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Illustrations and drawings

Create a logo based on low-quality images new

You need to create a logo on the picture below, a period of 5 working days Consider the candidates with the portfolio and your offer by price

Illustrations and drawingsLogo design ∙ 30 proposals
2D animation new

Good day , There is a set of animators and illustrators owning the Toon Boom Harmony program, to create a 2D animation roll with a duration of 60 minutes. Please ask candidates to send their portfolio in personal messages. Thank you in advance

Illustrations and drawingsInfographics ∙ 1 proposal
Create a company style for the glass manufacturer new

Good day ! We are interested in creating a firm style for the company, the manufacturer of glass and other glass products ( glass products). There is no need to create a logo, the logo is provided. There will be 10 elements of the firm style (Diaries, handbags, hates,…

Illustrations and drawingsCorporate style ∙ 30 proposals
You need to be creative for Instagram advertising. new

It is necessary to develop a advertising creative to place in Instagram in the field of permanent makeup. Interesting for long-term cooperation. Examples of works in the field of the provision of services of permanent makeup or in general from the field of beauty are a major…

Illustrations and drawingsBanners ∙ 38 proposals
5 Photographs for Children new
2500 UAH

Photophone is a 100 cm x 100 cm pillar for newborn babies. You need to paint 5 different photographs, saturated, mild, bright, interesting, as on the examples I will add! The important thing: I accept the format of the finished work in PDF format. The size of the work area is…

ArtworkIllustrations and drawings ∙ 31 proposals
The Instagram Account new
1500 UAH

You need to make a few posts for the Instagram account, sending cybersport, presentation and content for it such

Illustrations and drawingsLogo design ∙ 23 proposals
You need a graphic design of the logo for future shorts. new

You need an art painting in the same style as the images attached below. The Task: In the same style to picture the fighter with a photo taking into account all the details of the ammunition: weapons, the style WHO keeps the weapons, glasses on the hat, shoes + ration,plitones…

Vector graphicsIllustrations and drawings ∙ 22 proposals
Painting a child in the shape of the Sonic cartoon new
500 UAH

The girl likes Knuckles, with the cartoon Sonic. It is necessary to draw it in the form of Naklza, as on the attached photo, only positively :)

ArtworkIllustrations and drawings ∙ 17 proposals
Design for card and box shirts! new

Welcome to you friends! It is necessary to make a design for the card shirt, boxes and background for the reverse side of the card. Examples to get acquainted - you need to do in a similar (like key). Cold coaching - need to be done in an interesting style. I look…

Vector graphicsIllustrations and drawings ∙ 16 proposals
Looking for an Illustrator new

We are looking for illustrators for freelance for long-term cooperation. What do we expect from the candidates? The use of Figma will be a plus of a portfolio with similar style illustrations Where will illustrations be used: On our corporate website, for visualization of…

Illustrations and drawings ∙ 25 proposals
The new channel of Twich new

Interested by the services of designing the game channel Twich that I create from scratch, namely creating a number of thematic illustrations (personality), the channel logo, paintings, banners, etc.

Illustrations and drawingsInterface design ∙ 18 proposals
Pictures, sketches, illustrations new

Hello to you! I'm looking for a artist who can create such great heroes. It will need a lot.) Digital layout illustrations, styling under a simple olive or linear/linear. Write, propose and talk.

ArtworkIllustrations and drawings ∙ 41 proposals
Full-stack development for my website new

Looking for a full-stack dev who can make and design website for me. This will be a drop-shipping project where the user is able to generate return labels. I am looking for new, sharp, new age designs, Please post your portfolios of design and websites you have done.

Illustrations and drawingsJava ∙ 3 proposals
Create graphics for lead generation websites new

Create graphics for the site by type https://compare24.net/ for the lead generation site.

Icons and pixel graphicsIllustrations and drawings ∙ 15 proposals
Pictures new
500 UAH

We are planning to deal with the sources of continuous power, we will describe in detail what it is and how it runs with it, you will need this picture

Illustrations and drawings ∙ 17 proposals