necessary visualization and recommendations

Interior design ∙ 37 proposals
Planning of the apartment new
80 USD

Planning and design-project 154 m/m2 with two tires per 15 m/m2 Planning and design-project 154 m/m2 with two tires per 15 m/m2

Interior design ∙ 36 proposals
Design of Apartment new

It is necessary to develop a project of placing furniture in the apartment. There are large balconies that need to be used with the benefit. The kitchen and the closet can be planned (replanning).

Interior design ∙ 52 proposals
Design project for the cabin new
275 USD

There are two cabinets, the city of Lviv, changed owners, which need to develop a new design project for two MFAs up to 20m2.

3D modeling and visualizationInterior design ∙ 27 proposals
The 5th Apartment new

Our company is engaged in the installation of objects under the key. We are looking for designers-visualizers to collaborate on the JC Union 200kw project The algorithm of action: Team of 2 people. You use ready planning from us You put in the interior of the model of…

3D modeling and visualizationInterior design ∙ 31 proposals
3D Render of Apartments new
14 USD

Congratulations to everyone! There is the planning of 3 types of apartments in 2D. They should be properly converted into 3D for further use on the site. The room is minimal. Apartments are rented empty. Only the kitchen is full. In the kitchen there is all the necessary…

Architectural designInterior design ∙ 36 proposals
Interior Design of 2K Apartment (Floor) new
82 USD

At this stage we want to drop the colors and approximate style for cosmetic repairs. In fact, it’s just a plan of furniture. You don’t need plans, scratches, scratches, re-planning and so on. Electricity, Santechnic, Sanvuzol and others. There will be no change. According…

Interior design ∙ 39 proposals