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Illustrations and drawings

Design and file PDF Guide for Patients (10 pages) new

Description of the project: A graphic designer is required to create a professional and visually attractive PDF document from the existing medical care for patients (in DOC format). The document contains 10 pages. The objective is to provide patients with readable, informative…

Illustrations and drawingsInfographics ∙ 11 proposals
Design of product cards for marketplace new
27 USD

All the greetings. A designer is needed to create an infographic product map for the marketplace. 1 product, 5 photos, information on the product can be made from the photo here - rozetka com ua /393141417/p393141417/ Here is a reference to what I want to see.…

Illustrations and drawingsInfographics ∙ 20 proposals
E-learning Applications new

Hello to you! We have an e-learning add-on where you can pass tests, victories and plan your career. Students create their own account and can create their own avatar. This is where we need help. The creation of an avatar should be flexible and allow students to choose assets…

Illustrations and drawingsVector graphics ∙ 17 proposals
Painting images in color RAL new

You need to paint 15 images in 12 colors each reference attachments. We provide input data in png or other format.

Illustrations and drawings ∙ 18 proposals
The Designer new

You need to re-create a brochure in a different style to match the theme of our site https://be-beauty.academy/

Illustrations and drawingsCorporate style ∙ 27 proposals
Design of stands and leaflets new

Creating a design of exhibition stands using corporate elements, as well as welcoming corporate sheets

Illustrations and drawingsExhibition booth design ∙ 13 proposals
Illustration and Animation of Rooms and Maps new
220 USD

We are looking for an experienced artist capable of visualizing poker tables in four unique rooms for our exciting application.Each room should represent a specific style and bring players into the atmosphere of the following epochs: 1 .**Classic Room:** Table in the style of…

Illustrations and drawings ∙ 7 proposals
Animation of Negated Stickers new
55 USD

Good time. I try to be as short as possible. There was an order for the creation and animation of 5 screens for telegrams. My artist painted this matter in the .PSD format (i.e. vector), and the person who animates it (novator) was unable to transfer to the AE and make an…

Illustrations and drawingsAnimation ∙ 8 proposals
Download/preview/cover to the YouTube video. new

You need to draw an attractive stack/cover to the yutub roll. Generally, a designer is needed, who can on a regular basis make the design of clothes to the youth rolls.

Illustrations and drawingsSocial media page design ∙ 35 proposals
Painting the image of the preparation for the product designer new

Good day .There is an online store for the sale of seats.The shells can be different colors: black, beige, with red or blue inserts, with red or white strip, etc.The customer can choose the color color on the site by using the catalogue.The catalogue works as follows: if the…

Vector graphicsIllustrations and drawings ∙ 15 proposals
Design of skateboard shoes new
55 USD

I need to paint the design of a skateboard shoe with the idea I described and make it a tech package for my brand of clothing. I have a painting, but I can’t make it. I will be able to describe all the details in private messages. Write to me on telegram.

Illustrations and drawings ∙ 7 proposals
The Diary of Conditions new

I am working on creating a “Status Diary”. You need a artist-illustrator that will help to form the letters and scratches in the style of minimalism-cosmos-fantasy.

ArtworkIllustrations and drawings ∙ 30 proposals
Illustrations for a book of Christmas stories for children new

Welcome to! We are looking for an artist-illustrator to work on a book of Christmas stories for children (a total of 14 short stories). Please let me know if you can restore and paint old book illustrations. The original book of 1905 contains many of these illustrations: 22…

Illustrations and drawings ∙ 36 proposals
2D Artist for Slot Game new
825 USD

We are looking for an experianced 2D Artist. Requirments: 2+ years of experiance in slot game design, strong portfolio required. Rate: 10$/h About project: this is a slot game in pirate style with characters icons (6 hero) . we already have a refference to existing design.…

Illustrations and drawingsVector graphics ∙ 23 proposals
Painting a painting new

There is an idea of a drawing on which a specific person should be (to take the face from the photo), and other different elements. We need to draw professionally and creatively. I will explain more in detail in the letter. Now I am interested in the cost and examples of work so…

ArtworkIllustrations and drawings ∙ 46 proposals