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Interior design

Repair of the apartment new
4000 UAH

You need to make a re-planning of the kitchen, the toilet with a bathroom and a closet. The total area of the transfer 17.4. The total area of the apartment is 47 m2. You need to do a replanning only for the kitchen, the toilet with a bathroom and a closet.. The hotel with the…

3D modeling and visualizationInterior design ∙ 37 proposals
Planning of office space new
7000 UAH

To calculate the number of jobs it is necessary to carry out the zoneing of the room and plan the layout of furniture. Communication plan or other technical drawings are not required, dimensions are not required (we will provide drawings) - at this stage it is important to…

Architectural designInterior design ∙ 45 proposals
Design of apartment in 3D format new

We have a two-room apartment with a black decor. Children (19.9 m2) 2 different kinds. The style of the room for children is not children's but youth. The room should be zonated (sleeping rooms), workplaces for two, preferably next to the window. Small storage spaces (shops or…

Interior design ∙ 56 proposals
Visualization of the interior design of the house new

At this time there are houses that are located in the mountain area in the middle of the forest, for these houses you need to make a visualization of the interior design. Important use of natural materials. I add the internal scheme below. More information and more details…

Interior design ∙ 50 proposals
The Cabinet new

Interior design for the cabin. 22 mcg . The Idea. A large detail. Colour of Gamma. Choosing solutions under the “fish”.

Architectural designInterior design ∙ 38 proposals
I'm looking for a designer to create a mini cafe design new

You need a creative designer with experience working with projects in the HORECA or store business, with a certain own portfolio. The project is the creation of the design of the mini cafeteria (MAF).

3D modeling and visualizationInterior design ∙ 23 proposals
Visualization of shower cabins from clay steel new

Hello to you. You need to create 20 images of samples of shower cabins made of corner glass taking into account the furniture that will be used in real structures. All variations of designs should be depicted on the basis of one bathroom (i.e. The foundation should be taken by…

3D modeling and visualizationInterior design ∙ 41 proposals